Tecno Phantom X2 Pro review

7 December 2022

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  • Anonymous
  • fsZ
  • 30 Jun 2023

Is it 3G, 4G, 5G compatible?
Which frequency bands are supported?

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    • DENO DENO-17
    • Nv$
    • 04 Feb 2023

    Jemlim, 01 Feb 2023Then get a foldable.I really appreciate ur work and I also need it but am in Uganda East Africa it's really good

      Anonymous, 08 Dec 2022i need 7 inch phone😊Then get a foldable.

        Imagine having a 'flagship' with mono speaker in 2023 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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          • Uka
          • XBA
          • 29 Jan 2023

          the price is fair for the price standing toe to toe with other more expensive flagships

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            • Defre
            • xjH
            • 23 Jan 2023

            Lydia , 06 Jan 2023Phatomx2pro really is good phone Absolutely 💯

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              • Defre
              • xjH
              • 23 Jan 2023

              It's amazing it's features are very unique

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                • The truth
                • XBA
                • 22 Jan 2023

                You guys literally bash every phone that’s not an iPhone
                This phone is great for any normal individual
                The price is great and so is the phone
                Not like apple that sells highly over priced stuff and still get their fan boys to droll over them
                It’s time we wake up and start looking for better alternatives to this so called overpriced apple of a company

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                  • gentleman
                  • NgW
                  • 20 Jan 2023

                  this phone not released on Ethiopia

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                    • Kenravy Ken
                    • X5u
                    • 19 Jan 2023

                    Wow this is a nice machine 🔥🔥, but Tecno just to improve to 512 ROM,
                    Otherwise is a nice one love Tecno phones.

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                      • tuah
                      • tVw
                      • 17 Jan 2023

                      this phone not released in Malaysia?

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                        • Lydia
                        • 7SD
                        • 06 Jan 2023

                        Phatomx2pro really is good phone

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                          • neckgrubber
                          • IVy
                          • 18 Dec 2022

                          how is the software support track record for tecmo btw?
                          im not splurging for a future paperweight but given the soc used it is inevitable isnt it

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                            • Edan
                            • YUU
                            • 15 Dec 2022

                            Better get Sony 2nd phone, flagship, half price, original from Japan,

                              This is such a great device from Tecno but sadly I can't acquire it since I shifted to huawei after tecno's irritating ads pushed me out of their system. This is a great device and congratulations.

                                abubasim, 13 Dec 2022The trend of maing the displays taller and narrower is star... moreyeah. tall screens are useless.
                                phones start to look like tv remotes! curved ones are even worse.
                                also watching videos on this tall phones is pretty bad with small size video and huge black bars.
                                i think 16:9 and at max18:9 is the best aspect ratio for phones.
                                we must do something about it. companies must hear us

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                                  • Cake
                                  • g0x
                                  • 14 Dec 2022

                                  xitiz, 10 Dec 2022no ois is this really flagship phone worth 60k rupeeNo OIS but has excellent digital video stability, what else do you need OIS for?

                                    The trend of maing the displays taller and narrower is starting to make the phones looking silly. And the onscreen keyboard is getting narrower so typing experience is deteriorating. This phone has an 6.8 inch display compared to 6.0 inches on my old Nokia 7 Plus. But the Nokia is wider due to 18:9 vs 20:9 form factor so bigger onscreen keyboard. And my older Nexus 6P has an even smaller display: 5.7 inches but the widest of these three phones with a properly sized keyboard.

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                                      • xitiz
                                      • 2S%
                                      • 10 Dec 2022

                                      no ois is this really flagship phone worth 60k rupee

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                                        • Rbx
                                        • fsN
                                        • 09 Dec 2022

                                        Anonymous, 09 Dec 2022still on android 12 and no software support 🤔It will be definitely eligible for Android 13 upgrade plus security updates but nothing more.