iQOO 11 review

10 December 2022

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  • 07 Feb 2023

but i think its not for value for money, its over price and ip68 not available

    YUKI93, 21 Jan 2023Tbh, I am impressed with the battery endurance rating. But ... moreOh and it's QHD screen is 144hz vs 120hz on other mainstream phones. It's a beast of a chip!

      YUKI93, 21 Jan 2023Tbh, I am impressed with the battery endurance rating. But ... moreThe 8 gen 2 has a 35% performance uplift and 40% power efficiency improvement over the gen 1 in cpu and 25% faster graphics rendering and 45% more power efficient on the gpu. Gen 1 gets 2.2 teraflops of performance with the gpu, gen 2 gets 3.4 teraflops and real time Ray tracing. that's not far off a ps4 pro (4.19 teraflops) and xbox series s (4 teraflops).

      I can safely say its getting far better endurance with way more compute and gpu power vs phones with a gen1/+1 with the same size battery.

        Tbh, I am impressed with the battery endurance rating. But I still find it hard to say if Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is a real improvement over the Snapdragon 8/8+ Gen 1. After all, this phone has a 5,000mAh battery while previous iQOO phones only have 4,700mAh. I'll wait until GSMArena gets their hands on the X90 Pro+ since it and iQOO 11 use the same LTPO4 screen panel. If the X90 Pro+ can get a much better battery endurance rating than the X80 Pro with similar battery capacity, the new flagship Snapdragon SoC is an absolute winner.

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          • 06 Jan 2023

          Anonymous, 11 Dec 2022so if i understood correctly this phone has 8 gen 2 plus Vi... moreIt can though.. mine work just fine at 4k60.. just not at 8k30..

            Anonymous, 30 Dec 2022Why your don't put the iPhone 14 pro Max in the perfor... moreYou can add devices manually.

              wow 120k antutu score now i can play candy crush faster :)

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                • 02 Jan 2023

                Ah ! iQoo 11 has managed to get 3 major os updates, 4yrs security patches , its really a boon as compared to predecessor iQoo 9 which was their flagship with 2.os updates!

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                  • 30 Dec 2022

                  Why your don't put the iPhone 14 pro Max in the performance section?

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                    • 20 Dec 2022

                    Just love the camera design at the back
                    Sharp edges
                    Wish the phone was like that front and back
                    Proper oldskool retro rectangular contemporary

                      Nick Tegrataker, 14 Dec 2022"Videos recorded at 30/60fps played at 24fps. Great&qu... moreAgree

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                        • 16 Dec 2022

                        Selfie camera is great, i tried to compare it with iphone 14 pro max, mi12s ultra and vivo x80 pro using same picture selfie from their review page on this website the 16mp image from iqoo 11 look sharper and better detail than those with 32mp selfie sensor, it have great dynamic range and detail plus sharpness compared to other 32mp selfie sensor , considering the sensor is not having hardware hdr, the 1um sensor added with v2 chip is amazing def better than 0.8um 32mp selfie camera, even with iphone 14 pro max the non remosaic 16mp is sharper and better detail than 14 pro max

                        The remosaic pic is also have better detail and dynamic range than those pure 32mp in other flagship

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                          • 15 Dec 2022

                          i just want to say things for the camera :

                          corner quality is average not bad not good, image tend not sharp but detail still there better then s22 ultra with big sensor

                          camera is not consistent especially indoors on this review the detail in wall is missing, a reviewer from tube said you need to activate night mode in indoors for the detail to be shown and it shown in their review the difference is in small detail (texture) and shaprness

                          the telephoto looks great compareable to x80 pro 2x imx 633 gimbal telephoto but in low light detail is lower a bit

                          i think the camera need optimization expecially consistency , considering is a vanilla flaghship overall spec is great except the ultra wide the only thing comes to mind is to differentiate with x90 putting this phone lower than x90 in terms of price or spec or you can say to keep the price the uw module replaced with lower sensor to accomodate soc cost 8 gen 2 compared to 9200 x90

                          iqoo 11 < x90 < iqoo 11 pro = x90 pro < x90 pro plus

                            Anonymous, 11 Dec 2022Videos recorded at 30/60fps played at 24fps. Great. By... more"Videos recorded at 30/60fps played at 24fps. Great"
                            God, your reading comprehension skill (or the lack of it) is definitely on another level. I'm saying that a display with a dynamic refresh rate will adapt to the frame rate of the content you're playing on it. If you play 30fps video the refresh rate is automatically set to 30Hz. If it's 50fps (Sometimes you see this kind of video on YT) it's 50Hz. This isn't supposed to be a complex idea for anyone to understand.

                            "This was revealed by Andrei F"
                            If he can somehow publicise the test conditions mentioned in whatever the "internal document" (which one isn't supposed to be even talking about its contents), I will happily believe his claim.

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                              • 14 Dec 2022

                              Anders, 10 Dec 2022And no ip68 or even ip67 whereas Samsung offers this on pho... moreLike you can actually claim something from the ipx rating with all the disclaimer. Samsung service center will just throw your phone at your face and said there is issue with how you use your phone and the water sealing already broken after they ruin by it themselves when checking your phone. The last service center I go proudly said just go for trade in because they got end of year promo.

                                So they trashed the UW with another garbage 8mp UW , just like every other Chinese phone. Too bad , I thought they were really trying on this phone . Pity ....

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                                  • 13 Dec 2022

                                  Thank you very much for this test.

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                                    • 13 Dec 2022

                                    Nikkei , 12 Dec 2022Is it a camera with cellphone or cellphone with camera? Not... more

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                                      • 12 Dec 2022

                                      Is it a camera with cellphone or cellphone with camera? Nothing about cellphone functionality!

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                                        • 12 Dec 2022

                                        Another potentially good and big sensor produces only crappy watercolor images. If you look at this picture at a good 27+ inch and zoom a bit the foliage just looks bad. Same thing with most other companies. Only a few phones get it right, for example the Xperia lineup.