vivo V25/X80 Lite review

29 October 2022

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  • 14 May 2023

vrvly, 29 Oct 2022Cons of this generation aside, its almost funny how Vivo ca... moreI'm using a y21T for a week as a temporary phone as my Poco X3 NFC bit the dust. I'm getting realme GT master on monday but I've a few things about vivo I'd like to mention.

Even though fun touch os is a bit bare bones on this phone

1. real world usage Battery life is better than all other snapdragon 665,662, 680 phones I've used. It uses 6 percent for an hour of light usage SOT (less than 50 percent brightness and scrolling facebook, watching youtube or netflix)

2. Brightness on this LCD is better than what my Poco M3 or X3 NFC could achieve. At 60 percent slider it's brighter than my X3 nfc. Black levels are so good that even in a dark room unless I move the slider beyond half the blacks are indistinguishable from phone's bezels.

3. It doesn't heat up on gaming (I'm getting stable 60fps on a snapdragon 680 whereas i got 25-40 stuttery fps on snapdragon 720 and 732G in xiaomi phones) and the games aren't scaled down. It's 720p resolution has better details than 1080p gaming on xiaomi so I'm sure some sort of resolution scaling was going on)

4. The cameras are really entry level but the portrait mode is wow, just like this review the blur simulation doesn't seem as artificial as gcam or other midrange phones but looks like it actually came from a larger sensor. If it had sensors as good as my X3 NFC it'd give some flagship killers a run. I wonder how good Vivo X series would be despite reviewers constantly ranking it a notch lower than Mi Ultras or Oppo Find series for minor flaws that can be fixed with a bit of touch up in stock gallery editing.

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    • 19 Dec 2022

    miKe, 04 Nov 2022now google tells us some apps on playstore have spyware and... morei dont use google software because itself is spyware .

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      • 04 Nov 2022

      now google tells us some apps on playstore have spyware and bad codes,looks like google is finally going spyware hunting,about time

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        • 01 Nov 2022

        Ouza, 31 Oct 2022I bought the phone wow I'm in love with everything it ... moreYou mean you selling vivo phones right? Vivo salesmen pretending to be users praising vivo phones is an old trick lol

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          • 01 Nov 2022

          izhar1, 01 Nov 2022Nice review: Best smartphone under 10000Under 10000 what currency?

            Nice review: Best smartphone under 10000

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              • 01 Nov 2022

              why are phone manufactures still selling locked phones,i though those days were done in 1990

                The water drop notch ruins whatever they have going with this phone. It cheapens the phone.

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                  • 31 Oct 2022

                  I bought the phone wow I'm in love with everything it does thanks to vivo awe

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                    • 30 Oct 2022

                    I bought myn😁😁😁

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                      • 30 Oct 2022

                      NO NFC in the world of Android phones? thanks.

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                        • 30 Oct 2022

                        china brands already lost their low prices and high specs thing and samsung regain what's lost in eu market recently,simply there is no point buying this phone

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                          • 30 Oct 2022

                          This phone or the Motorola Edge 30 Neo? Strange this wasn't mentioned as an alternative.

                            although the price is quite expensive but respect for them for giving a complete package in the box. There seems to be no other brand like this. Take a look recently at in for review a04s which only gives usb cable.

                              This is one reason I say Vivo has polish

                              Over and over again they hit 100+ hour battery life with under 5000mah batteries...

                              How the hell do they do this

                                Cons of this generation aside, its almost funny how Vivo can put even flagships to shame with the amount of detail captured in 64mp mode.
                                No wonder they are so popular.