Samsung Galaxy A52s long-term review

25 June 2022

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  • 27 Sep 2022

Seems a lot of updates already happened during the time of this review. Should probably have fixed majority of the issues mentioned here?

    User, 06 Sep 2022@gsmarena : Which version was used for this review? 6 or 8g... moreIt is indeed the 6GB version as they are based in Europe which is what I had I was constantly hitting only 1GB free which is the lowest it goes on Samsung meaning your out of ram and was lagging like crazy. GadgetByte mentions she swapped to the 8GB one from the 6GB and it got rid of the lag/stuttering. I upgraded to the S21 FE 8GB due to it and constantly only have 2GB free meaning 1GB usable in Samsungs UI so that means you need 8GB of ram in a Samsung phone which is bad on their end as Xiaomi only require 6GB for a lag free experience and they used to be famous for having a heavy UI but Samsung has now taken that mantle.

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      • 12 Sep 2022

      Rahul, 16 Jul 2022This is true. Phone extra Heat like 40 to 50 degree Celsiu... moreFor me using my 15W fast charger included with my old A51, it never goes to 40c when fast charging (My room temp is 75 F or 23.889 C). When I have a fan blowing on it, the battery's temp stays around 32-33 C.

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        • 12 Sep 2022

        Kaki, 25 Jul 2022Even though I have the Poco F3, I really want the Galaxy A5... moreThat's actually what made me buy the A52s instead of the Poco. The headphone Jack. I was also not happy with seeing people deal with dimming displays and buggy software.

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          • 06 Sep 2022

          @gsmarena : Which version was used for this review? 6 or 8gb ram? If it was 6gb, could this explain UI lags and stutters?

            I've had mine for 9 months now and for the last 4 months it's been freezing and re-starting 10 to 15 times a day. Samsung told me it's a harware issue with the only course of action to send it to them )and be without a phone for 6 - 8 weeks.)

            But when you add the horrendous mobile reception into the mix I've decided to cut my losses, buy a new phone (obviously not a Samsung) and throw this piece of crap into ocean.

              Using last three months. Satisfied with price and specs.

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                • 04 Aug 2022

                Anonymous, 31 Jul 2022Money also gone faster than a52s🤣😂🤣

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                  • 31 Jul 2022

                  maik80, 27 Jul 2022iPhone 11 is much faster Money also gone faster than a52s🤣

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                    • 29 Jul 2022

                    Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Hello. Does anyone knows if Samsung is going to release an A53 s?No a53 is a flop I think so there's no possibilities

                      Fa14bi, 04 Jul 2022Because being better than the iPhone 11 with it's 1/2.... moreiPhone 11 is much faster

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                        • 26 Jul 2022

                        Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Hello. Does anyone knows if Samsung is going to release an A53 s?No

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                          • 25 Jul 2022

                          Hello. Does anyone knows if Samsung is going to release an A53 s?

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                            • 25 Jul 2022

                            Even though I have the Poco F3, I really want the Galaxy A52s, mainly because of the headphone jack.
                            This is probably the best phone available right now with a headphone jack and Samsung or other brands won't make one either.
                            Heck the Galaxy A53 is a downgrade.

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                              • 25 Jul 2022

                              Scandidave, 24 Jul 2022The A52S in smooth and fluid thanks to the Snapdragon778. T... moreHaving used both the A52s 5G (Obviously powered by the SD 778G) and now having used the A53 5G (Exynos 1280) for a week. I can personally say, whilst the 1280 is clearly the weaker performer out of the two SoC's (Samsung, why), and it certainly was "laggy", but after receiving an update from Samsung on Saturday night (Currently writing this on Monday 25th July) that "Improved stability", it still has obvious moments of weakness in terms of lag but it's an excellent device overall. Lag and software stability is fixable through updates, it's normal. All I've seen over the last few weeks is people shitting on the A53, and whilst I agree with some of the comments made, they don't seem to use the device nor have ever touched it. Only going over other people's opinions and believing the first thing they see.

                              Would I advise anyone to "upgrade" from the A52s 5G, or even the A52? No. Obviously not, and whilst I agree with you making the comment that it's an "downgrade" from the A52s, it's only the SoC, loss of Wi-Fi 6 Support and taking away some audio codecs that make these two devices different from one-another.

                              To the people thinking about upgrading, or even wanting to downgrade from another phone, the A53 Is a great option, especially if you can find it on sale (Currently $548 at some retailers here in Australia). However, if you can find a A52s 5G, even better!


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                                • 24 Jul 2022

                                The A52S in smooth and fluid thanks to the Snapdragon778. The A53 is. Slow laggy and a serious downgrade.

                                  SheffMark, 12 Jul 2022Hello all, Been a Xiaomi fanboy for about 8 years. Bough... moreIt isn't slow, what the review says is that the UI has some lags/dropped frames sometimes, they're mostly observed in notification bar pull down animation and opening Google Discovery, other than those UI stutters, it's a fluid phone, will run everything you throw at it.
                                  I done hard reset on the phone after One UI 4.1 update and it got better, with less of those hiccups in the UI animations.

                                    Niv, 17 Jul 2022Does it Support HDR video playback on YouTube Yes, it does

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                                      • 19 Jul 2022

                                      Is it also normal for a mid-tier plastic phone to sell for $600- ? Guess not, but that's exactly what happened after the A53 release. So now would be a good time to pickup a new Galaxy A53, or if you don't want 5G, than get the A52 which is also cheap now.
                                      If you think you have the urge to marry a SD 778G phone, than get the Xiaomi 12 lite or a Moto.
                                      For those in N.A, The A53 is currently being discounted for about $300- USD / $399- Cdn @ Walmart

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                                        • 17 Jul 2022

                                        Does it Support HDR video playback on YouTube