OnePlus 10 Pro review

31 March 2022

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  • 22 Apr 2022

So hard reading these comments without getting triggered.

The 10 pro is a better device than the 8 pro (which I've had since it's launch) and the 9 pro which I've used many times.

No one will be convinced by what I say here but you should honestly take what gsm arenas review says with a pinch of salt.. the 10 pro is a beast of a phone and it's cheap, for what you're getting it's still a great price.

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    • dlads
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    • 22 Apr 2022

    Anonymous, 01 Apr 2022So I really wanted a replacement for my OP8 and this could ... moreOmg literally everything you've said is wrong mate, I've got both devices, the 10 pro is a better device, I used to get 8-9 hours SOT on my 8 pro highly optimised. The 10 pro 10-11 hours. Never gets hot and outperforms the 8 pro by miles, literally miles.

    Structure solid. Believe me I could bend any phone in half, its made of aluminium and glass for crying out loud.

    Pop a custom ROM on it and you're golden. Same as the 8 pro. The stock OS is crap..

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      • 22 Apr 2022

      Anonymous, 01 Apr 2022900 EUR is outrageous. I can get a Sony Xperia 5 III for le... moreLol you'd buy a Sony phone 😂

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        • 22 Apr 2022

        TheWildShadow55, 01 Apr 2022I'd say the 8 pro is a considerably better phone than thisI have both and have installed every custom ROM on the 8 pro. There's a lot to like but the 10 is a better phone.. period

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          • 22 Apr 2022

          Ashish, 14 Apr 2022Very poor battery life and heats up too often even with no ... moreI've had 10+ hours consistently it's also never got hotter than 32c.

          What you said just isn't true

            Note7 owner, 15 Apr 2022OnePlus 9 5G was the worst phone I bought in recent memory.... moreOneplus 6T doesn't have any protection for back glass

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              • Edwin
              • XWM
              • 21 Apr 2022

              I got my OnePlus 10 Pro yesterday and after 1 day of usage, the battery is not holding for more than a day because of the Snapdragon 9 Gen 1 processor! Performance-wise the phone is great it does not hang while I was playing COD and also listening to songs at the same time, used the phone at 10% battery level and it still was smooth! I don't like the back panel which scratches easily when I keep my nails on it so I'll get Gadgetshieldz skins on it to prevent it from scratches and dirt, also the black phone looks dull so these skins will make it look beautiful! Overall the phone performance is good, the camera is so great and the only issue for me is the battery which can be more sufficient after the new updates in the future.

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                • s87
                • 17 Apr 2022

                14 Apr 2022 my new mobile purchase one plus 10 pro . This is very bed battery . This phone is battery 🔋 only 1 day is dead .

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                  • 17 Apr 2022

                  As I am shopping for a new phone...errr device, what I find troubling is a lack of testing/review of the radio/ antenna section of the device.
                  I would like to know how the device perfomed AS A PHONE, in good, moderate, and poor signal areas. I want to know about call drops and loss of signal reception.
                  What good is having a a great camera when you don't know if it does a good job of the primary function of being a communications device?

                    OnePlus 9 5G was the worst phone I bought in recent memory. Battery life was horrible, back glass cracked for no reason same as my 6T. Screen always felt washed out. Will never buy another OnePlus phone.

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                      • Kataria
                      • 7ki
                      • 14 Apr 2022

                      One of the worst product. I baught ok ne plus 9R in 45 k and within 2 days came to know the battery is draining rapidly and in a day thrice I have to recharge the battery. Finally I kept the phone at home and using just like a land line.

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                        • Ashish
                        • XSW
                        • 14 Apr 2022

                        Very poor battery life and heats up too often even with no game app

                          GSM Boy, 01 Apr 2022Poco X3 pro ($265) : hold my beer....haha. Sorry i mean from the front camera. Cheers

                            Nick Tegrataker, 01 Apr 2022Huh? It can record 4K video all the way up to 120fps.Sorry i mean from the front camera. Hope that helps cheers

                              Danny, 07 Apr 2022How come Rear (Main) Camera is mentioned as Sony, whereas O... moreSony is thr manufacturer and hassleblad is the calibrator

                                Danny, 07 Apr 2022How come Rear (Main) Camera is mentioned as Sony, whereas O... moreSony IMX lens + Hasselblad glass and color calibration.

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                                  • Danny
                                  • U{X
                                  • 07 Apr 2022

                                  How come Rear (Main) Camera is mentioned as Sony, whereas Oneplus is claiming it to be HASSLEBLAD?

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                                    • 06 Apr 2022

                                    My advice is to you.... try to give number instead of star for review of mobile phone, so that it will be convenient to choose the right mobile and buy it... Thanks....

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                                      • 05 Apr 2022

                                      @GSMArena Team, I see you missed the Speaker test and Photo comparison tool details. Would you be updating your review with this? I'm sure many would be waiting for these tests but surprisingly both are omitted????

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                                        • 04 Apr 2022

                                        Richard MG, 02 Apr 20225G, VoLTE and WIFI calling still don't work using my f... moreLeav Canada with truck freedom convoy