Realme 11 Pro review

21 June 2023

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  • Fitra
  • tDP
  • 20 Aug 2023

The design reminds me of LG G4

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    • Umashankar
    • CbI
    • 20 Aug 2023

    I purchased this product.but not working display problem.some time hanging problem

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      • Siddharth
      • CbI
      • 04 Aug 2023

      Its not longlast battery life of 8 hours its only 4 hrs

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        • KZK
        • 11 Jul 2023

        Ngl but the curved screen design will actually piss either some or maybe alot of people 😐

          Anonymous, 30 Jun 2023never buy realme. they not allow bootloader unlock! fuck th... moreOn top of that FRP lock. In case you forget you lockscreen password youre fckd since you'd need it to even reset the device.

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            • Anonymous
            • Sc$
            • 30 Jun 2023

            never buy realme. they not allow bootloader unlock! fuck them! always choose xiaomi !

              tekina, 27 Jun 2023Your phone was released last year. Not really a big deal th... moreI agree it's not a big deal. I was just pointing out that it is not true that Realme doesn't keep phones up to date for a period of time, exactly the same way as all other brands.

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                • kalya
                • u1J
                • 28 Jun 2023

                I have bought Realme 11 pro plus. It is value for money. Display, speed, battery backup and charging, all are good.

                My previous phone is Realme XT for the last 4 years. Just got its battery replaced and it is still working fine.

                I just have one suggestion. As 11 Pro plus has 2 stereo speakers, there should be customizable equalizer and not just presets. What is the point if the speakers cannot be utilized to their full potential. Sound quality and output are good.

                I am satisfied. I hope I am all set for the next 2-3 years.

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                  • tb2
                  • iBy
                  • 28 Jun 2023

                  This goes out to all manufacturers and all upcoming phones in the future!
                  Please bring back card slot, 3.5mm jacket and IR in your phones.

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                    • A34
                    • HB0
                    • 27 Jun 2023

                    Anonimo, 25 Jun 2023This phone has more RAM than the A34, charges much faster a... moreI had Realme 7 Plus. Every phone since, including this one, is a downgrade to my phone. DOWNGRADE.
                    I got the Samsung Galaxy A34. Never liked Samsung. Never wanted Samsung. But I was so fed up with Realme and how they downgrade their phones. Plus, this phone was released in start of May. Now, some stores are starting to import it to Europe. Realme 10 series, only the basic one came here.
                    To be honest: Samsung has with my phone really cleaned up and gotten a phone I actually like! No bloatware anywhere. I got options to install apps from Samsung, or Not do so.
                    Re-consider Samsung, and leave Realme to China. The only country they really care about.

                      Utter garbage for the price. Just stop buying the crap this company rolls out every few months.

                        Anonimo, 25 Jun 2023My GT2 Pro is on the latest Android version and gets update... moreYour phone was released last year. Not really a big deal that you are on the latest OS.

                          AnonD-758491, 23 Jun 2023Total waste of money!! By the way, who's thinking t... moreMy GT2 Pro is on the latest Android version and gets updates every second month.
                          I really don't understand why this site is so full of people posting inaccurate information.

                            blue, 21 Jun 2023Funny, how Galaxy A34 with older Dimensity 1080 beats this ... moreThis phone has more RAM than the A34, charges much faster and more importantly doesn't have the unbearable Samsung bloatware. My friend with a Galaxy A51 needs a new phone and he has told me explicitly "Help me to find something that is not Samsung because I can't stand them anymore". He really doesn't care too much about the camera. I am going to suggest him the Realme 11 Pro or 11 Pro+ depending on his budget.

                              Anonymous, 21 Jun 2023the realme 11 pro in Europe does not cost €270 but €399, in... moreBoth phones are cheaper. Check

                                The Realme 11 Pro doesn't even deserve the pro nametag if it doesn't even offer Ultrawide Sensor, hell, it doesn't provide any usable optional cameras for that matter.
                                It should be called just the Realme 11, but I guess this phone was a bit too "stylish" to be called that.
                                Realme Died ever since 10 Came around, and we never got a good on the inside realme product since, only good on the outside.
                                I hope they stop with the curved screens and vegan leather, and start providing more on the inside.

                                  No ultrawide phone is quite wasteful of that extra camera bump space.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • KZK
                                    • 23 Jun 2023

                                    Louis , 22 Jun 2023It is big upgrade over realme 10 pro Better display, suppo... moreAlso more expensive

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                                      • AnonD-758491
                                      • yZv
                                      • 23 Jun 2023

                                      Total waste of money!!

                                      By the way, who's thinking to buy this device??
                                      If anyone asks me I'll definitely reject this and it's sibling Pro plus too.
                                      The main problem with Realme is they don't provide any further software support neither updates to their old devices.
                                      As for an example here I have Realme 6 Pro everybody knows that this handset is midrange flagship but the company has seeding software update and security patches to my device back in April 2022.
                                      It's too 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢.
                                      These are totally useless..

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                                        • Realfake2023
                                        • fI%
                                        • 22 Jun 2023

                                        Messy software especially the camera app .. its all over the place.. unoptimized

                                        The sensor supposed to save 25mp but nope.. realme just being lazy and they decide to use default 12mp with oversharpening image .. defeat the purpose of using 100mp sensor and that just for a pure marketing to mislead the potential customers. Disgusting