Xiaomi 13 Pro review

26 February 2023

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  • 26 Feb 2023

Xia 13P - 1300 eur
Vivo X90P - 1050eur

What to buy? Vivo better main cam i think, but Xia better battery life..

Anyway i think price made decision ....

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    • 26 Feb 2023

    Stopped considering Xioami as we can't do simple things Like using third party launcher with gestures, present 11t will be my last xiaomi device.

      if this were 1000 euros or something then it'd have made sense but this is a "Pro" phone and from Xiaomi. The update record isn't that good and there's not much brand value either. Phone looks incredible on paper and in terms of its performance, just not in terms of design Lmao. The battery is bangin good for something that charges so fast, unlike all the previous fast charging phones. Also the speakers are incredibly nice, they have a nice frequency response and don't have much compression. That's an A+ setup right there. The display gets plenty bright and has dolby vision and even HDR10+? That is incredible. That's like Panasonic or Hisense. Portrait mode unfortunately looks a bit wonky but the telephoto cam looks fine af. Good job on the cameras as well. It's just that, at this price point, just a good product itself is not enough. I don't think I'd like getting late ass updates. Nor will I feel pretty good for purchasing this product because of the budget brand image Xiaomi has. I wish they made a luxury division for themselves, completely separate like Maybach and Mercedes or Lexus and Toyota. That would make it stand out a lot more imo.

        Very impressive device overall, but with Xiaomi's more rare availability in North America and being a more mainstream Chinese choice its prices are just as high as Apple or Samsung, this is going to be a harder sell in markets outside Asia and Europe.

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          • 26 Feb 2023

          UltraHD, 26 Feb 2023Looks promising, for about 900€ not 1300€. We all know how ... moreThere actually isn't a better phone of the same size for the same price. Xiaomi 13 Pro is significantly better phone than S23+.

            Imagine buying a Xiaomi for the same price as S ultra lol

              Giving off Galaxy s20 ultra vibes
              But am yet to see why I buy this over the s23 ultra or iPhone 14 pro

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                • 26 Feb 2023

                Lolol they did not take any shi*t* with that price ! Lolol 1300€ for Xiaomi, lolol

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                  • 26 Feb 2023

                  very expensive.
                  no sd card
                  no 3.5 jack
                  no thanks

                    UltraHD, 26 Feb 2023Looks promising, for about 900€ not 1300€. We all know how ... moreI agree with your comments especially with regards to MIUI.

                    Despite trying many Xiaomi / Poco devices unfortunately I can't stomach the skin.

                    Great effort by Xiaomi despite the high price.

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                      • 26 Feb 2023

                      Well, well ...

                      Some ppl did not believe me when I said price was gonna be 1300 euros (1000 for mi 13).

                      It is 1300 and it has imx989. Leear sign no 13 Ultra outside China.

                        Looks promising, for about 900€ not 1300€. We all know how MIUI performs, not to mention that we again got absolutely nothing new in MIUI 14 in Europe.
                        Overall i like 13 series but i wouldn't consider buying it, there are much better phones for that price such as iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S23/+/Ultra.