vivo X90 Pro review

16 February 2023

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  • 18 Sep 2023

AlexPP, 02 Jul 2023With this spec... it should have less points (4.5) then Xpe... moreyou mean other than charging batshit insane prices and always performing worse than the competition despite having the same, or better hardware.
sony is overpriced and not that good, just deal with it.

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    • 11 Jul 2023

    AlexPP, 02 Jul 2023With this spec... it should have less points (4.5) then Xpe... moreYou know, I can buy vivo x90 pro from AliExpress twice or trice cheaper than Xperia 1 V. Sony is great and I really want to have one, but the ratio of price and performance are on the vivo's side.

      With this spec... it should have less points (4.5) then Xperia 1 V (much better choice) has.
      It's unbelievable
      People (mostly) just hate Sony for no reason

        enpy, 26 Apr 2023The phone goes up to 56C while stress-testing the GPU!🤯 Tha... morebro op 11 has same thermal issues but day 2 day tasking is smooth as hell same with this phone ;)

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          • 26 Apr 2023

          The phone goes up to 56C while stress-testing the GPU!🤯 That's the hottest I've seen by far, that will definitely burn your hand and probably degrade the components in the long run

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            • 13 Apr 2023

            Anyone who uses X90 Pro in Europe, does Android Auto work for you? thx

              The sensor of the UWA unit is relatively small when compared to the UWA units of other flagship cameraphones. On the one hand, this will limit total light gathering capacity, on the other hand it provides much more depth of field in macro shots.
              I have just looked at the macro shot samples at highest magnification settings and have to say that these are amazing.

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                • 20 Mar 2023

                Too bad it's a brick at 214 grams . I had another one at 220grams and you can feel the weight over prolonged times of use . Now I have a 200 grams one and it's manageable . When you think about it ,20 grams doesn't seem much , but after a few hours of use your hands will say otherwise . Those 14 grams matter .I will not buy another phone over 200 grams .

                  Unfortunately there is still the unrealistic blueish night sky that existed in X80 Pro. My only observation. Oh and the lower screen resolution and the lower quality case in the box. But these are all the negatives for me. Overall is an excellent smartphone.

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                    • 26 Feb 2023

                    Nick Tegrataker, 19 Feb 2023When stacking frames, you're effectively increasing th... moreMay i know if you know how vivo super raw work? does it compress to 12MP with their SRAW or it still remain full resolution as per what it should be (but is stacked)

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                      • 23 Feb 2023

                      Anonymous, 23 Feb 2023The photos from my S23U look greatVivo special with Zeiss natural mode is just better. Or Xiaomi with Leica authentic. And cheaper.

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                        • 23 Feb 2023

                        Anonymous, 20 Feb 2023S23u have worst cam with oversharpened bad colors. And phon... moreThe photos from my S23U look great

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                          • 22 Feb 2023

                          Czech republic price 1100eur.

                            Jack, 20 Feb 2023Raw in smartphone is like burger in McDonalds. Just joke.It is possible to get a decent RAW out of phone cameras if you use a (first party or third party) camera app that supports stacked RAW output. If you stack 4 frames on a type 1 sensor, you're already getting an SNR equivalent to that of a MFT sensor, using the identical shutter speed and the F-stop settings on both.

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                              • 21 Feb 2023

                              Much better than Scamsung fake gimmicky 200mp sensor and also iphone when Zeiss mode is used. Bigger sensor process more information and there's no way to beat that. But these people look upto paid YouTubers for camera review instead of comparing samples themselves.

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                                • 21 Feb 2023

                                Anonymous, 20 Feb 2023S23u have worst cam with oversharpened bad colors. And phon... morethey only using isp from Qualcomm it cant compared to vivo x series' with dedicated isp chip.
                                so yeah s23 suck

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                                  • 21 Feb 2023

                                  Off-set camera bump would drive me insane...

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                                    • 21 Feb 2023

                                    Great phone, just wish there weren't those 'Xtreme Imagination' thingy on the back, or at least I wish they gave it a better font...

                                      Mswahili, 20 Feb Please when are you gonna review Xiaomi 13 s... moreNext week on February 26th @16:00 the Xiaomi 13 series will be launched globally Xiaomi as officially confirmed by Xiaomi. Probably gsmarena already has been sent review units as Xiaomi always sends them review units for their global flagship launches and most of their globally launched phones. Expect a review when Xiaomi allows them to release it i.e. whenever the embargo ends which may well be just after the launch next week. You can expect a barrage of reviews for the Xiaomi 13 series next week. The x90 pro+ isn't being launched globally so they won't have received a review unit

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                                        • 21 Feb 2023

                                        Anonymous, 19 Feb 2023Good point - 99% people dont care sw updates, they even don... moreWhile although I am not one of them, I partly agree with you. That phenomenon you said doesn't happen on Samsung only, it literally happens with every phone brand and involves a non-tech person. So I would say 99% of people don't care about software updates, they buy certain brands/certain models just because people around them are saying it's good.