Asus Zenfone 10 review

29 June 2023

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There is no point of buying this over the Zenfone 9

    No AF on UW and front camera, still using garbage IMX 766 main camera. Sounds like a downgrade.

      Zenfone 9 has Autofocus on selfie cam and ultrawide.

      I understand now why Asus changed it.

      Zenfone 10's Ultrawide is wider than zenfone 9. Its selfie cam with RGBW is much better in lowlight. So yeah, sad to see the AF gone, but it's a sidegrade rather than a downgrade

        Hardly an update from Zenfone 9. Oh wait they acturally axed something!

        The new ultrawide is notable smaller. The reason that it cannot autofocus it the lens module. The lens module lacks motor(maybe USM) so it cannot move its parts. Besides, not offering a telephoto is unaceeptable in this price range(also shame on you Apple).

        S23 seems a better deal, at least for now since it's cheaper in many regions. I don't think 109h vs. 101h endurance is a notable difference. Also S23 has better software support, higher screen to body ratio, and a telephoto.

          I guess the "compact" fans will like this

          I personally don't think this is worth the money but to each his own

          It does have some good qualities here and there

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            • OBAET
            • xCC
            • 29 Jun 2023

            GOD DAMN! THIS IS FAST. Nice one GSMARENA. That's why I really love you guys. I'm planning to get this phone and having an early review is quite impressive and awesome!

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              • Gary
              • 3SL
              • 29 Jun 2023

              Very disappointed by the camera development, this won't be it for me, unfortunately.