Xiaomi 13 Pro review

26 February 2023

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  • 28 Feb 2024

Can this phone switch lenses(uw, wide, tele) DURING video recording at 4k30 & 4k60 FPS?

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    • Vaishnav
    • u14
    • 06 Feb 2024

    Just browsin on by, 03 Feb 2024Been using my 13 Pro 512g for about a year now (chinese ver... moreHow can i remove google dialer and replace Mi Dialer?

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      • 03 Feb 2024

      Been using my 13 Pro 512g for about a year now (chinese version) its a great phone in all aspects and its treated me very well. No complaints, i love how i can uninstall or refuse xiaomi's apps that i dont want to use. Their certified information security system works excellent, apps are restricted to whats needed and i dont get advertising nonsense.
      Videos/Pictures are great, i've gotten some truly amazing snaps with this phone
      I only wish it had a flat screen like the regular 13, the weight is pretty hefty as well.

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        • 25 Jan 2024

        "The zoom camera also supports 50MP shooting, but the results are not the same as on the primary cam. These 50MP samples are average in detail and a bit noisy. Resizing those to 12.5MP reveals no real benefits,"
        I just looked at two 50 megapixel images from the 3x camera and you definitely get more detail in comparison to the 12 megapixel mode of the tele camera. Furthermore, you shouldn't downsample these images to 12 megapixels for a fair comparison. Downsampling reduces(!) the amount of detail you get from an object. For a fair comparison, you need to upscale(!) the 12 megapixel output to 50 megapixels, but don't use something like Adobe's Preserve Details 2, because this uses a neural network for upscaling. Downsampling is useful for comparing the noise, but it's not useful for comparing the amount of detail.

        It would have been interesting to see whether a crop from the 50 megapixel mode of the tele camera gives you the same amount of detail from an object as a 7x or 10x photo.

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          • 25 Jan 2024

          It's remarkable that the tele camera has a focal length of 10.0mm without periscope technology.

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            • 25 Jan 2024

            "The telephoto camera uses a 50MP Samsung (S5K)JN1 1/2.76"" sensor with Tetracell filter and 0.64µm pixels."
            What's the source? The specs indicate that they rather use a sensor with smaller pixels than 0.64 micrometer even though no sensor with a smaller pixel size with a Quad Bayer color filter array is known.
            The crop factor should be 7.5 and this would make a sensor with 0.56 micrometer pixels more likely unless the 75mm specification is just marketing.

              In the specs GSMarena wrote video modes like Dolby vision 4k60 and hdr10+ and LOG video

              But they totally omitted it in the review, I really wanted to know more because not a lot of android smartphones have Dolby vision video recording support or even The LOG I thought the 15 pro was the first mainstream smartphone but this 13 pro came months before it and GSMarena wrote LOG in the specs

              Can somebody please explain this to me

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                • 06 Dec 2023

                Xiaomi 13 Pro has one serious omission that is most likely shared across most Android devices (but I write about it here as I own the 13 Pro).
                When your SIM card is secured by SIM PIN the phone will not advance to any page unless the SIM PIN is entered correctly. If the phone is lost the good Samaritan who is trying to return your phone cannot get the info from the Lock page where the owner information can be placed and read. I am using my phone now without securing the SIM card just for that reason.

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                  • Ethan J Hunt
                  • CbI
                  • 07 Nov 2023

                  Memo, 15 Oct 2023what is the name of game in the video ( plane )I guess it's Airline Commander

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                    • Memo
                    • N08
                    • 15 Oct 2023

                    what is the name of game in the video ( plane )

                      So the 13 pro has only 1 cam with OIS, and the 13 has 2?

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                        • 06 Oct 2023

                        Max, 12 Sep 2023Nopeyes

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                          • 12 Sep 2023

                          jaroad, 10 Mar 2023We bought 13 pro. Within days it has developed a problem wh... moreNope

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                            • 09 Sep 2023

                            YUKI93, 26 Mar 2023I've never been a fan of Xiaomi's MIUI, but the f... moreYes man, i have Edge 40 pro and the battery life is out of this world for such a stong SoC.

                              As long as you don't update the software that comes with the box. You'll be fine using Xiaomi 😉

                              Planned obsolescence is common with Xiaomi buy deliberately slowly but gradually introducing annoying bugs until you buy Xiaomi 14 pro next. But usually users like me just leave the brand all together 😅

                                Kho, 17 Apr 20231.No auto call recoding. 2.No speed dialing 3.No schedule... moreHmmmm
                                I have the 13 Pro and I have all of those options, maybe it's your region that doesn't allow it?

                                  UltraHD, 03 Mar 2023Well that's just what it is, your opinion. A fact is, ... more"Doesn't care for international users"
                                  I meeeaaaan, If you are talking about the US, they do have a point in not coming to that market.
                                  I mean, look at what happened to Huawei, you think Xiaomi wants the same to happen to them?

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                                    • 27 Apr 2023

                                    1.Good Camera feature.
                                    2.Built quality is also remarkable.
                                    3.Awesome fast charging

                                    1.Speed dialing not found.
                                    2.Scheduled. power on/off not available.
                                    3. Auto call recorder as of previous MI phones not found.

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                                      • Kho
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                                      • 17 Apr 2023

                                      1.No auto call recoding.
                                      2.No speed dialing
                                      3.No scheduled power on/off

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                                        • 3p7
                                        • 13 Apr 2023

                                        Btw why is 50mpix mode darker and wider than standart 12mpix mode? Can someone explain?