Realme 10 review

9 November 2022

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  • 05 Dec 2022

What about the haptic feedback in the device?, Is it decent one and solid while writing or scrolling through the UI or they used an old one which is used in the entry level devices?
Can anyone confirm?

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    • K7i
    • 27 Nov 2022

    RandomGuy1123, 16 Nov 2022Disappointed! I have a Realme 6 and it has quad camera setu... moreYes Realme phones nowadays is very disappointing in terms of the Camera Set up they've been offering to the Consumers. Im planning for an upgrade but after seeing this phones isn't worth upgrading right now. My Realme 5 that I bought 3yrs ago was very worth it for its price, very affordable. Would u imagine that buying a phone that's worth $150 dollars and offering a 4k/30 fps and 1080p/30 fps w/ EIS? The EIS thingy cannot be seen in pro models that Realme offers right now, it can be either seen on Pro Plus models or Flagship ones.

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      • t1$
      • 19 Nov 2022

      When hype meets reality then it becomes Realme 10.

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        • RandomGuy1123
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        • 16 Nov 2022

        Disappointed! I have a Realme 6 and it has quad camera setup, 4k 30fps recording and EIS for 1080p60.
        The camera occassionally produces better pictures than iPhone 11.
        Ever since it's screen broke I've been looking for an upgrade. I have the 8GB RAM, 128GB Memory version and every Realme (number) phone seems a downgrade from Realme 6 now. I rarely use the wide angle and macro cameras in my phone so I could have lived without them but they made the main camera of Realme 10 so bad.
        They're going backwards now.

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          • 16 Nov 2022

          About DC Dimming feature, if it's correctly done via hardware there should be minimal faults with it's usage.

          Biggest issue yes with auto brightness, you should turn it off.

            lol no gyro. rip video stability. those virtual sensor still not good enough to replace the actual physical sensors yet

              Anonymous, 11 Nov 2022what is fake ?Did you see the circles as if they have purpose

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                • SiJ
                • 12 Nov 2022

                My 250Euro Realme 7 5G feels like a flagship compared to this... I really hope they get their shit together because clean Android is a rare find

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                  • 11 Nov 2022

                  Anonymous, 10 Nov 2022Since this is still on Android 12 like the Realme 9, the on... moreI think its about the cpu which was perform at higher rate than SD680

                    Myllan, 11 Nov 2022Not a single realme has FM radio...or am I mistaken?Not the latest phones, but upto 2021, they did.
                    Realme 6, 7i, C20A, and many others had FM. Even C35 launched 2022 had FM.

                    But you're right they're disappearing from the midrange of Realme.

                      When will the performance deficit end?
                      Its not quite faster than a Snapdragon 680 which by itself struggles with PUBG @ 1080p low-quality.

                      Man, I wish they just start giving Snapdragon 845 in midrange instead of this slow bug.

                        fastanddubious, 11 Nov 2022Always blame everything on Samsung 🤮🤮 U so obsessed with them I think you should read and understand first before jumping the gun. Samsung makes many types of AMOLED from cheap to expensive, everyone should know that. What he meant was Realme is cutting cost by buying the cheapest AMOLED from Samsung and therefore is less efficient. I don't think that is too hard to understand.

                          Anonymous, 10 Nov 2022Since this is still on Android 12 like the Realme 9, the on... moreAlways blame everything on Samsung 🤮🤮
                          U so obsessed with them

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                            • 11 Nov 2022

                            aknsreddy, 11 Nov 2022Fake camera circles look very much fake what is fake ?

                              Not a single realme has FM radio...or am I mistaken?

                                Fake camera circles look very much fake

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                                  • nem
                                  • 10 Nov 2022

                                  I remember when Realme was new, feels like they have a new main phone every 3 months..

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                                    • elmarcello
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                                    • 10 Nov 2022

                                    Guys, is it only I am not right, or weren't the older 48Mp modules at least not worse than these modern Samsung made JN1? I wonder, cause I recall the realme 7 5G and 8 5G reviews and their photos were at least pleasant looking, much more lovely than of that realme 10's?

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                                      • 7kJ
                                      • 10 Nov 2022

                                      what??? realme 9 have 4k?? since when?

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                                        • 10 Nov 2022

                                        Large black circles around the camera lenses to make them look larger. Such fakery. Just like Apple do too, so it's not a Realme issue only. My Sony A7 series camera lens doesn't have a fake bezel. Neither should phones. Keep it real, Realme. :)