Samsung Galaxy A13 review

08 April 2022

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  • 04 May 2024

shohabmsk, 17 Oct 2023My recommendation for using this device: Remove most of bl... moreMy A13 need resetting

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    • XTM
    • 28 Apr 2024

    Anonymous, 30 Aug 2023I have the a13 4g and its good. The photos are pretty good ... moreSame here, I got this for half the price and charger came bundled in the box

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      • L1b
      • 21 Apr 2024

      I bought it for my 8y girl as first phone. I looked for the cheapest phone with gotilla 5 glass and hope it last. All else doesnt matter.

        My recommendation for using this device:
        Remove most of bloatwares, apps you don't like.
        Turn off ram plus. Never use it if you don't game and need more than 15+ apps in background (in 6gb varient)! Turning off ram plus makes animation stutter less and overall latency is less. Ram plus is just a swap feature of Linux and burden on emmc. My device has become more smooth.
        This device is 32 bit. Though the processor is 64bit. And there's no daily driver custom ROM yet and may not be for a long time.
        You can't install the best gcam as it's 32 bit, though you can install gcam go. Quality is not satisfied.
        I'm light sensitive, this phone display is average quality to me. Though my eyes get tired sooner on this device than same budget Xiaomi phone(same display specification) I've used recently (not mine).
        I don't like the pic taken from this phone's camera. It looks like oil painting.
        And I don't recommend people to buy this phone.

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          • 8cJ
          • 30 Aug 2023

          I have the a13 4g and its good. The photos are pretty good also mine came with a fast charger brick too. Probaly cause its the internatial verison, which is south america and it doesnt have that big warning sign on the back and i got it half the price.
          The thing about it tho is it has the emergncy alerts in spanish still a amazing phone for everyday use 8/10.

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            • XBx
            • 18 Jul 2023

            Pissedoff, 03 Feb 2023Give me an Oppo any day. This peice of crap has a useless ... morePlease suggest a good oppo phone for me dear
            Camera wise and storage wise

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              • 14 Jul 2023

              Slay, 05 Jan 2023Will this cell play "call of duty mobile" smoothly?It does for me on medium graphics max framerate

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                • 04 Jul 2023

                JJShaw, 02 Jul 2023I have been using Samsung phones for a very long time and I... moreAgree very bad camera. Even Ben Q - Siemens small phone had a camera that whas absolutely 10 times better in speed and qaulity, futher the Sam A13 is the worse ohone i ever used out off all A series and Samsung phones - Very Slow processor.

                Its not bavkground apps etc that makes it slow - the A13 has a bad processor - it should not even have been allowed to sell a phkne lkke A13 to the publuc - Absolute failure and irrtating sloe on everthing.

                  I have been using Samsung phones for a very long time and I now have a Galaxy a13, and I have to say that it literally has the worst camera I have ever used on a phone! I'm so disappointed Samsung!

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                    • xtS
                    • 01 Jul 2023

                    Rayray, 05 Jun 2023Aaah thanks for the effort you put in the articleThe Samsung a13 is good the camera is clear and the battery last longer

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                      • 05 Jun 2023

                      Aaah thanks for the effort you put in the article

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                        • I72
                        • 03 Jun 2023

                        no nfc card payer

                          st0rmtr00per, 19 Apr 2023A22 is the better phone Typing about mediocre phones ... 😂😂😂

                            Anonymous, 12 Mar 2023Which phone is better between Samsung A22 5g and Samsung A13?A22 is the better phone

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                              • Darren
                              • In5
                              • 01 Apr 2023

                              I bought this phone because it was inexpensive, but I guess you really do get what you pay for. It's obnoxiously slow to the point that you can easily wait 10 seconds or more for an app to open. That may not sound like much, but imagine that happening every... single... time you want to do anything with your phone, and it quickly becomes aggravating.

                              Second, I bought the 32GB model thinking it would have sufficient space. Little did I realize that a significant portion of that memory is taken up by Samsung's default apps which can not be disabled or uninstalled! Even worse, they are frequently updated which nibbles away at what little space you have for your own use. I was constantly having to delete my files and clear the app cache just to keep the phone from running out memory.

                              All in all, just a terrible experience. I learned my lesson: I will never buy another cheap phone.

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                                • 25 Mar 2023

                                Kaslim G, 18 Mar 2023The phone is amazing,,,Amazing, if you like a laggy and stuttering phone in doing anything.

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                                  • X5u
                                  • 18 Mar 2023

                                  The phone is amazing,,,

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                                    • f30
                                    • 12 Mar 2023

                                    Which phone is better between Samsung A22 5g and Samsung A13?

                                      bash, 24 Dec 2022I read at Ali Express the description and it says the phone... moreI don't know maybe Hong-Kong?

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                                        • Siva
                                        • YQW
                                        • 01 Mar 2023

                                        Pls support to add seconds in notification bar ....