vivo X100 Pro review

15 December 2023

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David 040882, 15 Dec 2023Ah yes, that silver circle surrounding the actual camera bu... moreSome of the reviewers claimed that the irregular crescent-like decoration is a tribute to X60/70 series, because they used multi-layer stair design for camera bump. Bruh they'd better stick to their old design rather than this.

    MRSTEK, 15 Dec 2023At least be symmetric, I have visited store and have little... moreAh yes, that silver circle surrounding the actual camera bump which stretches to the right, rather than down as the Pro. Yeah, seems weird to me too

      Someone already cited and I'm gonna say it again. GSMA should use pixel 8pro's thermometer for a definite heat stats as I don't find any other use case for that gimmick.

        David 040882, 15 Dec 2023Nah this is better than the X80 Pro's design. Each gen... moreAt least be symmetric, I have visited store and have little to complain about the Pro model. But the base model is very odd because the camera housing is not at the centerline.

          Nick Tegrataker, 15 Dec 2023Whoever contributed to spreading the absurd "Dimensity... moreYes, I knew it was bullshit so I tested it myself and got 78% stability in the same 100-thread CPU throttle test. That Sahil fella really need to f off for portraying fake benchmark scores.

            MRSTEK, 15 Dec 2023Could be even better if the design is symmetric or just use... moreNah this is better than the X80 Pro's design. Each generation brought a slightly better design than the previous one each time, as it should be

              igguk1, 15 Dec 2023Props to Mediatek seems like they have a beast of a chip wi... moreThis is extremely hard to do. Different countries have different carriers operating different bands. The best you can get may be a list of supported bands and check with your local carriers. Some brands like Xiaomi are limiting supported bands to cut costs.

                Dimensity is finally better than SD. I wonder what samsung has in its sleeve

                  IpsDisplay, 15 Dec 2023And here you have it stable and cool sustained performance!... moreBut next years they are using oryons, not licensed design from Arm..

                  And the first all-big-core design was 8cx Gen.3 with 4*X1+4*A78. If you are talking about smartphones, then you're right though

                  But wait, is this the situation that "Mediatek did not implement it first but optimised the idea for smartphones?"

                    The telephoto is really good, and I'm glad thaf the 9300 is performing well

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                      • 15 Dec 2023

                      Oh, and whats the point of such a powerful chipset if it lacks behind even sd 8 gen 1 when it comes to emulation?!
                      It's literally the only reason to get a powerful cpu.

                      Unfortunately snapdragon remains the only option.

                        Could be even better if the design is symmetric or just use X80 Pro's design.

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                          • 15 Dec 2023

                          Wow, people goig nuts in the comments, cursing and gloating, all over a mobile chip, as if it were their newborn.

                          In any case...I like the phone, but even if it were twice as good, it's never going to be available in most places, and most people are going to stick with well known brands anyway.

                            Finally,the camera king arrived ❤️🔥 kudos to mediatek and vivo for d9300..very good stability than expected and lives upto the hype..

                              Props to Mediatek seems like they have a beast of a chip with the 9300. One thing that gsmarena could test is phone Signal stability in 3G,4G,5G and GPS accuracy, i usually dont consider Mediatek as where i live i have bad reception and Mediatek usually lacked on Signal reception, sure things has changed for the better but i would like a confirmation on It.

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                                • 15 Dec 2023

                                They should have used the landscape and architecture feature from the extra camera features for buildings

                                  As always new ways of doing things are always heavily rejected at first it happened with

                                  The internet, cars, electricity

                                  It seems that these big cores are efficient at lower clock speeds VS maxing out small cores at high clocks

                                  Of course people stuck in their old ways of thinking "small cores for efficiency" and again I have to really ask again if nm processes are getting more advanced

                                  Wouldn't there eventually reach a point where big cores only would become viable???

                                  But again ONLY qualcomm must pioneer new technology with open arms and support, if mediatek does it then it's "there is a reason qualcomm hasn't done it yet"

                                    Whoever contributed to spreading the absurd "Dimensity 9300's CPU throttles down to 46% within 2 minutes of running a benchmark" rumour can now officially f** the right off lol.

                                    I knew that whole nonsense was not worth listening to because it was so obvious that someone started it as a desperate attempt to seek attention from social media. Geekerwan's review of X100 Pro has already given us a clear insight into how competent this new SoC would be nearly a month ago, and now GSMArena's review also confirms this.

                                    MediaTek is back and it's so good that Qualcomm is now facing a worthy competitor after years of dominance. Competition is always good for consumers.

                                      And here you have it stable and cool sustained performance!!!!!!!

                                      Where are the nay sayers???? Excellent result for a first ever only big core configuration

                                      Now if the 8 gen 4 only uses only big cores next year Im gonna sit and wait to here what narratives they are gonna say:

                                      "Qualcomm wasn't the first but they are now doing it because they optimized it"

                                      Which sounds very similar to talking points around apple adoption of newer technology

                                      So the sad irony is that even in team android people have such a bias ...which is disappointing because you'd expect more open mindedness

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                                        • 15 Dec 2023

                                        I like this phone.