Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 long-term review

17 June 2022

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  • 17 Jun 2022

Regarding the review: it is just annoying to constantly mention what is different from Stock Android and which Apps from Google you would prefer over Samsung’s. The main reason for buying a Samsung device is for me One UI and Samsung Apps. Just get over it and accept that you buy a Samsung device, like others buys an Apple device.

Specially, the way Samsung has implemented One UI for a folding device is just amazing. This is also the reason why all other “competitors”, OPPO included, simply “adopted” Samsung’s ideas. Just pointing out one specific difference in OPPO’s implementation that you prefer, does not change this fact.

In OPPO Find N’s long term review you talk about the Foldable adaptions although all are copies of Z Fold’s adaptions. But in case of Z Fold itself you just cover one or two of them! Instead your software part is mainly just complaining about default values that you even mention that can be changed.
And in one case Samsung chose the default split screen within an app correctly according your taste and then you complain that it allows you to change the default to something that you would not like then? Is this a joke?
What does a long term review has to do with change of default values that you just do once and never change again during the long-term use? There are 1000 positive aspects of the software that count, and not those initial default values that you personally don’t like. Instead of talking about the foldable features you complain about the default sorting of the apps in the App Drawer? Seriously?

And how could you have a long term test without S Pen and even dare to state “that stylus use on smartphones is still a very niche thing”. Really?

We now that you love OPPO Find N, and probably you have used it also for a longer time of period. But you clearly have not tested Z Fold 3 longer than one day and call this a long-term review. If you tested it really longer, than you would know what counts which means: if you really tested it longer, you must be biased to intentionally hide all those positive aspects.

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    • 17 Jun 2022

    I bought it almost at launch date and have been enjoying it since then day by day. I am specially surprised by the durability of the inner screen: it felt so often on the ground and nothing happened. Last time it felt directly against a tile corner with the face of the inner display. Any of my other previous phones’ displays would have definitely cracked, but not in this case. I assume simply because it is so soft! The only thing that happened are a few dead pixels (are now green). I was to Samsung’s service shop two days ago. They have ordered the inner screen and told me that they would call me coming week to replace it for free: it would take one hour. They didn’t even ask me how it happened. Interestingly, I was told that my Care+ would not be required for it. And they agreed also to replace the lose screen protector on the front screen. It got lose after several times of falling down on the face.

    This is the best phone that I have ever had and the most portable tablet you can imagine of. I am just missing the silo for the pen.

    I am just unsure whether to keep it or to trade it in for the Z Fold 4 which reportedly will have better camera.

      Flyboy89, 17 Jun 2022Have had it for less than 6months and the motherboard died ... moreI'm not doubting your experience, but dead motherboards on the Fold 3 is not a common issue. I do recall a couple of people on reddit that sent in their Fold for a screen repair and for some reason Samsung replaced their motherboards, but they don't say why. Nothing MB related has manifested into an issue like the screen protector lifting or cracking. It's also possible it has happened more than we know, but those people had a better experience than you and just didn't report it.

      There was another person here that reported their Flip caught on fire. I wrote the same thing to them. It's not a common enough issue that would prevent people from getting a Samsung Foldable. I've read a few posts about the back of the phone getting warm, but I've never experienced it myself.

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        • 17 Jun 2022

        3 paragraphs about the hinge and not a single word about how well or bad it wears off. But sure you took time to repeat the same points from original review about the gap and slippery frame. At least mention a sentence in conclusion that hinge feels like "brand new" or something.

          Note7 owner, 17 Jun 2022That crease on the main screen is at times bothering when w... moreHonestly, buying a foldable for watching videos is a pretty bad idea. They are considered portable productivity devices and are not to be used to consume media.

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            • 17 Jun 2022

            Flyboy89, 17 Jun 2022Have had it for less than 6months and the motherboard died ... moreGet a huawei.

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              • 17 Jun 2022

              Have had it for less than 6months and the motherboard died Phone froze, overheated...kept crashing and now Samsung tells me they will repair it..but no parts available in Hong Kong. So now am without a proper phone all thanks to the terrible customer service by Samsung HK and the faulty Fold 3. Apple would have just given a replacement phone since motherboard issues are serious. Never again be loyal to Samsung. Surprised it didn't catch fire. So buyer beware. If Samsumg replaced it I wouldn't complain. Now I know this Fold 3 can crash again at any time so always need a backup phone.

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                • 17 Jun 2022

                Lasted with me for 3 month. Couldn't find any use for "bigger" screen with that weird ratio and huge black lines up and down

                  Note7 owner, 17 Jun 2022That crease on the main screen is at times bothering when w... moreits terrible for watching shit that wasn't made before 1950's, the aspect ratio is horrible and you can enjoy anything on it. better get a normal flagship and a tab 6 or whatever (ones with oled screen).

                    That crease on the main screen is at times bothering when watching movies. I don't think I would ever buy another foldable with that crease.