Samsung Galaxy A13 review

08 April 2022

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Why does the Samsung Galaxy A13 do not come with ear phones

    All this u guys are saying isn't true. How do except a phone of about #120000 here in Nigeria to have an extremely good specification. Let's be realistic guys. The phone is actually very good at the price. Samsung 💥

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      • Anonymous
      • StU
      • 27 Jun 2022

      Martial, 26 Jun 2022My A13 has radio or i bought fake phone someone confirm for meradio is only available in certain markets...mine doesn't have fm radio but I don't mind as I use internet radio

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        • StU
        • 27 Jun 2022

        Ace1, 26 Jun 2022Just got a a13 week or so ago and it's worst samsung p... moremy texts don't dissapear on mine....thats an odd one

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          • Ace1
          • 7sB
          • 26 Jun 2022

          Just got a a13 week or so ago and it's worst samsung phone iv had and it cost more. It's crazy heavy n big I get sore hand trying to text and it's all I need it for.
          .huge software issues it's always lagging or loosing content or sms's dissapearing after sending it's a pos

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            • Martial
            • CFE
            • 26 Jun 2022

            My A13 has radio or i bought fake phone someone confirm for me

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              • Siya
              • f3d
              • 25 Jun 2022

              I really don't get why people are so mad at budget phones all the time it's like expectations are higher on budget phones than they are on flagships.

              It's like people expect budget phones to be better than expensive models. Bottom line is it's a cheap phone, maybe not cheap depending on where you live but it does what it's supposed to do... if you're someone who wants to play PUBG or challenge the A13 pro max camera then it's obviously not the device for you it is as simple as that

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                • mcguyver66
                • SXy
                • 23 Jun 2022

                I've this phone now for 2 weeks. It does what it has to do. Great phone for chat, mail and other l;ow capacity apps. And that is where I bought it for. It seems that people who are used to high end Samsung phones compare the A13 with a phone like a S21. And that's not very realistic.

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                  • fnI
                  • 21 Jun 2022

                  this site it's the best

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                    • swC
                    • 15 Jun 2022

          , 14 Jun 2022Damn. Looks like everyone is mad at this phone. Another cas... moreNot everyone because I can be realistic with my expectations

                      Damn. Looks like everyone is mad at this phone. Another case of a big brand going into the parts bin to bring out some cheap phone?

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                        • Meek
                        • IbI
                        • 14 Jun 2022

                        The GSMArena review is way too generous; this camera is probably the worst I've worked with, and I have had MULTIPLE Samsung devices over the years. Forget taking any pictures in low-light; the flash dims prior to the shutter taking the photo. The resulting image appears as if you used a single candle as the main light source. The resolution in all other images is poor, with macroblocking obvious with any zoom levels. Colors are washed-out, and as noted forget stabilization. The Galaxy A13 camera can be summed up on one word: TRASH.

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                          • 13 Jun 2022

                          Anonymous, 13 Jun 2022Camera is not good quality. Maximum quantity this phone cam... moreThe camera isn't amazing but it's not that bad....I have got quite usable photos out of it on a few test days....I admit it's not on the quality of my a52s or iphone 13...but it's a cheaper phone that still does ok.

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                            • XR2
                            • 13 Jun 2022

                            Camera is not good quality. Maximum quantity this phone camera Bluar.

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                              • A13 user
                              • rjM
                              • 13 Jun 2022

                              Baddest battery ever! It takes time to get full, it draines faster, bad finger print sensor also😔

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                                • XTV
                                • 11 Jun 2022

                                The best phone samsung A13 in all segment
                                Best camer, 2days battery, fastest touch,

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                                  • 26 May 2022


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                                    • Gary
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                                    • 22 May 2022

                                    Does this phone come in a version for Verizon customers in US?

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                                      • M30
                                      • 21 May 2022

                                      Dangie, 13 Apr 2022Hii I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but unfortunately had an... moreYou can check out mi 12 series

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                                        • aXg
                                        • 16 May 2022

                                        Irani, 08 May 2022I bought this phone 10days back, also a new update has come... moreIt's because of the 1080 p screen resolution witch the exynos 850 can't handle