Nokia G21 review

9 March 2022

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  • 31 May 2022

I have compared this to the other budget 50mp ones in low light. it doesn't seem like its doing the pixel binning even if it outputs 12.5mp, so it rather opted for really high iso to compensate, which makes it a really bad looking photo.
I assume the unisoc's isp VIVIMAGIC 5.0 is what caused this rather than the software.

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    • 08 May 2022

    I have this mobile phone, it is also great, 6 RAM and 128 GB memory

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      • nid
      • 28 Apr 2022

      Sanjay, 28 Apr 2022no 6gb or 8gb ramYes there is 6GB ram variant

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        • 28 Apr 2022

        It deserves more than 3.2 stars out of 5 I think it's at least worth 4 stars out of 5 this phone is extremely underrated

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          • Sanjay
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          • 28 Apr 2022

          no 6gb or 8gb ram

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            • 20 Apr 2022

            Value for money phone. 6GB variant is good in speed

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              • 19 Apr 2022

              Lava makes shitty phone . Yes true . But doesn't mean they can't make quality products. But what you said it's true I hate the fact that Nokia let's odm companies to make their product. I think purity is what makes Nokia unique among all this companies. I think Nokia 6.2 was the last product in India that Nokia itself made after 4.2 it's all made by other companies. But I don't think they have qualities ( because they are made by company like lava) unless HMD global intense it to have quality issues. Another issue in that Nokia now iteration of their models for instance in India and China they have c20 plus variant . That's not true Nokia. Now I am using Nokia 6.1 Plus and I will buy a Nokia again if they choose to manufacture their product themselves .

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                • 19 Apr 2022

                The battery is good also 126h test is very good I am gonna buy this phone soon.

                  GeeSquer4U, 31 Mar 2022Then why is design of Nokia mobiles are not same shittty as... more"Even if outsourced to ODMs brand Hmd or Nokia still have their control over how device should look like"
                  Then why are they even outsourcing to ODMs if they can design their phones?
                  Really? Is that why every HMD phone since 7.2/6.2 looks same?
                  All the same design with circular camera housing on center. The only change being the position of front camera.
                  Now they've got a new and will stick to it for next 2 years

                  You know what? Look that that chart a bit better. HMD is more dependent on ODMs than every major global manufacturer.

                  "Try using 33, 65, 150W charging on an iPhone...."
                  Who are you exactly? Conspiracy theorist?
                  Here's the answer for your question:
                  You can charge the iPhone with charger of any wattage. It's the iPhone that'll determine at which speed it'd charge, and not charger
                  Fun Fact: Apple has strictly recommended using a MINIMUM of 20W for iPhone 12 and later
                  Better watch MKBHD's recent video on the same.
                  Ohh. And guess what? Apple and Samsung fandogs also said this until both of them bumped the charging speed. The only outcome was they were half a decade behind OnePlus and OPPO.

                  "And first you vomited that Nokia are made in China...."
                  It seems you're too pre-occupied with drinking and vomiting and misrepresented the fact that I never claimed that HMD is manufactured "SOLELY" in China.
                  Not to mention, HMD has the largest portfolio amongst major global manufacturers of the products that are using Unisoc's chipsets. Which is a China based brand of the similar size of HMD. In reality, HMD is more Chinese than the Chinese themselves.

                    SShreyas, 29 Mar 2022You better note that those phones (designed by CHINESE ODMs... moreThen why is design of Nokia mobiles are not same shittty as in Chinese branded mobiles. Even if outsourced to ODMs brand Hmd or Nokia still have their control over how device should look like. And first you vomited that Nokia are made in China and then now you vomit(stoopid comments) that Nokia is made in India.

                    Try using 33, 65, 150W charging on an iPhone and see how fast the battery health level reduced within one year and try same iPhone with 5W charger and see the battery health level. That will prove you my point of normal charging.

                      GeeSquer4U, 29 Mar 2022Do have a note that HMD produce many mobiles in Indian manu... moreYou better note that those phones (designed by CHINESE ODMs and slapped "NOKIA" on back by HMD) are manufactured by Lava in India.
                      And Lava is brand that was well know for one of the worst quality handsets and got bankrupt for the same.

                      P.S: My another reply is under moderation. Wait for that

                      [https ://nokiamob. net/2021/01/17/large-number-of-modern-phones-including-nokia-are-designed-by-odm-companies/]
                      (Those goes your sense of superiority in trashcan)
                      NOTE: Remove the spaces in URL.

                        SShreyas, 21 Mar 2022My dear old friend, if you think Samsung asks money for its... moreDo have a note that HMD produce many mobiles in Indian manufacturing plants also. Not sure about Chinese vendors.

                          SShreyas, 13 Mar 2022Lol. I like how fandogs keep defending brands (even a fraud... moreWhen people like you.. only you.. can defend Chinese products and call Nokia fans or normal consumers comments as fandog comment.. if you don't like it please don't follow this thread. Fully junking with hate comments about Nokia. You use and tell until then you are the conspiracy fellow!

                          I use it so I defend it. We have Nokia 5, 5.1+, 6.1, 5.3 & 2.4. I used all for a month and gave to family members. They are all happy for using it more than a year. None complaints.

                          My Nokia 2.4 serves me with phone call, sms, WhatsApp, telegram, browsing, mails, Instagram, OTT, scanning documents into images and such my daily works.

                          It lasts the promised SOT 10 hour or 2 day whichever is earlier. I charge once it reaches 15% mostly overnight charging.

                          When 2.4 performs seamlessly, why can't G21 or G11. And they have faster charging too and nicer processor.

                          Only lifeless people do heavy so called gaming. Not someone who is earning for family. We don't have time also for all that. Basic settings most games do work in this 2.4 mobile so it will work well on G21,G11.

                            GeeSquer4U, 28 Mar 2022I use Nokia 2.4 with 4500mah battery that lasts 2 days. SOT... moreAs I said.That phone had P22 if I am not wrong and is one of the basic smartphone of the Nokia lineup.
                            I don't remember RAM or storage options, but I am certain that 2.4 can't run any of the heavy apps.
                            So, even if you want, you can't use it heavily.

                            Also, I don't think any manufacturer have mandated anyone to use charger of a particular wattage. The advantage of 30W/65W charging is that, you can charge it at that rate, whenever you want. But you can't do it with HMD.

                            And I'd suggest you to watch MKBHD's recent video regarding the same topic rather than believing adverts and conspiracy theories.

                              Anonymous, 11 Mar 2022Ok, ok you like Nokia we can see that. But why the need to ... moreThey never reviewed Nokia devices much and just see spec sheet.

                                SShreyas, 13 Mar 2022I wonder not many people in this world use their phones to ... moreI use Nokia 2.4 with 4500mah battery that lasts 2 days. SOT 9-10 hours. Charges at 15% till 90+%. I have my data to prove.

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                                  • 25 Mar 2022

                                  Wow For the first time in my life, this probably the most massive comments I have seen in GSM comment section 😅 literally everyone with their paragraph....(sorry for bad grammar)

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                                    • 24 Mar 2022

                                    Wow For the first time in my life, this probably the most massive comments I have seen in GSM comment section 😅 literally everyone with their paragraph....(sorry for bad grammar)

                                      SShreyas, 21 Mar 2022Dude, don't just compare the cores, frequency and GPU ... moreYeah, UniSOC chips are worse than even Mediatek ones. Even then, typically phones with UniSOC (or formerly known as Spreadtrum, remember that?) chips are typically cheaper than a similarly performing Mediatek or Snapdragon phones. Not this one however.

                                        Anonymous, 16 Mar 2022Well, it sure is a matter of choice. Also, yes a person can... more"The companies of the east collect twice as much as data than what Google collects"
                                        I am wondering what data of mine can be "left" apart from my location, call logs, messages, emails, browsing history, interests, video preferences, etc. (Google have access to all of this data of mine). Let alone than data being "twice" as much.

                                        "To start off with, just block access to all cookies and trackers then try to access any given chinese websites and you should notice that you simply cannot access (or) log into those websites"
                                        So, you're preaching me to work in the industry and you yourself don't understand the difference between "accessing a website" and "using a phone"? You're just sounding like a perpetual teen who can't withstand a word against his favorite brand and starts giving random, irrelevant statements.

                                        "This is the very reason why you would not see any given eastern company launching phones with stock android"
                                        OR the reason may be that *each and every brand that relied on stock Android has failed* like Essential, Fairphone, Motorola, HMD, Pixel.

                                        "to the recent concerns raised by the government of India"
                                        So, now you'll "enlighten" me about my country? That's great. But, one should know the whole story before trying to "enlighten" others.
                                        BTW, you what those "concerns" are? They are the Sino-Indian border skirmish of 2020. Not that they found any vulnerability or traces of collection of information.

                                        "When your own country is raising red flags over security concerns then you must be a fool to having not reconsider what exactly is going on"
                                        My country has banned Twitter for not revoking accounts critical of ruling party, asked WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram to trace the source of a message (in other words, quitting the end-to-end encryption), asked Google to deleted YouTube channels critical of them.
                                        I'd prefer to be a "fool" for you rather than actually being a fool and acting like one by paying heed to my government.

                                        "Nokia is replacing Huawei for providing and maintaining telecom network in India"
                                        I think I am talking of the middle-man called HMD Global, not the "Nokia" that has only one business (apart from selling its name to everyone it can), the telecom business.

                                        "The CEO who should be leading from the front has no idea at all and that's why the sinking ship."
                                        First the fanboy committee blamed Juho. Now that he left for Qualcomm, you are after CEO.
                                        And HMD is NOT a "sinking ship". Its a freely falling Columbia space shuttle.

                                        "either read a lot to know what exactly is going on (or) perhaps would suggest you to work in the Industry before you could type such comment's trying to target people without having to know anything at all."
                                        At least we agree on one statement. You should really read and study more before trying to "enlighten" others about their own government/politics when you yourself don't have any idea what you're blurting.