Google Pixel 8 review

24 October 2023

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  • 19 May 2024

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2024Fairly poor battery life, given the its' capacity. Get... moreS23 camera is complete trash. Getting better pics from Pixel 6a...

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    • 10 May 2024

    The battery life of P8 really sucks, if fully on Wifi, yes it lasts much longer, but if you are on 4G/5G connectivity, confirm that you will need to charge another round for further usage. Yes, you can charge it, and when you found the charging speed is that slow, imagine how crazy is that. Overall, everything perform good except the suck battery life.

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      • Londonbikerider
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      • 07 May 2024

      I was looking for a replacement to my aging Xperia... but the Pixel fails to impress me: mediocre battery life, no expandable memory, no Assistant button, no audio jack, no LED for quiet notifications.
      Basically, your paying only to get good cameras and long updates.
      I'll pass.

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        • 26 Apr 2024

        Fairly poor battery life, given the its' capacity. Getting much better from a 3900 mAh S23. It's the modem, really. Samsung's 5300 modems just aren't that great.

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          • 04 Apr 2024

          UseR, 07 Mar 2024All good, but the network connectivity is underwhelming. Al... moreJust the opposite for me. My pixel 6 had great connectivity for about a 16 months then it turned into complete trash. I had to constantly toggle on and off airplane mode to get a cellular connection and even then getting reliable 5G was next to impossible, I altered the settings to use LTE due to this. The modem in the 6 is known to be inferior and have connection issues. Had zero issues with the 8 so far, just hoping that continues.

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            • UseR
            • SuV
            • 07 Mar 2024

            All good, but the network connectivity is underwhelming. Always searching for connection on places where i never had issues with the PIxel 6. IN the subway there is NO CONNECTION AT ALL. Because of the search for connection it tends to run warm, hence battery life is mediocre and i don't believe it will hold 7 years. 3 would be surprising.

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              • HKx
              • 19 Feb 2024

              Got the pixel 8 trade in with iPhone SE and so far the pixel 8 is good including battery performance

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                • Marc
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                • 15 Feb 2024

                A battery is a joke. I had more screen time with my old phone than with this. If a battery is important to you dont buy it.

                  finch, 21 Jan 2024Wait for Nubia Z60 ultra review. It is presumably the best ... moreZ60 ultra is big and had worst software support of any brand

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                    • 26 Jan 2024

                    Are the edges of the screen sharp and uncomfortable like the Pixel 7?

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                      • Dan
                      • JHI
                      • 24 Jan 2024

                      finch, 21 Jan 2024Wait for Nubia Z60 ultra review. It is presumably the best ... moreLol, and get what? One update of even that?

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                        • finch
                        • LaC
                        • 21 Jan 2024

                        Anonymous, 19 Jan 2024Help me please with my choosing between Pixel 8, Sony Xperi... moreWait for Nubia Z60 ultra review. It is presumably the best photo setup phone now. The specs are killer flag ship, and it costs starting at 600$, 680€, IP68. Forget Pixel, or Sony.

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                          • 19 Jan 2024

                          Help me please with my choosing between Pixel 8, Sony Xperia 5 V and Xiaomi 13. I want compact phone (max 158mm height), great build quality, I prefer stock android (not a deal breaker though, except One UI). Never play games, but like taking photos so good camera is a must. I need a phone that can last five year upwards (i still use my reliable Nokia 7+, so upgradable OS and security patches are desired but I won't throw phone away when security patches aren't available anymore).

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                            • Pranav
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                            • 07 Jan 2024

                            NarasimhaPalla, 06 Jan 2024Are pixel phones heats up more? Can we consider to buy upco... moreThe situation improved a lot after dec update. Happy pixel 8 user since December 8th

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                              • Ibuyedallphones
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                              • 07 Jan 2024

                              I buoght it i was so exited but when i play free fire on it it heats very fast....Very bad phone.DISLIKE.

                              If you want a budget phone with snqpdragon 8 gen 3 buy Meizu 21 or 20. They are good gaming phones

                                Are pixel phones heats up more? Can we consider to buy upcoming pixel 8a in India by considering Indian weather conditions.

                                  Now the Pixel 8a would be killer with a 90 hz display and the same price as before but with the tensor G3 chip. The Pixel flagships suck the higher they cost, the pixel fold is absolutely atrocious, the pixel 8 pro *might* be worth buying and the pixel 8 is a good phone but the pixel 7a? great phone. Flagship grade performance with an actually flagship killer main cam. Excited for that.

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                                    • anonnymmius
                                    • yP$
                                    • 12 Dec 2023

                                    I purchased the Pixel 8 after the launch got me excited, but I will return the device.

                                    I am in the market for a compact flagship.

                                    However, just the few hours I spent with the phone irritated me suffiently to not even want to try to keep it. It's a shame, but I guess next year or so should be better.

                                    My problems are:
                                    1. the OS - extremly inflexible, to the point that you cannot move or delete the google search bar on the homescreen. It's where every other phone has phone and message apps and such. Basically, while every other OS adapts to you, this one requires you to adapt to it.
                                    2. the processing "speed" - or lack thereof, really. Opening apps, moving around etc doesn't feel as fluid as I am used to and several times the phone froze or struggled with opening an app. That's not what I expect from a flagship device.

                                    Other than that it's pretty nice. Decently looking, feels very nice in my hands, photos are indeed good.

                                    Compared to the S23, which is my other option, the screen isn't as impressive. Photos are better (the S23's camara is abysmal), it's more comfortable to hold, but simply a pain in the butt to use.

                                    I'm looking forward to a compact Pixel with a better processor and hopefully a more flexible OS.

                                    Regarding the annoying haptic feedback - just turn it off... I dislike any and all sounds, most phones have it activated when you start them for the first time but it takes at most 5 minutes to get into the settings and change it. No big deal.

                                    I also have a comment on the review here.
                                    It's true that certain features are limited to a handful of countries, but these are the countries the phone is sold in. Google is pretty transparent about the availability. I dislike this approach but if you're going to test the phone, it would be much more useful to do so in a market where it is sold and features are available. It would also be a very good idea to specify which functions are not available everywhere, and ideally to information on where they are available, or at least a link to the google webpage listing the functions and markets. In the end, as a reader I want to know if a phone is suitable for me or not, and a vague critique which does not inform me on whether it applies to me at all is not helpful.

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                                      • Nitin jha
                                      • fCM
                                      • 12 Dec 2023

                                      Googles Android is not integrated with Google Pixel phone, Google should enhance his Android to integrate with pixel devices or phone specially or make a Smart or separate or smooth Android to integrate with Google devices only to work finely as iOS. Pixel 8 has Camera Issues it doesn't work with other apps and All OS has some glitches. The AI feature is for Camera ONLY, no AI feature in Notifications arrangement, no AI feature in keyboard, no AI feature in other Daily apps. AI features should be so important that all Android and iOS users become its fans. not just in the camera only.

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                                        • DkT
                                        • 23 Nov 2023

                                        Dilip Golder , 20 Nov 2023More problems issued with in 5 days,no service center,not r... moreSure. Thanks for the advice.