Samsung Galaxy A13 review

08 April 2022

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  • 4Ra
  • 13 Dec 2022

Just bought it for my kid. For a kid, I definitely think it is a good phone. He plays Roblox on a newer computer and last night he tried on that phone. The game play was just as smooth and a lot faster than it is on my older LG Android. Some games I play with him actually crash my phone...I don't see that happening on this galaxy.

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    • N7x
    • 11 Dec 2022

    It's underpowered, but i just need a stop gap

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      • jN0
      • 26 Nov 2022

      Anonymous, 22 Oct 2022Absolutely amazing, ridiculous.. Im buying a Phone not a C... moresome of us care about camera specs lol, one of the most important things for me when buying a phone along with storage

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        • Ozhog
        • IPh
        • 25 Nov 2022

        Anonymous, 30 Sep 2022As in the review, you will get the same damage if aluminium... moreGreat post. I am always wary of reviews because anyone who has a problem, real or imagined, will post negatively, whereas people who are happy will just get on with life. Sometimes it seems that some people expect Rolls Royce service on a Mini unit.

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          • KildaZ
          • 0Ba
          • 24 Nov 2022

          Anonymous, 19 Nov 2022is it samsung galaxy A13 128/6 waterproof? Yes, but one time only

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            • MCD
            • 22 Nov 2022

            And this Phone doed not include Gyro which is bad.

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              • Jim
              • NG}
              • 20 Nov 2022

              Why is there not a charger with this unit

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                • NgT
                • 19 Nov 2022

                is it samsung galaxy A13 128/6 waterproof?

                  Please, how do I fix my Galaxy A13 LCD screen display that was incidentally broken?
                  Link to getting Samsung phone accessories is need.

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                    • Cameron
                    • RNV
                    • 07 Nov 2022

                    Anonymous, 23 Aug 2022Is a Samsung A13 a good buy?No, it is the worst thing I have ever had the misfortune of owning. Expect constant freezes and a speed that will remind u of using Windows 3.1 computers in school

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                      • mw97
                      • 3HV
                      • 04 Nov 2022

                      Awesome review. Gave me the exact info I was looking for regarding camera quality of this phone.

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                        • rvG
                        • 23 Oct 2022

                        I need help my Samsang G13 is just adjusting the volume down by itself what should l do?

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                          • D$k
                          • 22 Oct 2022

                          Absolutely amazing, ridiculous..
                          Im buying a Phone not a Camera.
                          Where is the information on CALL QUALITY?
                          Its a MAD WORLD

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Xpf
                            • 30 Sep 2022

                            AneeshRavi, 15 Sep 2022Pls read the comment of a man who really uses the phone. In... moreI agree, this A13 has good features for its price. There are other phones costs the same and has lower hardware. The review did not mention one feature only Samsung devices have. It is Dolby Atmos and adaptive music output profile for you ear.
                            The Cons in the review are not Cons, they are just feature or capability don't exist for the price. I can't comprehend people expect A13 price to have A23 or S series quality.

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                              • Xpf
                              • 30 Sep 2022

                              As in the review, you will get the same damage if aluminium is used at this price. Nevertheless, the plastic is stronger than Galaxy S3, S4 and S5. The curved back is designed for the hand ergonomics, it comfortable to hold for a big phone. I would thought the review would have figured that out but they didn't.

                              The Screen is surprisingly sharp and clear. The fingerprint reader is not fast, is definitely slower than my previous phone which is 0.2s

                              Review is mistaken like everyone else about the auto-brightness. It is not auto-brightness. It is Adaptive Brightness. I have contacted Samsung and they have said, it works as expected. this is the way it is designed. The brightness only updates when you lock/unlock the screen. Normally you don't need more than 60hz. you will not see moving text. It is just like 4k monitors has 60hz. This device cannot run action games at 60fps to use 90hz panel. I don't see any ghosting any where in the games.
                              There are some lag in the app switcher which is reported by the other Android 12 users. Some lag in the lockscreen notification. This is all software bugs, not the panel.

                              All the notebookcheck GPU benchmark shows Mali G52mp1 is faster than powervr8320. For that reason A13 is an upgrade from A12. The powervr8320 is old, used in devices like Oppo 54s which costs the same as A13.

                              The camera is excellent, although it doesn't have OIS as in A23. When not used often in photography it is a minor feature.

                              The Redmi Note 11 is not the same price as A13, therefore cannot be compared. Redmi Note 11 is costs a lot more, almost the same as A23. Note 11 should be compared to A23. The both have same screen, chipset and RAM. The difference is the camera quality, in which A23 tends to be better.

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                                • X5u
                                • 17 Sep 2022

                                AneeshRavi, 15 Sep 2022Pls read the comment of a man who really uses the phone. In... moreTrue

                                  Pls read the comment of a man who really uses the phone. In my POV, the phone is another best budget phone I've seen. The phone's performance is pretty good such as when in gaming, the phone optimizes the phone's performance and give the user a good gaming experience. Secondly, the camera. The phone's camera is pretty good. I've taken pictures and record videos in the phone and the results is nice as it's very clear. Lastly, the battery. I think the phone's battery is the main highlight here. As it gives the user of the phone's experience for more than a day. But a single full charge gives me about 2 days to absolutely finishes the battery. So my conclusion is if you wanna buy a good battery phone with better performance, pls buy this phone. I absolutely recommend this phone

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                                    • Musa
                                    • CF}
                                    • 04 Sep 2022

                                    Anonymous, 21 Aug 2022The phone looks nice and cool, please what the name of the ... moreIs that asphalt 9?

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                                      • 0uV
                                      • 24 Aug 2022

                                      Anonymous, 23 Aug 2022Is a Samsung A13 a good buy?Yes, for its price it is best buy.

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                                        • XAc
                                        • 23 Aug 2022

                                        Is a Samsung A13 a good buy?