Poco F4 GT review

26 April 2022

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  • 08 Aug 2022

An0n, 23 Jul 2022Poco should re release this with sd 8+ gen 1. That would so... more8+ gen 1 is terrible, it wont fix performance issues

    Anonymous, 29 Apr 2022Nice specs, I wish there was an option for SD card...Why do you need sd card so bad?
    Nowadays we use streaming platform for movies, music etc.
    256gb is more than enough for installing apps, video,music etc.even 128gb still relevant and good enough if you manage your device storage with smart.
    I use otg pendrive for more space and can connect to my tv, computer ect.
    IMO no sd card is not a big deal at all.

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      • An0n
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      • 23 Jul 2022

      Poco should re release this with sd 8+ gen 1. That would solve all the performance related problems.

        Got this phone for €440
        Great as work/gaming phone for me.
        3.5mm is not an issue as long as you use aptx ll. Not even all high end headphones has this(they use aptx HD or LDAC) but if you have headphones with it you can use it for gaming with no problem (less than 40ms latency)

        Battery is fine and even just topping it up every now and then with 60-ish W it's more than enough.
        My Pixel 6 Pro easily get me through the day (0 games or video) with some music and normal usage. So this will be enough as I can always change when needed.

        SD card isn't needed (for me) as I use cloud but can see the usage for others that have a lot of pictures/videos.

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          • 12 Jul 2022

          hmm, i cant see that phone what you cant use bright sunlight, can be 'flagship killer' phone number one?
          no way.
          i think that these days all staring just camera size,screen hetz.

          but not usefull think, like battery size/using time,audi quality/what you heard and screen brightnes/what you see.... i think these are moust important.

          what good is phone if i must keep it 50% days or more charging,cant use it daylight sunbright,and cant hear anything music for downtown noise.

          i wait MI ultra review, but i think its battery power is too lausy,undel 100h for ready time and video use under 20h...ok 19h is ok

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            • 03 Jul 2022

            I am trying to understand wich one have a better main camera xiaomi 12x or poco f4gt. Anyone can help ?

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              • 30 Jun 2022

              So the question is: if you find this phone excellent, why the rating is just similar like the Midrange than a Flagship class? Even the old samsung phone can get almost 5 stars rating

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                • U6a
                • 25 Jun 2022

                Does the phone have bypass charging?

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                  • 7sb
                  • 13 Jun 2022

                  this or blackshark 5 pro? i mean they have their ups and downs...

                    I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Not a bag phone. Great replacement for my Poco X3 GT (which I'm keeping as a back up).

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                      • 8kP
                      • 03 Jun 2022

                      Overpriced garbage phone with bad battery life.

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                        • 03 Jun 2022

                        MagicMonkeyBoy, 10 May 2022Yes I have discord. #MagicMonkeyBoy#7695 I am genuine. I... moreWas that a review?

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                          • 28 May 2022

                          travis999, 27 May 2022Uk, its going for £469,about what a sub-par performing phon... moreDoes it heat up when playing PUBG for a ling time on Smooth-Extreme graphic settings?

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                            • 28 May 2022

                            travis999, 27 May 2022Uk, its going for £469,about what a sub-par performing phon... moreThat's the same price as Poco F3... £200

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                              • 28 May 2022

                              8gb ram for 128 rom🥵

                                Anonymous, 27 Apr 2022it's €499Uk, its going for £469,about what a sub-par performing phone should cost, no way is it worth, £699.
                                Poco x3 pro is available for under £200, and seems to handle my daughters varied gaming perfectly ok, doesnt fet too hot, or eat battery too quickly

                                Unless you really need an 8 +1 for some weird reason, the x3 is the more practical device.
                                In 6 months of her use, ive olky had to take a look and fix one problem, and that was a simple problem with it not updating when it should, took about 5 mins to fix, unlike her earlier moto and nokia flagships, both had loads of problems, some un-fixable without taking extreme measures, like having to root and flash non stock roms, which usually just had problems too, just different ones to factory rom, the quality of ""develooers" is much lower than it used to be back in the early 00's..
                                Proper code writers v script kiddies.

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                                  • 19 May 2022

                                  This freak doesnt worth any cent...

                                    Oday, 09 May 2022in undecided on purchasing the redmagic 7 or the KG gaming ... moreYes I have discord. #MagicMonkeyBoy#7695

                                    I am genuine. I am a gamer. As you know I am a red magic user. And I own a K50GE. My friend came round earlier with her Asus Rog 5S Pro with 18GB Ram.

                                    I cannot decide for you which phone. But I can only say about my experiences with what I have.

                                    I totally understand that it is actually really difficult to choose between gaming phones as they are all so amazing. Even the legion is awesome too. And Realme might have one on the way maybe?

                                    Your certainly at the right place to ask. I will try to help you. But at the end of the day. You decide.

                                    Just take your time carefully. Analyzing between each. Weighing up price specs. Some reviews. Some people's reviews. Truth is. Whatever gaming phone you have. You simply can't go wrong. What you would like is all about personal preference. And certain principles that might help you lean towards specific brands of gaming phones.

                                    But a warm welcome to gaming phones... And just remember to keep a balanced lifestyle. As gaming phones due to there quality are incredibly immersive. And can lead to addiction. So just remember to work hard. And play hard! 😃

                                      Also. May I add...

                                      You can buy the official Xiaomi part metal and part plastic case which is kind of a complex A shape with a Grey metal A shaped frame on the back to help dispel heat. However. The case is actually designed to include the black shark mag cooler attached to the back.

                                      I have all the above mentioned. The thermals are impressive with the K50GE. But with the official case and black shark mag cooler. It's about as hard core as gaming phones can get.

                                      I firmly recommend the official case and official cooler. I live in the desert and the K50GE's thermals are really impressive in such heat. But with the cooler gives me reassurance in the desert.

                                      Since I have had the K50GE. It feels so much like a black shark. And I actually prefer this over my red magic.

                                      If you enjoy gaming... Take a look at black shark. And poco F4 GT but especially the K50GE.

                                      Problem with these gaming phones. You might get bored of having exceptionally high scores all the time. And bored of winning all the time. Because there is no competion.

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                                        • Oday
                                        • L67
                                        • 09 May 2022

                                        MagicMonkeyBoy, 09 May 2022Ladies & Gentlemen... I have the K50 Gaming Edition... ... morein undecided on purchasing the redmagic 7 or the KG gaming one. I just want smoothness, high fps. And software updates. And nice screen response time. Do you have discord? We can chat about this. Also do you recommend I buy the KG over the redmagic, poco, and rog?