Apple iPhone SE (2022) review

06 April 2022

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  • 28 Jun 2022

Anonymous, 21 May 2022The only reason I pick SE 2022 is the battery can be shown ... moreYou mean the widget?

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    • 23 Jun 2022

    Why the hell no Nubia red magic 7 pro or Lenovo legion y90 in the performance compared charts here
    Samsung galaxy phones are really slow

    I come here too see if iPhone se 3 is faster and better at gaming than the very best Android has too ofter

    Instead I see iPhone se 3 Vs Android slowest flagship phone with only mid range like performance

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      • 7kp
      • 20 Jun 2022

      Anonymous, 18 Jun 2022I don't understand the hate towards this phone. I just... morethe main reason for hate is a 720p 60hz lcd display in a $429 phone with a base of 64gb storage and 2018mah battery which is absolutely unacceptable, also the lack of basic features like a ultra wide camera and a high refresh rate amoled display.

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        • XZK
        • 18 Jun 2022

        I don't understand the hate towards this phone. I just got one and I absolutely love it. Yes, it's not for everyday multimedia use but it does the job exceptionally if all you would be doing is call/text, click pictures occasionally and send e-mails. I spend around 4 hours setting up the device and the battery dropped from 80% to 45%, which seems reasonable.

        For those who really want this phone, don't think twice.

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          • u14
          • 15 Jun 2022

          Sono, 07 Apr 2022I am sure that the people who buy this won't be buying... moreYes

            For tasks that make use of a larger screen, such as gaming, browsing the web and reading long texts, I find the larger iPhones just not large enough. So this little iPhone makes a lot of sense if you intend to have an iPad for these uses.

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              • 11 Jun 2022

              oldjoe, 14 May 2022 Maybe to get 5 G. Hardware upgrade, just like a thermostat you wanna upgrade after time has passed!, I've been using Android since the beginning... For the past 3 years I've found how to remove any Google related software (Google sucks now!) Be great w/out the bs of Google, apples file structure is fabulously awesome! Ppl don't like change but sometimes it's a good thing... Now if people would start using Linux or Ubuntu OS for there computer they would be A LOT HAPPIER!

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                • P@c
                • 25 May 2022

                Retepevil, 12 Apr 2022iPhone SE buyer will never consider a Zenfone…Yes, most iPhone users don't like Android anyway because it looks so cluttered, so if you like Zenfone, go for it.

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                  • twU
                  • 21 May 2022

                  The only reason I pick SE 2022 is the battery can be shown on the main screen but 12 mini or 13 mini cannot.

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                    • Eddie
                    • fjR
                    • 18 May 2022

                    Anonymous, 15 May 2022„And the battery percentage has been moved permanently here... moreI am using the iPhone SE 2022 after trading in the 2020 model at iStore. The battery percentage button in the Settings under “Battery” IS STILL THERE, and you can use it to switch it on or off. It seems that your phone has got a problem, or you did not set it up correctly. This iPhone SE 2022 is fantastic in terms of performance and is very portable. The battery life is even far better than for iPhone 8. Once charged, lasts me almost two days with moderate to heavy use.

                      oldjoe, 14 May 2022 Maybe to get 5 G. 5g can definitely not be the reason

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                        • 3SI
                        • 15 May 2022

                        „It is literally the same phone, even the color options are identical.“
                        That is not true. The midnight is slightly blue instead of black/grey, the starlight is somewhat yellowish instead of white+silver raw aluminum, and the red is deeper. I preferred the SE 2020, especially the white which much reminded me of the iPhone 4/4s. The SE 2020 had the iPhone XR colors and the SE 2022 has the iPhone 13 colors.

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                          • 3SI
                          • 15 May 2022

                          „And the battery percentage has been moved permanently here because there is no room left for it on that status bar.“

                          At least on my SE 2020, battery percentage is off by default and can be activated from the settings, just like it‘s always been from the 2010s. I can’t imagine this being different on the new one.

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                            • oldjoe
                            • Ibx
                            • 14 May 2022

                            Rotciv Ikias, 14 Apr 2022Give me one good reason why a normal person( not power user... more Maybe to get 5 G.

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                                • 25 Apr 2022

                                Rotciv Ikias, 17 Apr 2022Yeah it will, but Apple may cancel it just like rumors that... moreiPhone SE (2022) is currently being sold in-stock by carriers

                                  DaFink, 17 Apr 2022Well I mean if that is within your financial means then mor... moreYeah it will, but Apple may cancel it just like rumors that the mini iPhones will be cancelled but it's just rumors

                                    Rotciv Ikias, 17 Apr 2022Yeah people who aren't enthusiast but just need a smar... moreWell I mean if that is within your financial means then more power to you. I’m more of a one phone type of guy, I can get on with either Android or iOS equally well, just not simultaneously it seems.

                                    And I’m not going to disregard what you say about the 2022 SE not being a good deal, with caveats though. There is certainly better value to be had elsewhere, if considering hardware and specs alone. But for its target market, if those customers are coming from say an 8 or earlier, do not want to spend more than they have to and are not interested the newer design philosophy. Then these people are in all likelihood not going regret picking up this device.

                                    Since there is a large enough demographic out there to support such a market, and Apple can produce such a device without having to worry about competition, then the SE line will continue.

                                      DaFink, 16 Apr 2022No it isn’t, and sorry but somebody who’s felt the need to ... moreYeah people who aren't enthusiast but just need a smartphone that works.

                                      Listen my whole point is that the SE2022 is not a good deal but that doesn't mean people won't still buy it(cause its Apple Anyways😔😔😔)

                                      And the reason why I have two expensive phones is Beacuse I love both Android and IOS and I need the best of both worlds

                                        Rotciv Ikias, 16 Apr 2022I know people like that I for one just go to a store and as... moreNo it isn’t, and sorry but somebody who’s felt the need to purchase two of the premier and most expensive smartphones on the market isn’t really going to understand the point I’ve been making.

                                        You are obviously a smartphone enthusiast, there is no other reason anybody would believe it necessary to simultaneously own both an iPhone 13 Pro and a Galaxy S22 ultra, well other than being a professional tech reviewer of course. But the target audience for the SE is the exact opposite to you.