Realme 10 review

9 November 2022

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I have bought the Realme 10 (8GB 256GB ROM). The charger I got from this device is Model: VCB3HDYH (3 Pin). However, I found other people who are using Realme 10 (8GB 128GB) ROM devices; they got the charger Model: VCB3GAIH (2 Pin). Can anyone verify that the charger is original? or it's a fake one? In My Country Realme 10 is not officially introduced. So, I am a bit tense.

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    • fqL
    • 18 Jul 2023

    Honestly, can someone just give a compliment about this phone. I mean yo' all be "bla bla bla" how this phone is not satisfying. "The camera, the battery draining to fast, the processor, the software is idk what'... If you didn't know, you're here because you can't afford afford an expensive phone by the way. haha. if you want an SD 888 on a mid-range just wait for few more years.
    Anyway, this phone fits the price. Its actually 'more pro' than the pro version of it. Realme kinda played us there.

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      • Realbee
      • XD1
      • 24 Jun 2023

      Upset about the fonts available and the fact that it can't change to the one available on playdore. Ifont not working on it

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        • Adnan
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        • 12 Jun 2023

        Agile, 12 Dec 2022Probably the biggest con for me is that it still ships with... moreDo you mean that it os not upgradable to latest andriod version?

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          • GQd
          • 26 May 2023

          Looking for phone, 22 Feb 2023Im thinking about buying the 8gb/128 for 186,58€. Just can ... moreDid u buy?.i also want to buy or should wait for realme 10

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            • Raven
            • vaS
            • 19 Apr 2023

            What screen color settings are good? The vivid or Natural?? I do not know what delta value of vivid compare to natural😅. I like the color of natural, but, the color temperature is warmer, I want to know if which screen settings will I choose? The vivid? Or natural?? I like the screen color temperature of vivid but I do not know if the color is accurate than natural😅. Thank you so much for reading and answering my question!!

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              • Hkt
              • 21 Mar 2023

              Stopped reading after it said samsung jn1 🙄

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                • ps0
                • 22 Feb 2023

                Oki, 09 Nov 2022Bright screen with accurate colors👌, awesome minimalistic c... moreIm thinking about buying the 8gb/128 for 186,58€. Just can be a good buy, right? Looks the best one under 200€. Im not ultra interested in a good camera

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                  • x{6
                  • 20 Feb 2023

                  I bought this phone it's just 5days.oh noh it's has screen log problem never be deceived with high phone memory and Ram of this phone. Battery draining fast . -"Real Review"

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                    • ronn 89
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                    • 16 Feb 2023

                    Btw samsung a33 isn''t exactly cheap as the realme ,infact its 10k more over the realme on amazon india. 10k difference is a lot for people who are on a lookout for budget phone...

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                      • X%3
                      • 07 Feb 2023

                      Samath N8 808 owner, 11 Nov 2022When will the performance deficit end? Its not quite faste... moreits way faster i mean even the g90t could beat it, g95 thrashed it and g99 is a dimensity 810 with no 5g and underclocked

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                        • 23 Dec 2022

                        I've bought this recently and to tell you, its battery drains fast even though i'm just browsing in social media. Charging is fast but battery drains fast.

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                          • 13 Dec 2022

                          Agile, 12 Dec 2022Probably the biggest con for me is that it still ships with... moreIt is more than certain that it will receive Android 13, even Android 14, but it is a disadvantage when the 10 Pro and Pro+ already come with Android 13

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                            • 12 Dec 2022

                            Probably the biggest con for me is that it still ships with Android 12, with no word if it will get an upgrade to Android 13.

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                              • NXw
                              • 05 Dec 2022

                              What about the haptic feedback in the device?, Is it decent one and solid while writing or scrolling through the UI or they used an old one which is used in the entry level devices?
                              Can anyone confirm?

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                                • K7i
                                • 27 Nov 2022

                                RandomGuy1123, 16 Nov 2022Disappointed! I have a Realme 6 and it has quad camera setu... moreYes Realme phones nowadays is very disappointing in terms of the Camera Set up they've been offering to the Consumers. Im planning for an upgrade but after seeing this phones isn't worth upgrading right now. My Realme 5 that I bought 3yrs ago was very worth it for its price, very affordable. Would u imagine that buying a phone that's worth $150 dollars and offering a 4k/30 fps and 1080p/30 fps w/ EIS? The EIS thingy cannot be seen in pro models that Realme offers right now, it can be either seen on Pro Plus models or Flagship ones.

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                                  • 19 Nov 2022

                                  When hype meets reality then it becomes Realme 10.

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                                    • 16 Nov 2022

                                    Disappointed! I have a Realme 6 and it has quad camera setup, 4k 30fps recording and EIS for 1080p60.
                                    The camera occassionally produces better pictures than iPhone 11.
                                    Ever since it's screen broke I've been looking for an upgrade. I have the 8GB RAM, 128GB Memory version and every Realme (number) phone seems a downgrade from Realme 6 now. I rarely use the wide angle and macro cameras in my phone so I could have lived without them but they made the main camera of Realme 10 so bad.
                                    They're going backwards now.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Tm9
                                      • 16 Nov 2022

                                      About DC Dimming feature, if it's correctly done via hardware there should be minimal faults with it's usage.

                                      Biggest issue yes with auto brightness, you should turn it off.

                                        lol no gyro. rip video stability. those virtual sensor still not good enough to replace the actual physical sensors yet