Samsung Galaxy A23 5G review

23 December 2022

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  • 05 Dec 2023

Mayank , 22 Oct 2023All the comments regarding the good camera quality and dece... moreDownload "open camera" on olay store. Your welcome

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    • Manoj
    • 7jZ
    • 02 Nov 2023

    Very Very bad camera of Samsung A23 5 g mobile and also poor battery backup, I had purchased samsung A23 5 g mobile on 29 Oct 2023, when I go shop again next day shopkeeper not ready to hear anything he refer me service center garh road Meerut they also not ready to hear anything. I will never suggest to anyone to purchase samsung mobile. Highly disappointed, totally waste of money. Zero rating

      • B
      • Brian
      • Yeg
      • 29 Oct 2023

      This is a nice phone, with nice screen and 120hz. CPU is ok, good for me, but the 4gb of ram ruins the phone. It is so laggy, Samsung, please don't cheap out putting 6gb or less.

        • M
        • Mayank
        • 7j}
        • 22 Oct 2023

        All the comments regarding the good camera quality and decent phone are fake I own this phone and pictures are over exposed, color reproduction is disgusting and faces in photo and video look like water color painting. It's a wasted phone and who ever designed this phone should be ashamed of themselves. 0 value for money phone. Will never buy any Samsung product ever.

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          • j
          • xPP
          • 21 Oct 2023

          my boyfriend is currently using this phone. its only been a week and the phone quickly heats up when on a call. It gets too hot, it automatically turn off all the open apps. I wont recommend buying this one.

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            • mjs
            • nwu
            • 21 Oct 2023

            Dev, 14 Jul 2023Recently I have purchased this phone (Samsung a23 5G) this ... moreagreed

              • G
              • Gabe
              • krF
              • 20 Oct 2023

              DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE!! Went to a street concert, the vibration from the speaker ruins all video recordings, u can see the Soundwaves as your recording the video and phone rattles in the video! PLUS Bluetooth is always dropping in older Bluetooth headphones!!!!

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                • Stanza
                • KiU
                • 11 Sep 2023

                Bittu, 21 May 2023At 23 k price let us see technical details 1. No always on... more5g version use ufs not emmc

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                  • Jeet shah
                  • rAN
                  • 30 Aug 2023

                  I am an old user of Samsung,in Japanese language,Samsung means 5 star but I don't think it is,because,I first commented that this phone is great,etc.
                  Bur now I think it is going worse or bad,because

                  Now it's almost 1 year and it's not a big time but thus phone keeps lagging,sometimes screen doesn't work,it goes harshly fast immediately I will rate it 1 star,I always try to keep the ram memory free,2 is I always keep my phone storage below 35 gb of 128gb

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                    • Anonymous
                    • K1L
                    • 27 Aug 2023

                    Anonymous, 30 Jul 2023A review ratings of 3.7 is below quality mark. Why price is... moreBro. Ive been using the a23 for a while and ive not noticed any damages? Even my mom galaxy a32 is fine without ever going to a phone repair. My mom has been using it since it launched. Think before you talk.

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                      • Eva
                      • n7J
                      • 17 Aug 2023

                      How do you set up the motion photo setting on the camera? I have tried in settings etc but it doesn't show as an option?

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                        • T4M
                        • 08 Aug 2023

                        Prone to charging port faults

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                          • 7kL
                          • 01 Aug 2023

                          John, 18 Mar 2023The camera is totally garbage. The 50 mp mode is non zoom ... moreBro that is for every Samsung phone, you can't zoom on main camera. Know about the company before you talk.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 7kL
                            • 01 Aug 2023

                            Anonymous, 30 Jul 2023A review ratings of 3.7 is below quality mark. Why price is... moreBro the phone model itself is 300$

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                              • Anonymous
                              • Dk5
                              • 30 Jul 2023

                              A review ratings of 3.7 is below quality mark. Why price is sooo high. All these companies are cheating Indian customers Don't buy these product over 10000-12000/- in any case. Every 7/8 months you need to visit service centre for non performing related matter.

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                                • uvf
                                • 29 Jul 2023

                                E G Rios69, 31 May 2023I have an older Galaxy Lite and it has better features I li... moreThis phone should be priced below 14000/- rupees
                                This product is not standard product.

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                                  • Dev
                                  • X$P
                                  • 14 Jul 2023

                                  Recently I have purchased this phone (Samsung a23 5G) this phone hangs too much, and makes heat too mucy, and not good signal strength, this is the worst phone ever I purchased,

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                                    • Michalis
                                    • a0t
                                    • 09 Jun 2023

                                    crappy camera crappy screen why....why is so 👎...

                                      • K
                                      • Khay
                                      • mFd
                                      • 08 Jun 2023

                                      I purchased this phone, the fact that it comes without a charger or any form of headphones is baffling. Doesn't make any sense at all.

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                                        • E G Rios69
                                        • Ib5
                                        • 31 May 2023

                                        I have an older Galaxy Lite and it has better features I like AND appreciate. This new phone does not have homescreen looping, FM Radio plus the way the Settings menu is set up sucks. My A23 5G is now in need for a new screen. I got frustrated with it one night trying to find something in Settings and it took flight. Into a desk popping out of its case upon impact.