Realme GT Neo3 150W review

31 May 2022

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Hey guys, I don't care much about the 150 watts version charging faster other than it having a massive 12gb ram instead of 80w variant having only 8gb ram. Is the 12gb 150w version way faster than the 8gb model?
Is the 500mah difference (5000mah vs 4500mah) highly noticeable for heavy battery users like me?

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    • 26 Aug 2023

    Lol, 04 Jun 2022I own a sd 855 and cannot carry me with my daily tasks. I A... moreBro, i have redmi k20 pro with snapdragon 855+. And it works smoothly even after three years.

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      • William
      • tu7
      • 13 Mar 2023

      Does Realme GT Neo 3 150W support vowifi? 5G also no issue in Malaysia right?

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        • William
        • tu7
        • 13 Mar 2023

        Does Realme GT Neo 3 150W support vowifi? 5G also no issue in Malaysia right?

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          • 30 Aug 2022

          Fa14bi, 23 Jun 2022The Dimensity 9000 is faster in peak performance than the 8... moreI can confirm 8100 is superior in every way to snap gen 1. Tested gt3 neo and the rog 6 extensively.
          Wo the cooler after prolonged use rog gets unfortably hot to the touch and throttles a bit. Effect is you get 8100 performance on hotter heavier phone with less battery life

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            • 12 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 02 Jun 2022Anyone know which version has 512GB memory, the 80 or 150 watt?The 150 Watts Version

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              • 02 Jul 2022

              By the way GSMArena team, I think it will be pretty useful and efficient if you can add a feature wherein people can just search for the phones in the page you're currently in and be on the same page of that review. For example if you are in the Performance and UI portion of the other phone's Review , searching for another phone should land you on the same page of that particular review or near that description.

                Anonymous, 01 Jun 2022Higher multi-core Geekbench and Antutu v9 than the even the... moreThe Dimensity 9000 is faster in peak performance than the 8100 but does throttle a bit more, to golden reviwers Video, the Dimensity 8100 outperformed the A15 Bionic by 4Frames average in Genshin maxed out and 1 more than the Dimensity 9000.

                Tthe 8100 was more energy efficient than the 9000, Snap 8gen1, but not the A15Bionic while is it still impressive to me how the 8100 both had a lower temp and higher framerate than Apples A15 Bionic.

                Snap 8gen1 (GOS on S22U forced off) 42 avg

                A15 Bionic: 49FPS

                Dimensity 8100: 53FPS

                Dimensity 9000: 52FPS

                in Wildlife extreme benchmark the 8100 and 9000 were also both around 20% more efficient than the A15 Bionic for some reason I can't really explain why.

                I'm writing half a book here so I better just stop now.

                  Anonymous, 01 Jun 20223rd party chargers used with VOOC have speed cap, it charge... moreActually looking at the realme 8pro charger we have here, it does Charge with 5V 2A or 10V 6.5A.

                  Most Chargers Charge with 5/9/12V sometimes also 19V

                  but since atleast our realme uses 10V for full speed, most third party chargers aren't giving it and will use the 5V option that is usually just either 10 or 15W. If you search for realme third party Charger you need to specifically search for ones that Support 10 Volts.

                    Tonkos, 11 Jun 2022A52s or neo 3 80w ?If you are going for gaming, the Dimensity 8100 long term Performance (over 10 minutes) even beats the A15 Bionic and Snap 8gen1 (while the A15 Bionic is still more energy efficient)

                    The A52s should receive its's software updates a bit more reliable and also takes more useable Pictures with the Ultrawide. While the main camera on the GT Neo 3 is the same as in the Galaxy S22(+)

                    I would take the GT Neo 3 because I play Genshin and is is more future proof for other games to come , but I don't know what the prices are for you or how much weight you give to the Ultrawide, this is your decision.

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                      • 18 Jun 2022

                      [deleted post]For CPU department no way for a quad A76 able to outperform a quad A78..
                      GPU dept wise prolly sd855 still have plenty of punch but not by much ahead.....

                      Efficiency wise, sd855 is no way a champ compare newer chipset

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                        • 17 Jun 2022

                        Lol, 04 Jun 2022Bro really comparing sd 855 to Dimensity 8100 which outperf... moreLmao bro, don't waste your precious time arguing with him, I bet he doesn't even know what he's talking about.

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                          • 12 Jun 2022

                          Fredwinia, 01 Jun 2022Weird that they do not understand what the majority of ppl ... moreYou want a 7000mah battery WITH 150w charging WITH a smaller screen? Unless you want like 1 inch bezels on each side of the screen, you realize that's physically impossible right?

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                            • 11 Jun 2022

                            A52s or neo 3 80w ?

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                              • 08 Jun 2022

                              Tomescu Tiberiu, 08 Jun 2022Yes! I don't understand why they made a review only fo... moreWhat is the difference except charging time? None

                                Ashu, 06 Jun 2022Please do review of 80W charger - 5000 MAH battery reviewYes! I don't understand why they made a review only for 150W version.

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                                  • 06 Jun 2022

                                  Please do review of 80W charger - 5000 MAH battery review

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                                    • 04 Jun 2022

                                    [deleted post]Note 10 and S10 was good but official store no longer selling the devices. Mostly second hand or unreliable repack.

                                    SD855 was also good but can't compete with recent release. SD855 is on par to SD778G in which SD778G would be on favor for its stability and battery.

                                    Hence I would suggest to you to buy Samsung A52s instead of Neo 3 rather than outdated ones if SD855 is your target.

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                                      • 04 Jun 2022

                                      How is the microphone? Does it also cut off frequencies like the GT2 does or is this fixed?

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                                        • 04 Jun 2022

                                        [deleted post]I own a sd 855 and cannot carry me with my daily tasks. I ALSO just got this phone. You just cannot compare it. This thing outperforms my friend's sd 8gen 1