Motorola Moto G82 review

2 December 2022

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  • Vinod
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  • 18 Jan 2024

Moto G82 was Very Good Phone, With Great Display, Great Battery Life, Great Speakers
Charging Time 20 Minutes, Lag Free & Ad Free User Interface,
Not for Gaming,
for Camera Use Gcam. 8.7 Edition.

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    • indian user
    • K57
    • 17 Dec 2023

    AndyOops, 14 Dec 2023Great screen, great battery life, great charging speed. ... moreYes the camera is atrocious. I expected atleast an average camera with this phone. I know that moto phones can't be trusted for camera. Even with gcam image quality is not good. other than that the phone is good.

      Great screen, great battery life, great charging speed.

      Awful, awful camera. And very basic camera software.

      I've gone back to my 5 year old Honor Play which has a better camera. I'm selling my G82 if anyone wants one.

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        • Anonymous
        • B42
        • 06 Dec 2023

        I have used the Moto G82 for a month and personally I think it is a good cell phone for common use, don't expect a premium cell phone either. The camera is not the best but I think that for some photography basic can give good results..

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          • Cardo
          • k4b
          • 22 Nov 2023

          Very disappointing. No file manager included. Importing contacts was very difficult because it insists that you do it through Google back up. Why can't we just import from SD card? That would be too simple. And when you put a Contact widget on your home screen that had a photo attached to the contact, the widget/photo has a great big 'Contact Icon' blocking the photo. Tried to use my Whatsapp.....won't let me do that unless I sign in with Google,,,,which I which time it told me that that account already existed. Not sure why switching from Samsung to Moto is so difficult, but it is. I'm returning the phone. Controls and setup etc. should be easy, not a huge chore. I gave up.

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            • Bob innit
            • nG4
            • 16 Aug 2023

            Bob innit, 22 Apr 2023I know people aren't exactly taking too kindly to this... moreThis phone really goes downhill after a while and the battery degrades a lot faster than expected I'm leaving moto

              Anonymous, 01 May 2023Does Motorola G82 has radioYes, that Moto G82 5G has an radio.

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                • Cathodeo
                • mNB
                • 21 May 2023

                Idkxx, 25 Apr 2023will there be a g83 or even a g93 soon? i hope they can int... moreSo, basically what the Motorola Edge 30 neo does?
                It's similary priced to the one on the article, has the same SoC and has a smaller 6'2 screen.

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                  • mTW
                  • 01 May 2023

                  Does Motorola G82 has radio

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                    • 27 Apr 2023

                    dchar28, 08 Feb 2023Severe black crush issue didn't expected at all. I don... moreHere I am, bought the phone this April (2023) based on interesting reviews and discovered that at least the actual SW release has this bug of freezing / black flash of the screen. Honestly I'm dissatisfied, didn't look for a premium phone but damn how can Moto miss such an issue

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                      • Idkxx
                      • S6b
                      • 25 Apr 2023

                      will there be a g83 or even a g93 soon? i hope they can introduce smal screen model in the g series and thin bezels like this one

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                        • Bob innit
                        • sXt
                        • 22 Apr 2023

                        I know people aren't exactly taking too kindly to this phone in their comments but I use this phone and the cameras aren't the best in low light and wifi occasionally drops for a few seconds it's a good phone and is mid range so please don't beat this phone up too much. Ya did a good job Motorola #motorola#motog82

                          Severe black crush issue didn't expected at all. I don't know why no one mentioned in their reviews.

                            The tiny cameras that are used in this phone are very cheap and won't reduce the phone cost by more than a couple of dollars. The screen and the chipset are the most significant costs involved.

                              Anonymous, 24 Jan 2023Work nicelyI know 😉

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                                • 24 Jan 2023

                                Schweinevogel, 25 Dec 2022"Gcam doesn't Work" If you say so...Work nicely

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                                  • 01 Jan 2023

                                  Fredwinia, 03 Dec 2022This seems a good phone to me. Battery life. Stereo speaker... moreIt's okay. Colors are a little washed out, and they lack a bit of sharpness. You can fix the photos on an app like Snapseed.

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                                    • 29 Dec 2022

                                    LOL, 09 Dec 2022Motorola phones always have mediocre to terrible cameras, p... moreha ha you want a DSLR in a mobile phone in a cheap price? Use common sense while setting your expectations. Get a Camera if you are not happy.

                                      LOL, 09 Dec 2022Motorola phones always have mediocre to terrible cameras, p... more"Gcam doesn't Work"

                                      If you say so...

                                        Jamie , 12 Dec 2022If you want a great camera buy a camera. The only time I us... moreGood for YOU. Others use the camera of their phones. Could be a case of good ol' "to each their own", whaddaya think?