Samsung Galaxy S22 review

23 March 2022

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Dave, 18 Sep 2023Crappy battery lifeStill better than the recent Motorola Edge 40 Neo with 5000 mah battery tho

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    • Dave
    • nqg
    • 18 Sep 2023

    Crappy battery life

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      • Luka
      • JFk
      • 28 Aug 2023

      Almost five years since phones are all about cameras, and nobody in GSM arena didn't find it compelling to learn a thing or two about the photography.
      No puns, all intended.

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        • Anonymous
        • tZ4
        • 13 Aug 2023

        The Samsung S22 phone is great in all aspects but the battery life is terrible!! All the other pros of this phone can't compensate for the biggest con which is the battery life. Quite disappointed.

          I bought 2 days ago brand new s22 and the battery is terrible. Today the Digital Wellbeing shows 1 hr 8 minutes of usage and I am at 45% from 7 AM to 12. I don't know how they state 5 hours screen time. Now I disabled 5g and VoLTE and will see what will happen. I switched from 120 to 60 Hz, but I don't like it so I am back to 120. Usually I end the day with at least 55% on my OnePlus Note 2T, so this one should be at 25, but it was at 20% yesterday at 4PM.

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            • NickyB
            • 39x
            • 01 Aug 2023

            S22 is a brilliant smooth phone, with everything you need in a phone, but the battery is brutal, I have to listen to music on another device to preserve battery life. They should of recalled all of these phones & upgraded the battery, it let's the phone down so bad. Shame, looks like I'll have to upgrade to the s23.

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              • MD ALIM MIAH
              • 6p}
              • 11 May 2023

              Very nice

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                • Abhi
                • PAv
                • 10 May 2023

                Mathi Abudhabi, 16 Feb 2023S22 Battery performance worst S22 Battery drains very fast

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                  • Nick
                  • 0Aq
                  • 30 Apr 2023

                  Anonymous, 14 Apr 2023You are wrong, the S20 did not have 12GB of RAM. I think yo... moreS20 5G was offered with 12gb in some markets

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                    • Anonymous
                    • kxx
                    • 14 Apr 2023

                    Dave in Lewisham, 01 Feb 2023Downgraded from my S20 to S22. VERY disappointed with the... moreYou are wrong, the S20 did not have 12GB of RAM. I think you mean S20 Ultra, which is not comparable to the S22. Also, the battery life is slightly better on the S22 than the S20 and on par with the S20 Ultra. A more comparable phone is the S22 Ultra, which is offered with 12GB of RAM. The fingerprint scanner works perfectly fine on my S22, yours might be defective. Of course, if you are comparing the S20 Ultra to the S22, the screen is much smaller, but the S22 lost just 0.1 inch of screen compared to the S20 and the same is true with the S22 Ultra vs S20 Ultra. It's really not much of a difference!

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                      • Mathi Abudhabi
                      • 3YH
                      • 16 Feb 2023

                      S22 Battery performance worst

                        Downgraded from my S20 to S22.
                        VERY disappointed with the S22!

                        Minus points:--
                        1. Smaller screen
                        2. Less RAM (S22:8Gig S20:12Gig)
                        3. Much worse battery life
                        4. Fingerprint scanner doesn't work
                        5. Scanning option in camera much worse than S20
                        6. No charger with phone

                        Plus Points:--
                        1. Cheaper

                        I hope they sort out their S23 & S24 otherwise I'll be changing manufacturers.

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                          • robert
                          • TfW
                          • 26 Jan 2023

                          Thoma226, 16 Jan 2023VERY disappointed in battery life. Just switched from an S... morezero battery , the phone charging within hour becomes almost rude.
                          Do not be in the cold either , it will start cracking on its own .
                          The charging system is the awful

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                            • Thoma226
                            • qaJ
                            • 16 Jan 2023

                            VERY disappointed in battery life. Just switched from an S20 and iPhone 13 mini to the S22...worst real world battery performance I can remember. I'm getting about a half day's work before the phone dies. I'm now researching battery cases out of necessity. (Yes, I also have the crackling speaker issue.)

                              dharmist, 07 Jan 2023Is it worth upgrading to the Galaxy S22 snapdragon, I curre... moreI will wait until s23 is released

                                Is it worth upgrading to the Galaxy S22 snapdragon, I currently have the galaxy s21 snapdragon

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                                  • PEA
                                  • pKh
                                  • 19 Dec 2022

                                  Recommend going for another phone as the S22 is suffering from a "crackling squawking audio" problem which Samsung refuses to recognise as a design flaw as it is rectified by simply removing the sim card tray which equalises the pressure inside the phone. I never had to "equalise" my S5 or my S6 or even my S8...cmon Samsung...

                                    Anonymous, 08 Dec 2022Thinking on getting one. Will be a big upgrade.Big upgrade over what......

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                                      • Qdb
                                      • 08 Dec 2022

                                      Thinking on getting one. Will be a big upgrade.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Dke
                                        • 28 Nov 2022

                                        S22 battery life is very poor.
                                        Strongly recommend not to purchase.