Samsung Galaxy A52s long-term review

25 June 2022

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  • Antony Otoniells
  • yJt
  • 02 Jan 2024

Its construction material from the Samsung A series leaves a lot to think about, especially the A52s. Over time, the back cover and the outline of the screen come off easily. I do not recommend exposing it to humidity, water could seep in without knowing that the part rear is detached, I recommend checking it.

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    • Anonymous
    • pm9
    • 09 Nov 2023

    Blessed, 14 May 2023Agree. The phone gets extremely hot and the battery drains ... moreMy A 52s 5g lasts, very easily, 4 days. It has never got hot. I really do think these people who say this on all phone forums are paid by another phone company.
    If you want max battery life then reduce the display to 60hz, put to sleep or uninstall apps you don't use, or don't need awake all the time. I have very few apps running all the time or listening for info from the web. This will work on all smart phones.

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      • Sekander
      • KSA
      • 30 Jul 2023

      I love the A52s 5g except for one thing...the zoom on video recording is terrible. Serious lag time and herky jerky makes it not worth using. I'm recording in 4k. The quality is very good but the zoom frustrating. Is this a bug from recent updates?

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        • Blessed
        • kbh
        • 14 May 2023

        ameer, 11 Mar 2023worst phone ever made specifically in gamesAgree. The phone gets extremely hot and the battery drains quickly. The battery management needs adjusting.

          Waiting for Samsung to include A52s into the Feb updated 4-years OS Upgrade + 1 year patch updates.

          Since Samsung tagged this model as a 'premium' mid-range, it should be part of the S-series OS updates policy

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            • Anonymous
            • 85F
            • 19 Mar 2023

            ameer, 11 Mar 2023worst phone ever made specifically in gamesThats a little dramatic "worse *ever*", it's a great phone. What did it do to hurt you in your little games?

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              • ameer
              • xv6
              • 11 Mar 2023

              worst phone ever made specifically in games

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                • Anonymous
                • 8CX
                • 04 Mar 2023

                The Charger is 15w 1 40 min in box. The 25w 40 min. The xiaomy 10 sucks

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                  • Anonymous
                  • X@U
                  • 08 Feb 2023

                  There is SD Card, there is jack 3.55mm, powerful soc, 4500mAh battery, very good camera with OIS, best all rounded phone on it price. Everything i need is there ✨

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                    • Anonymous
                    • mxD
                    • 21 Jan 2023

                    Shamim Mondol, 01 Jan 2023I want to buy this phone but i see this one battery is 4500... moreI think 9 to 11 hours screen on time is enough for the majority

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                      • Shamim Mondol
                      • YUL
                      • 01 Jan 2023

                      I want to buy this phone but i see this one battery is 4500 so i think is it capable for heavy use???have any possibility about battery issue...please anyone informed me

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 6qQ
                        • 30 Dec 2022

                        J man, 18 Nov 2022I have read too many positive reviews about this phones; bu... moreI've had one now over 10 months no problems, perfect pictures, take a 1GB micro SD card, so plenty of storage over all good phone highly recommended

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                          • a 52s
                          • 0p}
                          • 11 Dec 2022

                          I bought this a52s 5g and I'm happy, I paid €270 for it, it is updated to Android 13 and UI 5, it has no bugs, it does not slow down, it is IP 67, it has an SD slot and a 3.5 jack.
                          what more do you want?
                          ah, maybe the photos, I think they are too mixed and therefore lacking in detail

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                            • Anonymous
                            • MSK
                            • 21 Nov 2022

                            J man, 18 Nov 2022I have read too many positive reviews about this phones; bu... moreHonestly it's a great phone. This review would need longer explanation. Why don't you visit proper forum section where you can find all feedback needed from (us) users.

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                              • J man
                              • XBA
                              • 18 Nov 2022

                              I have read too many positive reviews about this phones; but I am kind of baffled where this particular one is stemming from. Pls I need ur honest opinion because I'm thinking of buying it next week.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • MFI
                                • 11 Nov 2022

                                Though understand it should be critical and agree with some parts, if I read this review before buy I'd seriously think it's a bad phone, which is far from true.
                                Hope Xiaomi get same attention in long term reviews Then frrom experience of people I know they must look really terrible in such reviews.
                                Thirdly, comment section even more makes me think there are more kinds of this phone/software or something because I really do not experience some negative aspects mentioned. (neither I know about anybody with 25W charger in the box) Who knows.
                                This phone's overall pretty good, no problem with 6GB version either.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • MSK
                                  • 10 Nov 2022

                                  Wizzgamer, 14 Sep 2022It is indeed the 6GB version as they are based in Europe wh... moreThe worst LIE I've seen in years.

                                    RishiGuru, 26 Jun 2022Samsung Galaxy A52s is indeed a great phone. What is more i... more3 years for 5g you say. 😅🤣

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                                      • Hudy
                                      • pY}
                                      • 13 Oct 2022

                                      Had my a52s 5g almost 1 year now. My last phone was the Samsung galaxy note 8. I think my first was the note 3. Since I have now retired I figured I no longer needed flagship phone's. Hence the A52S 5G.
                                      I have been pleasantly surprised how good this phone is. Great bit of kit.
                                      Only issue I have is Samsung appear to be trying to copy apple restricting what you can and can't do with your phone. This is sad. However, that said I'm enjoying the phone and it's many great features.

                                        Anonymous, 27 Sep 2022Seems a lot of updates already happened during the time of ... moreYeah. I got this phone a a week ago. I havent experienced any major lag maybe apart from closing the camera..but its bearly distinguishable. Performance has been top notch...on par with another of flagships. It really flies through the UI. The phone gets a little warm sometimes when multitasking. Apart from that it's generally a solid device. Most things mentioned here I haven't been really experiencing