Xiaomi 13 Pro review

26 February 2023

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  • 13 Apr 2023

Btw why is 50mpix mode darker and wider than standart 12mpix mode? Can someone explain?

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    • 10 Apr 2023

    By the way, the 13 Pro doesn't actually use a 1" type sensor. You can calculate the crop factor, then you see that the used sensor area is smaller.

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      • 08 Apr 2023

      Daviddiamond, 07 Apr 2023I really don´t know how all the commentators could be so ex... moreWhat? Ofc u need google account, like everywhere.

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        • 07 Apr 2023

        I really don´t know how all the commentators could be so excited from this device.
        For years I am using Xiaomi. Unfortunatelly I have made the mistake and bought this very expensive device because of the very positive reviews.
        It is the worst Xiaomi I have ever had. A Xiaomi redmi 10 is remarkable better and much cheaper.
        This Xiaomi 13 pro is not only very expensive but also very complicated to use. For using it you need an Google account. Why??? Without Google it doesn´t work. So it decides what to do. It is possesing you!
        To use the face activating you have to push at first a button (e.g. an iPhone recognizes your face immediately without pushing any button).
        The battery has less power than other Xiaomi devices.
        I really would like to give it back and get my money back.

          Trades46, 26 Feb 2023Very impressive device overall, but with Xiaomi's more... moreThis is going to be a hard sell in the U.K., and some other countries in Europe. Many people ( rightly or wrongly) don't want to buy Chinese stuff ( in an upper price range ) and also don't want to buy when the brand name ( Xiaomi) is not pronouncable.

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            • uW8
            • 30 Mar 2023

            Bernd, 08 Mar 2023I got both China and Europea Version and Roms. The 5g bands... moreHi!
            It is interesting that you talked about Google and Xiaomi close partnership and that Google assistant is very well integrated in UI. I actually tried to search this info on YouTube even emailed a nerd YouTuber to compare Google assistant experience on Non-Google Chinese devices but I guess no one cares about assistant experience yet... Can I get in touch with you?

              I've never been a fan of Xiaomi's MIUI, but the fact that this phone scored a truly impressive battery endurance rating despite having 40mAh less battery capacity than the 8+ Gen 1-powered 12S Ultra alongside an older LTPO AMOLED screen shows how truly impressive this new 8 Gen 2 SoC is. It feels as if Qualcomm has learned some tough lessons from 888/888+ and 8/8+ Gen 1.

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                • 24 Mar 2023

                Anonymous, 23 Mar 2023Xiaomi 13 pro is an excellent camera tuned by Leica best S... moreI own 13 Pro. Where is bloatware? Phone is perfect (global eu version).

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                  • 23 Mar 2023

                  buk, 21 Mar 2023I’m very confused because the specs here say the Xiaomi 13 ... moreXiaomi 13 pro is an excellent camera tuned by Leica best Sony Lens but the main problem is software experience MI UI still have bloatware apps installed unnecessary adds poping it's not expected from a flagship device Xiaomi always fails in software so big no for MiUi 14.

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                    • 21 Mar 2023

                    I’m very confused because the specs here say the Xiaomi 13 Pro 128GB model uses UFS 3.1 and that only the higher storage models use UFS 4.0 but on the Xiaomi site its says the all the Xiaomi 13 Pro models use UFS 4.0 including the 128GB. Can someone please tell me which UFS version the 128GB model truly uses?

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                      • 16 Mar 2023

                      jaroad, 10 Mar 2023We bought 13 pro. Within days it has developed a problem wh... moreWait for. Update ..

                        What is the product code for the new 120W HyperCharger?

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                          • 10 Mar 2023

                          We bought 13 pro. Within days it has developed a problem whereby it flashes a blank page on the screen. No predicting when it will happen so of course it doesnt happen when showing technician. We so regret buying this phone as the will not take it back.
                          Anyone else experience this?

                            Xiaomi 13 Pro got a beating at DX0mark

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                              • 09 Mar 2023

                              Bernd, 08 Mar 2023I got both China and Europea Version and Roms. The 5g bands... morePlz, is global version support call recording built in as a stock or not and if not, what can we do in this issue?? Waiting until update from xiaomi or install a third party app for recording.. Thanks for your help

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                                • 08 Mar 2023

                                I got both China and Europea Version and Roms. The 5g bands are differnt because of the hardware (rom does not change it but it is not a big deal). 100% Google Support out of the box. Including Google Home and everything. On MIUI you can change anything, remove all chinese Apps if you want. Only difference: Taking a call is used by Google-Phone-App on European Rom. While it is the Xiaomi Phone App on China Rom - BUT you can use Google-Phone if you want too. But Xiaomi Phone App is able to record calls (which is illegal in Europe that is why Xiaomi changed to Google Phone App in Europe 2 years ago)

                                You can send a request to release Xiaomi phone from guaranty in the Developer Options (takes about 24 hours) then you can easily install any other rom. Without any problems. Xiaomi and Google are strong partners as you know from Google Assistant in Xiaomi Devices so everything is 100% compatible.

                                MIUI 14 best ui on actual phones in my optinion, super light, super flexible, super fast. Even faster and longer battery time since the update to MIUI 14.

                                  LV426, 28 Feb 2023Some people have really dumb opinion like "nobody buy ... moreWell that's just what it is, your opinion. A fact is, and majority of people agree on this too, that Xiaomi isn't at that level where they can charge 1300€ for their phone while in China it's just $900 or something, maybe we can thank the inflation but that's another topic. They do have very promising specs that turns out to be completely different once you start using them daily.
                                  Enjoy your 13 Pro or wasted cash in my opinion, especially when Xiaomi doesn't care for us international users at all.

                                    Max, 26 Feb 2023There actually isn't a better phone of the same size f... moreIt can have all the numbers in this world, software is the most important thing on phones and in that area Samsung wins. MIUI still needs a lot work and improvements.

                                      Anonymous, 27 Feb 2023what way are those better anyway? Software stability, Xiaomi has good paper numbers but it sucks in real life usage.

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                                        • 02 Mar 2023

                                        Imperator Neubaticus, 02 Mar 2023If your opinion is that it's better than the S23 Ultra... moreYou're insulting someone's entire life because they have an opinion about a phone? You need to take yourself into account. I am only commenting because you sound like a gigantic loser