Samsung Galaxy A52s long-term review

25 June 2022

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  • 26 Jun 2022

jason, 25 Jun 2022i have and its best mid range everWhen this phone came out, I got a little mad that Samsung didn't make a version of this with the Galaxy S21 size. Snapdragon 778 on a compact phone would have been battery efficient. This phone was such a good value offering especially for Samsung that I bought one and gave it to my brother as a gift.

    Am i the only one that prefers Samsung app drawer and the fact that isn't sorted alphabetically.

      +support till android 14 and frequent security patches
      +stereo speakers
      +120hz amoled screen(no adaptive refresh rate though.Only options are 60 or 120hz)
      +3.5mm headphone jack
      +Samsung ecosystem(works best with galaxy watch and buds)
      +OIS on main camera
      +snap(778)5G and not Exynos
      +decent battery life

      -plastic build
      -poor vibrator motor
      -15W charger in the box although it supports 25.
      -some minor stuttering
      -mediocre fingerprint sensor

      Overall one of the best mid rangers from Samsung in recent years.

        This phone could have been even better had Samsung not wasted money on the terrible macro+depth combo and instead used that money for a proper main camera.

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          • 26 Jun 2022

          It's not a bad phone, but that annoying bugged virtual proximity sensor made me to return. This is the worst trend on mobile phones nowadays.

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            • 25 Jun 2022

            This is very strange performance wise. Only lag I ever had just after January upgrade to 4.1 when expanding notification shade, but reported via Samsung members and it was fixed in March or April update. No lags or whatsoever, everything running smoothly. On the other hand there are also people (if you follow reddit) reporting exactly same issues. Also, most complaints for Instagram, Twitter and Reddit app scrolling. Again, no issues with my A52S, everything works smoothly.
            I thought problems are tied to different countries/zones with their updates (when most of India reported performance issues), but then again from many different countries people reported issues, as it happens randomly no matter where you got phone.

              Night pictures are very yellowish...hope it is not the same with A53.

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                • 25 Jun 2022

                Best Samsung midranger for sure. even today!

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                  • 25 Jun 2022

                  I tend to agree 95% with your initial review! The phone performs great in almost every aspect!
                  I really like the cameras in almost every day and night scenario, the screen and the impressive stereo speakers as you mentioned in your review. If anything after the last update, it performs even better with some extra added features that were missing i.e. eis on 4k video.

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                    • 25 Jun 2022

                    Pumpino, 25 Jun 2022One reason to stick with the A5X series rather than the A7X... moreThat's something I have been wondering about when I got my A73 on April 30th. I checked the official webpage and it stated the A73 will receive updates quarterly. The thing is, I got not one, not two, but four updates (with two of them being provided before I bought it) on a monthly basis. So I'm kinda confused about Samsung's update policy lol.

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                      • 25 Jun 2022

                      A phone with a virtual proximity sensor the best midranger of 2022?

                        One reason to stick with the A5X series rather than the A7X series is that the A5X series receives monthly updates, while the A7X series receives quarterly updates, even immediately following release. I think the A52s is a great device, but if you can afford the S20 FE or grab one second-hand, the primary camera is far superior.

                          Fantastic article. These types of detailed, real world, honest reviews is what separates this website from every other tech site. Keep up the outstanding work.

                            kinda same here, bug free for most of the time. but nice finish:

                            ”Considering its current price, we don't think it's a stretch to call this Samsung's best mid-range smartphone ever”

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                              • 25 Jun 2022

                              Better than A53

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                                • 25 Jun 2022

                                This phone is better than it's successor with a 3.5 mm jack and a better Snapdragon processor

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                                  • 25 Jun 2022

                                  Well my experience is completely different from what GSMarena team wrote in their article about software.
                                  On my device, software is about 95% smooth and has no issues. It does have a small bugs sometimes but not anything that would disturb my phone's performance.
                                  Now i'll share my entire 7 month experience with A52s.

                                  1) Design, build and quality ::: It is all plastic and glass front, what i hate about it is the plastic ram which isn't well made on the left bottom side and where the keys are but i always wear a silicone case so it doesn't really affect my daily experiences. The quality is okay, nothing breathtaking but okay. I also hate how they made the vibration motor so poorly, it's the worst part of my device.

                                  2) Display, smoothness and colors ::: The display on the other hand is really great. The colors are a bit warm coming from Redmi Note 9 Pro which had really white colors but it doesn't bother me. The smoothness (120hz) is amazing and it literally changed my daily experience & uses, i'll never go back to 60hz.

                                  3) Software ::: The software is really smooth & with no lags, yes it does happen but not like GSMarena team mentioned, at least on my device. I love how One UI became so stable compared to One UI 1, 2 and even 3. They accomplished so much. I also appreciate the regular updates, it's nice to not wait 3 months for a single security patch (cough Xiaomi cough)..

                                  4) Cameras ::: I don't really know much about cameras nor i really care about them but i like the pictures it takes. The colors are really nice.

                                  5) Battery & Charging ::: The battery is great, it lasts me about 1 day and 3 hours with 7-7,5 hours of SOT. I use 18w Samsung's charger and it charges my device for about 1 hour. I never let my battery below 20-25%.

                                  6) Final touch ::: Overall experience, this is the best phone i ever had. I'll for sure keep it until the end of 2023 and later will change to a different company (probably Apple).

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                                    • 25 Jun 2022

                                    i have and its best mid range ever