HTC Touch Diamond review: Geek's best friend

15 July 2008
We called it a game for the Diamond and Omnia but the crowd is still on their feet, so there we go with the HTC Diamond's lap of honor. The latest HTC squad member, HTC Touch Diamond, might as well be starting a new era for Microsoft OS-powered mobiles....

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  • spoon
  • 21 Apr 2012

Thanks guys I made up my mind. I'm not buying it, for the fact that battery life is poor that's it for me.

    • r
    • ragu
    • PEd
    • 25 Mar 2011

    hi anybody plz tell me how to reconnect or switch on data connection in communication manager once it is stopped.plz

      • N
      • No HTC
      • 0UY
      • 05 Dec 2010

      HTC Diamond is my biggest nightmare...ever!
      I hope that this days I will change him with other phone because two years of suffering is enough!
      (and I've tried everything - put many cocked ROM's from XDA/ evend Android for HTC but in the end I've realized that isn't a software issue and more a hardware one).
      I will not buy HTC in my life - everytime I see that interface...I'm just freeking out..
      To many issues with the BASIC functions!

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • mS2
        • 16 Sep 2010

        hey guys does anyone know how to upload photos from this phone to the computer?

          • s
          • serbian
          • pp@
          • 16 Nov 2009

          I have this phone since February. I never had a big problem with this phone.Not bigger than with my second phone Nokia E 71.If you want software for DIAMOND go to they have answer for almost everything.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • iFX
            • 10 Sep 2009

            Guys don't by it in india by airtel. they are cheaters. They will give you this phone costlier than other places and it will be without 3G and without second camera in front panel for video call!!!

              • m
              • mujeeb
              • P$k
              • 05 Sep 2009

              Htc touch diamond is really so bad, my boss is using this phone he never complaint he still says this phone rocks!

                • C
                • CarlZA
                • NRa
                • 25 Aug 2009

                Well, I finally got an E71 because quite honestly the original Touch Diamond is not a good phone.

                I've lost count how many phone calls I couldn't answer, or how many times this device froze. I stripped all software from the device in an effort to get it running the bare minimum and essential but to no avail.

                Without being nasty, I won't even give this phone away for free.

                Never again HTC.

                  • b
                  • brandi
                  • jG{
                  • 17 Jun 2009

                  does anyone know how to download stuff on this phone?? where can i go to find apps to download on this phone??

                    • b
                    • brandi
                    • jG{
                    • 17 Jun 2009

                    yes, 04 Sep 2008i have problem with my HTC-Diamond, it can't auto rotate, w... moreits a setting in ur phone. read manual

                      • b
                      • brandi
                      • jG{
                      • 17 Jun 2009

                      Anonymous, 08 Nov 2008A worst Phone I ever seen in my life. DONT BUY HTC Touch Di... morei think u jus got a bad phone bc my htc touch diamond is great

                        • P
                        • Paul
                        • ke5
                        • 24 Feb 2009

                        My HTC touch diamond is amazing..i see all these people posting about how horrible the phone is...i dont understand..maybe you all have gotten bad phones? but the ONLY complaints i have, is the camera doesnt have a flash, and the battery life isnt as good as i wish it was..but thats because my phone uses 60% of its battery life all day everyday, i havent figured out how to fix that yet...anyways, the phone is great in my opinion..

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • 0aQ
                          • 02 Jan 2009

                          Anonymous, 08 Nov 2008A worst Phone I ever seen in my life. DONT BUY HTC Touch Di... moreThanks, buddy. I was about to buy it !

                            • M
                            • Mabhorsen
                            • p$K
                            • 25 Dec 2008

                            After reading zillions of reviews i reckon all software problems are nearly solved by ROM upgrades. I'm waiting for my Diamond to arrive from Thailand and i reckon it'll be okay.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • TL5
                              • 08 Nov 2008

                              A worst Phone I ever seen in my life. DONT BUY HTC Touch Diamond and waste your money. It restarts randomly nearly 5 times a day. HTC did not satisfy the customer still now. HTC should be aware of this problem by now. Still did not come up with solution. That means It is a manufacturing defect. But still continuing their production. I am writing for the guys who read the forum .. DONT fall into the look and feel(which I agree good). But did not satisfy the basic need which normal phone does. I am worried why no one speaks about this restarting problem in thius forum

                                • S
                                • Sam
                                • 2SZ
                                • 04 Oct 2008

                                The Battery perfomance is very bad...Only 900 mAh for all the heavy duty features.I charge my HTC diamond twice in a day.All in all a weak phone for a heavy price.A BIG NO NO for HTC Diamond :-(

                                  • y
                                  • yes
                                  • PI6
                                  • 04 Sep 2008

                                  hey! I have (Spb backup) & (Sprite backup). 2 of this can't backup my HTC-diamond, i want to backup my data prevent from loss data. Can anyone help me?

                                    • y
                                    • yes
                                    • PI6
                                    • 04 Sep 2008

                                    i have problem with my HTC-Diamond, it can't auto rotate, why? can anyone tell me?

                                      • p
                                      • paul
                                      • iIR
                                      • 02 Sep 2008

                                      i have order the xda ignito does it have the same back (battery cover) as the touch diamond, anyone know? carnt find any picture online showing the back of this device!?!

                                        • J
                                        • JD
                                        • UD}
                                        • 24 Aug 2008

                                        Bottom line, the htc diamond over GUI experience is very slow. Lagging. Always. Don't be a fool and don't buy this phone.

                                        Better alternative is the samsung omnia. Speedy interface, almost no lags.