Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 hands-on review

9 January 2023

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I've bought this tablet recently, and I see this problem:
"The easier to fix issue is with HDR. While the display has good performance while viewing Dolby Vision and the relatively scarce HDR10+ content, HDR10 was broken during our testing in the current firmware. This led to raised blacks, which looked gray and caused the entire image to have a washed out appearance with reduced contrast."

Anyone else? (I upgraded the latest firmware)

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    • Bruno L
    • jE2
    • 08 Feb 2024

    Recently bought this tablet. I was a iPad user for many years, until I had to face the "costumer service issue" with Apple, for an unresolved bug on my Ipad Pro. Believe me, Apple is no better than anyone else, even worst. I can assure you that they don't give you what you expected for your investment.

    So, back to the Lenovo tab. Simply wonderful. Wonderful sound, wounderful image. Simply wonderful bang for your bucks. I would say that, that tab even approach the iPad experience I know, for 1/3 the price.

    So, think about it before investing 1 000$ ++ on a tablet. It's not worth it, from my experience.

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      • AlexParis
      • 34r
      • 20 Dec 2023

      Great speakers indeed I was surprised by them, do not need any third part speakers
      Screen is great but I notice color change if your no clearly center in front of screen.

        Hi, you can update this tablet to android 13 by visiting the Lenovo US website and downloading the Rescue and Smart Assistant tool. Download the new firmware and upload to tablet, easy.
        Dont know about any further update after that though.
        Excellent screen, great speakers.

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          • Perunwit
          • SHK
          • 26 Jun 2023

          Don't buy this tablet until it is clear it has got system update from Lenovo. I have it and I am angry AF. There are lots of threads on the internet about this particular device and NO factory support from LENOVO.

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            • ziro
            • IT4
            • 03 May 2023

            BoA, 21 Mar 2023This 120Hz OLED display is perfect for it, just grab a good... morehello , dose it have hazing or blurry on screen ?

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              • BoA
              • LDb
              • 21 Mar 2023

              JayCube26, 04 Mar 2023I'm looking for tablet under 500$ for watching movies,... moreThis 120Hz OLED display is perfect for it, just grab a good deal at Lenovo as they have regular sales on them. I bought one and am very happy to watch movies and stream games to. Only drawback is that if not used the battery will draw faster than with my previous Samsung Tab A5/7? (Some Number)

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                • JayCube26
                • 8Xp
                • 04 Mar 2023

                I'm looking for tablet under 500$ for watching movies, taking notes at school and most importantly, reading manga. Therefore I need Android tablet with at least 90 Hz refresh rate. Any recommendations? I was thinking about this Lenovo, but after this review I'm not so sure.

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                  • Abh
                  • 0tP
                  • 31 Jan 2023

                  RJ, 29 Jan 2023I don’t understand people liked you. It’s like you live in... moreApple is so lame, it wouldn't be if prices where lower.
                  And even if the prices where lower, it wouldn't even be in my top 3 brands because their phone are only aesthetic, nothing more.

                    Apple bots are common here LMAO

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                      • RJ
                      • Ab@
                      • 29 Jan 2023

                      prasad-gsma, 12 Jan 2023"How many years are you going to repeat the same myth ... moreI don’t understand people liked you. It’s like you live in a country where Apple doesn’t exist. Like you live on N Korea or something? Everything Apple makes is better and actually works correctly. You buy an $800 Lenovo Tablet and the screen sensitivity stinks or the palm rejection doesn't work or the Ram is horrible. But with a $300 iPad, everything works......lol

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                        • Tim
                        • Ab@
                        • 29 Jan 2023

                        Anonymous, 18 Jan 2023In the past I bought from Lenovo: a tablet, phone and PC. ... moreYou buy Apple. Their stuff is just better built, designed, marketed, tested, etc. even the cheap garbage $300 iPad is still going to get more and better use than a $700 Samsung,chromebook or whatever.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • gqb
                          • 28 Jan 2023

                          aceofdatabase, 17 Jan 2023I have the first gen Xiaomi version of the P11 with 6 gb RA... moreYou even got confused by the brand itself in the first place.

                            JLC, 12 Jan 2023I recently replaced my Surface Pro with a Galaxy Book2 Pro ... moreTalk about bringing down the company costs :P

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mAE
                              • 18 Jan 2023

                              In the past I bought from Lenovo:
                              a tablet, phone and PC.

                              Nowedays I will not buy any of their products. I learned my lesson.

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                                • wetdog2
                                • y26
                                • 18 Jan 2023

                                I love my P11 Pro Gen 2 as a media consumption device. The battery life is great, it's totable, and the screen and speakers are solid.

                                That said, it kinda sucks as a productivity device (I have the keyboard and pen). Lenovo's productivity mode doesn't work great and the Google Workspace UI isn't optimized for tablets. I'm hopeful that an Android 13R update will remedy a lot of these issues.

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                                  • aceofdatabase
                                  • 0e{
                                  • 17 Jan 2023

                                  I have the first gen Xiaomi version of the P11 with 6 gb RAM. I get annoyed that the touch sensitivity changes slightly which necessitates turning the screen off then back on. But that's my only beef, if a big one. The Precision Pen 2 works wonderfully. Thank you for the review of the Gen 2. I don't want any of that mess!

                                    A major problem with this tablet is that many users cant change the time zone once it is set.
                                    Apparently you have to do factory reset when you want to change the time zone.

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                                      • JLC
                                      • pa7
                                      • 12 Jan 2023

                                      YUKI93, 12 Jan 2023Exactly. If I want a large-sized tablet as my laptop replac... moreI recently replaced my Surface Pro with a Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, but I can follow what you say.
                                      My order of devices to use: Windows tablets followed by Gamsung Galaxy S series tablets

                                      I have almost no usage for iPads but have two because our company software needs to be tested on iPads with different iOS versions: each iOS version has its own Safari bugs, therefore two iPads.

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                                        • JLC
                                        • pa7
                                        • 12 Jan 2023

                                        prasad-gsma, 12 Jan 2023"How many years are you going to repeat the same myth ... moreYou said:
                                        "One has to have missed an entire decade of progress to even consider arguing otherwise."
                                        I am sure you have missed it because you proved it yourself:
                                        "the iPad has always had a fantastic app ecosystem from day 1"
                                        We are in 2023 and no longer on day 1! The problem is that you only read these articles that repeat the same BS for years. I write based on my own experience.
                                        I don't know how many millions Apps you use. Those relevant apps that I use on tablets behave the same on both with a few exceptions: some of them do not run on iOS in splitscreen but on my Samsung tablet thez do.
                                        And please do not start with a particular artists tool that may not be available on Android. Even LumaFusion is now there.
                                        The average computer users are not artists and want things get done quickly and in a productive way. iOS does not allow for this. This is fact.