Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro/Pro+ 5G review

7 March 2022

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  • 10 Jun 2022

Gautham, 23 Apr 2022No. You can't use other cables. It goes into "qui... moreYes you can! I'm using baseus fast charging cable and can up to 'mi turbo charge'.. Even sometimes the original xioami cable can't do that, need 2 or 3 times put in and out charger cable to get turbo charge while the baseus cable can get it only just 1 time put in

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    • 10 Jun 2022

    is the back glass of redmi note 11 pro 5g & redmi note 11 pro same?

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      • 23 May 2022

      Worst CAMERA EVER.. it sucks too much expensive all i can say the main camera and 108Mp camera is like using 5MP IPHONE 4S CAMERA.... xiaomi cheats customer waste of MONEY. even the 67w charging brick it does not match the 33w of POCO X3 NFC and 65W OF REALME 7 PRO....wake up if i could only return the phone and get my money back ill do it... Shame on you XIAOMI .. i buy my phone 15,999 pesos philippine currency... 307 USD .. what a waste of money.. camera is TOO SOFT AND NOISY EVEN IN GOOD LIGHTNING ... WORST PHONE EVER.. SHAME ON YOU XIAOMI I WANT MY MONEY BACK

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        • 21 May 2022

        Redmi note 11 pro 5G user, its been to weeks now since I bought this device. Not recommendable! it sucks!

          I just bought redmi note11 pro 5g recently, now sending it back for repair. Apparently the motherboard is fault! I experienced self shutdown almost every single day!

          I just hope Xiaomi will replace to a new unit. If they do not, it sucks. Would not recommend it.
          The main camera which was a buzz, wasn't really that clear despite all the buzz. And I notice the ear speaker for when youre on a call is abit of, I mean the position of it. You'd have to adjust and position it lower right in the middle of your ear to hear clearly.

          The processor is ok, responsive being 6nm. Personally it is bulky after putting on cover / casing. The quick charging is great!

          Video camera quality is just under expected. Thumb print is responsive. However the buttons are abit loose. Speakers are ok
          Overall it's a budget phone, if youre going for it for the camera, I think you could find better ones. Im gonna wait for the service center to contact back, and if they can replace it to a new one that'd be great. If they do not, then its a total let dont and I would NOT recommend this phone.

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            • 28 Apr 2022

            IpsDisplay, 14 Mar 2022Professional Psychologists /therapist spends hours with cli... more'home Psychologists' need to remember most comments here are heavily sarcastic...:)

            NO 4K?? a 2 minute video at 1024 x 768 is nearly 50 MEG, how long does it take to put this out on any media platform?? 3180 x 2160 4K is around 500 MEG for 4 minutes, how long would it take to upload this????

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              • Gautham
              • tT2
              • 23 Apr 2022

              tausakenal, 24 Mar 2022Hi guys, I'm wondering if this phone's fast charg... moreNo. You can't use other cables. It goes into "quick charge" mode. Use original cable for "Mi turbo charge".

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                • 05 Apr 2022

                Random-Newbie, 12 Mar 2022It looks like the european Note 11 Pro 5G is priced too hig... moreWhere i live redmi note 11 pro 5g is prised at around €260 for model with 6gb of ram and 128gb of storage, but base model is out of stock so when it gets in stock it will probably rise the prise of 6gb/128gb model

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                  • XR2
                  • 03 Apr 2022


                    Hi guys, I'm wondering if this phone's fast charging 67 watt can be activated with 3rd party cables or not. What do you think guys?

                      ABdebeste, 11 Mar 2022I'm in Singapore and the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is retai... moreLucky

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                        • 16 Mar 2022

                        IpsDisplay, 14 Mar 2022Professional Psychologists /therapist spends hours with cli... moreBased on what??

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                          • 15 Mar 2022

                          Hugely overpriced at local retailers here.... Needs to drop by usd50 at least

                            Anonymous, 14 Mar 2022m8 your name is "IpsDisplay" what did you expect?... moreProfessional Psychologists /therapist spends hours with clients to diagnose meltdowns

                            Judges spend hours in court to pass rulings on others and judge character

                            But your conclusions on people being loser or having meltdowns are based on ? 2 minutes Gsmarena comments

                            Get some help

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                              • 14 Mar 2022

                              IpsDisplay, 09 Mar 2022Imagine judging someone's character/worth Solely ba... morem8 your name is "IpsDisplay" what did you expect? You think the meltdown you had before isn't as bad as his comment? Go outside god damn both of you are losers

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                                • 14 Mar 2022

                                IpsDisplay, 07 Mar 2022I am in tears ...I'd never think I'd live to see ... moreyou're in tears because of that? Seriously? Losing your mind cuz of a screen on a mobile phone? It's not even a folding display or anything.
                                I suggest you touch some grass if you're serious

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                                  • 14 Mar 2022

                                  Just waiting for redmi note 12 pro

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                                    • 13 Mar 2022

                                    Antz, 13 Mar 2022Xiaomi - seriously please do something about your names ... moreI wonder

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                                      • 13 Mar 2022

                                      Xiaomi - seriously please do something about your names

                                      Note 11 Pro+ 5g
                                      Note 11E Pro
                                      Note 11E
                                      Note 11 Pro
                                      Note 11 Pro 5G
                                      Note 11S
                                      Note 11

                                      This is just bonkers.

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                                        • 13 Mar 2022

                                        BlueChip, 12 Mar 2022Think Xiaomi is moving towards concentrating on Good camera... morewhat ??? even their premium devices camera is garbage this year (use youtube to compare xiaomi 12/pro to pixel 6)