Apple iPhone 14 Pro review

23 September 2022

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Is iPhone 14 Pro better than iPhone 13 Pro for selfie photos thanks to autofocus? Or isn't there any difference?

    Bionic Chip, 07 Aug 2023Yeah. Higher battery specs doesn't usually translate t... moreyes but iphone 11 is so slow due to the updates

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      • 28 Nov 2023

      Nice picture

        YUKI93, 19 Jul 2023So it has a 3,200mAh battery, yet the endurance rating is n... moreYeah. Higher battery specs doesn't usually translate to better and actual endurance.
        Logically, the iPhone 11 is still the better choice if someone's reasoning is based on product value and functionality (in terms of battery life = the longer, the more useful a device is).

        Also, comparing image quality from this phone with a lot of midrange phones from 3 to 4 years ago, I can't see a crushing advantage. After all, it's equipped with tiny camera modules, sensors, and so on.

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          • 20 Jul 2023

          Anonymous, 29 Mar 2023How come this iPhone with a 4nm chipset and 3,200mAh is not... morecheck antutu and display difference.

            So it has a 3,200mAh battery, yet the endurance rating is not better than the 2019 iPhone 11 Pro with a 3,046mAh battery. It may have better web browsing time, but 3G talk time and video playback aren't that overwhelming. I expect a better rating with a bigger battery.

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              • 16 May 2023

              So from the verdict, if it had more efficient components and a denser battery that‘s lighter at the same capacity, it would be the perfect phone in terms of hardware.

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                • 08 May 2023

                I used to think that android is the best till I migrated to Iphone 14pro in April 23. I have changed my view now. Iphone is the best. The cinematic view simply superb. Classy and premium.

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                  • 29 Mar 2023

                  How come this iPhone with a 4nm chipset and 3,200mAh is not getting a better battery endurance rating than the 2019 iPhone 11 Pro with a 7nm+ chipset and 3,046mAh battery? I just don't get it. At this point, I may as well just buy the 11 Pro.

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                    • 16 Mar 2023

                    Anonymous, 26 Sep 2022Any reason why apple performs well in video playback & ... moreThe chips 😌❤️

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                      • 27 Feb 2023

                      Why did you completely dodge talking about low light video capturing with the ultra wide lens? I read a whole page of useless stuff to see how good is its ultra wide camera with shooting videos.

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                        • 10 Feb 2023

                        Anonymous, 27 Dec 2022What’s with all the comments that iPhones don’t have file m... moreios 15. proper file manager began in ios 15.

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                          • 27 Dec 2022

                          What’s with all the comments that iPhones don’t have file manager?? It has for a couple of years now…

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                              • 28 Oct 2022

                              Apple's camera is extremely worrying. It shows large details that don't exist. See at 2:00 or at 9:11 and 9:17. This is due to excessive machine learning. I hope that journalists don't use the iPhone cameras.

                                I just got my 14 Pro and I set it up as a new device with no Apple ID assigned to it. I have had it unplugged and sitting on my desk for the last 6 hours with the always-on display enabled and the battery hasn't dropped even one percent. Since I am only getting the standard "check this app/feature out" notification from iOS, that might play a factor in why mine hasn't dropped at all, and the fact there are no background apps running, but I find it odd that they found it had a 1% drop per hour and I am finding no drop, albeit under a shorter test. Also note there is no SIM/eSIM and it is connected to Wi-Fi.

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                                  • 09 Oct 2022

                                  Ggj, 30 Sep 2022Um why do you need a file manager? I’ve never even used a f... morefile managers are actually good if you use your device for more than just saving pics and's just easier to go through your file manager seeing everything laid out like a dekstop pc, easy to sort, share, keep tabs on, etc

                                    Shdb, 30 Sep 2022Actually look at battery tests dingus. S22 ultra is even wo... moreYeah, you're right 👍▶️

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                                      • 30 Sep 2022

                                      Shdb, 30 Sep 2022Actually look at battery tests dingus. S22 ultra is even wo... moreWhat's wrong with you? The battery life of the iPhone 14 Pro is worse than that of the S22 Ultra. You can check it.

                                        [deleted post]No, your words were 'tough you will be sued' seems your missing more a than a few cards if you have to be remined what you actually said.

                                        Regarding Apple infringing on patents, well they hardly hold a monopoly in that behavior. Regarding them resting in peace, I'm sorry to say to you dude but I'd wager that isn't going to happen in our lifetimes. I'd get straight with that if I were you before you lose any more of those cards......