OnePlus 12 review

23 January 2024

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  • Connor
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  • 23 Jan 2024

The best USP of this phone is that you get a 6.8 inch LTPO display + 8Gen 3 at the same price as base S24 or Iphone 15.

But this all is good if you can change your phone in Oct/Nov this year when new Pixels or Iphones arrive.

You will overcome the price vs features attraction in a few months and then you will be looking at Galaxy and Iphone owners with envy.

    Artem S. Tashkinov, 23 Jan 2024It it just me but it looks like lots of daylight photos are... moreThe pricing is not much different than the previous generation at least in Europe. As far as I remember the Oneplus 11 launched at €919 for the 256gb variant versus €949 this year. That's not a very big difference considering the updated cameras, wireless charging, new USB version and better screen.

      Anonymous, 23 Jan 2024Even larger than s24+, but they compare against s24. 🤦🏻‍♂️Because it's the same price and maybe the S24 could be more expensive. What is there to defend about the S24 being average because it is compact?

      As GSMArena said S24 with OnePlus same price but in India OnePlus 12 costs 65K, S24 80K and S24+ 100K huge difference.

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        • Phoenix
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        • 23 Jan 2024

        Which version is USB?

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          • 23 Jan 2024

          Why would anyone buy this instead of a renown company like Samsung in this price , should go for S24 instead

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            • 23 Jan 2024

            Even larger than s24+, but they compare against s24.

              It it just me but it looks like lots of daylight photos are out of focus?

              And why the significantly increased pricing is not listed as a con, GSM Arena? Ah, I get it, you got your samples for free.

              And the stereo speakers have become a lot worse than for OP11. Listen to the last song and you'll hear it right away. Another obvious con but you didn't list it as well. Actually lots of reviewers on YouTube have admitted that the new speakers are worse.

              And performance, what about it? It's ridiculously low even compared to the previous gen. People will be buying the phone with this broken ROM and let's hope OnePlus will fix performance in two months from now.

                Why didn't they release the white version of 1 tera global?

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                  • 23 Jan 2024

                  For some reason, OP and Realme are doing upscale. If other were 50, I would understand it to match resolution. But they are not.

                  The total resolution is 53MP with effective of 48MP.
                  Image circle cannot cover more than 48MP because it is multiaspect cmos, just like its previous version called imx789.

                    walkman8, 23 Jan 2024The score surely doesn't align with the tone of the re... moreSeems strange alright. Lower score than the Oneplus 11 yet it seems from the review to be better basically in every area apart maybe from daylight video quality. Anyway, better to ignore the scores on gsmarena and just judge from the reviews

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                      • 23 Jan 2024

                      It supposedly has the largest cooling surface of all current smartphones, I wonder how long it will take for the throttling to occur. For example with COD Mobile or COD Warzone. Or when recording 4K video

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                        • 23 Jan 2024

                        Cruved screen again and 220g is too heavy. I really wish to buy Oneplus again but this is a dealbreaker

                          The score surely doesn't align with the tone of the review.
                          Barely 2 flaws that aren't really dealbreakers and you give it 4.3.
                          Honestly, either fix the score board or ditch it altogether.

                            Things i like in Oneplus 12
                            +crazy fast charging and charger in the box
                            +12/256 base version
                            +improved battery life
                            +wireless charging is back
                            +improved cameras from Op11.
                            +4years of OS updates and 5years of security patches

                            Things i dont like on OP12
                            -same brightness as Oneplus Nord, way behind the flagship competition
                            -worse sounding speakers compared to OP11
                            -noticable price increase(in Europe)
                            -no IP68 for the price
                            -i expected better benchmark stability

                            I expected more from 12, especially on display brightness, performance(stability)and more aggressive pricing.

                              Oneplus is just a middle of the road smartphone

                              Doesn't Excel /lead in anything really..

                              Phone is just alright...

                              4.3 star arbitrary rating .. yeah I'm convinced now you automatically get higher than 4 star just because it's a flagship.. then a random 0.3 .. the cons don't matter and there is no consistency with the score