Poco F4 review

27 June 2022

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  • 30 Jun 2022

Plz suggest a gcam mod for Poco F4

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    • bennycop
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    • 30 Jun 2022

    I hope they fixed the proximity sensor on this one

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      • gt89
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      • 30 Jun 2022

      where did you get the information that the phone is IP53 rated as its not stated on the Poco website?

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        • Polaris
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        • 30 Jun 2022

        My F2 Pro is 2 years old and is still going strong so I don't see any reason for me to upgrade. One of the things I don't like about it though is the size; it's quite heavy and bulky especially with a phone case. Now if Xiaomi launches a compact sub 6.67 inch phone with an SD870 or an SD 8+ Gen 1 then I'd probably upgrade. Yes the 12x exists but I don't like its curved screen.

          where do we have a poco x4 gt review?

            Please also test storage speed, with CPDT or Androbench.

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              • Poco F3 user here
              • 2mA
              • 29 Jun 2022

              I still prefer leaving phone on slow charger overnight rather than fast charger. No heat , all day no worries and accubattery shows no degrade.

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                • 29 Jun 2022

                Olah Austin , 29 Jun 2022How much?Same price your mum charged me last night, it was a bargain.

                  Mike0902, 29 Jun 2022I have the Poco F3 which has served me extremely well in th... moreI agree that fast chargers are ultimately increasing battery wear.

                  That is why I also use an older 'slow' charger next to my bed for gradual overnight charging when required.

                  That said, I personally had no heating issues with the bundled charger that come with my F3.

                  I also don't see myself upgrading to the F4 for the 3 incremental improvements it offers - but to be honest I probably wouldn't have upgraded so soon anyway, even if the improvements had been more dramatic. I generally upgrade once every 2 - 3 years anyway (except for unpredictable catastrophes, obviously).

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                    • Olah Austin
                    • xtS
                    • 29 Jun 2022

                    How much?

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                      • 29 Jun 2022

                      panonski, 29 Jun 2022In my country Poco 6/128 cost 500 dollars and GT Neo 2 8/12... moreWhere are you from? Let me check the prices for both phones there

                        Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022It's pretty much the same phone in every aspect.. If y... moreIn my country Poco 6/128 cost 500 dollars and GT Neo 2 8/128 costs 370 dollars

                          I have the Poco F3 which has served me extremely well in the 8 months that I've had it but I don't understand the obsession with fast charging. The faster the charge the hotter the battery gets, and the hotter the battery gets, the quicker it's going to deteriorate. I use the charger from my Xiaomi Mi9T which keeps the temperature below 34°C, using the fast charger that came with the F3 heats the battery up to 42°C and faster chargers, especially wireless chargers, would fry the battery. I can only assume that Xiaomi, and other manufacturers, are quite happy to see batteries wear out as quickly as possible in order to sell the next year's models but the F3 is such a capable device I've got no intention of looking to replace it anytime soon, especially not with the F4 which is virtually the same phone with no noticeable important advantages.

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                            • Dave
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                            • 29 Jun 2022

                            LoneOwl, 29 Jun 2022Almost every android smartphone nowadays over 200$ has Nfc,... moreNo headphone jack... Nice?

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                              • 29 Jun 2022

                              LoneOwl, 28 Jun 2022Pros of Poco F4 are Android 12 and NFC??? Really? Androi... moreThat's 2022 for you in smartphones. Is sad but is true.
                              New phones nowadays have just small improvements compared to last generations. Or even no improvement at all in some cases. So, the writers of this articles are just trying to find some positive things about the phones. Some pros that will hopefully make some people buy this new 2022 phones.
                              The biggest improvements in 2022 phones are the prices. Lol.

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                                • 29 Jun 2022

                                LoneOwl, 29 Jun 2022Almost every android smartphone nowadays over 200$ has Nfc,... moreSome Oppo and Oneplus phones that cost same as the Poco F4 still come with Android 11 i.e. Reno7 and Nord CE 2.

                                  THH, 28 Jun 2022Poco F3 has NFC though Almost every android smartphone nowadays over 200$ has Nfc,and all the 2022 android smartphones that cost as much as poco f4 have android 12.

                                  Its laughably for these to be considered as Pros for a phone that costs as much as Poco F4 in 2022.

                                    Yes, the proximity thing was annoying as heck, I admit, but that got mostly fixed on my F3 over time and updates.

                                    Today it isn't nearly as bad, but it does still happen here and there.

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                                      • 28 Jun 2022

                                      I have the Poco F2 pro 256gb and 8gb ram. I've had it 18 months. Bought it on offer from Xiaomi site for £300. It's been a very good phone with good battery life and never struggles to perform with the SD 865 processor. For me it looks pointless upgrading as it's basically the same processor and this has a head phone jack pop up front camera so no holes in the screen. In screen fingerprint reader, metal frame. Only downside is weight. It is a heavy phone. So unless the battery life begins to seriously degrade I'll stick with this.

                                        Anonymous, 28 Jun 2022The cost of it is too high. It's cheaper in most European countries at least. They are basically more or less the same phones. Mainly boils down to software preferences