Nokia E71 review: Messenger of steel

24 July 2008
Following some time off since the E51, the Nokia E-series is back to the shop with a new pet for business-minded users. Nokia E71 seems to have it all to take over and build on the E61 QWERTY messengers' expertise. The suave upgrade is...

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  • ifrah

SWEET GIRL, 24 Oct 2010i did not find pre-installed games in the phone. can u hel... moreder r no pre installed games in nokia e71.....u hve 2 download java games......

  • sham

E 71 itzzzzzzz really awosome mob. i got booldy red machine......

  • Nokia E71 Review

Having said that, it gets the basics right first. We can happily say that setting up your personal email, such as Gmail or Yahoo, is really easy. All you have to do is put in your email address and password -- that's it. The E71 also supports Microsoft Exchange, although it's a little harder to set that up but not impossible.

  • Nicolas

The one glaring downside to the E71 is its GPS. Unlike Verizon's voice-directed GPS, the mish-mash on the E71 is a confusing mess. If it works at all, I've no idea how to make it do so.

  • Lord Viper

Does this model, offer an SMS Scheduler?

Send SMS message on a scheduled time and date, like the N9500 communicator?

  • Berenion

Best phone ever! I've been using it for more than 2 years without the hint of any problem! Altough the display is not the biggest one it is comfortable at all. Stylish looking, excellent built quality... steel is steel:) Today I've seen a used white one in a great condition, I will buy it:) I'm saying it not being a fan of Nokia. This is the ONLY exception! :) Generally said,in my opinion HTC and Sony Ericsson tooks the trophy:)


i did not find pre-installed games in the phone.
can u help me to find it ?

  • Anonymous

hi all, i have baught nokia e 71, how to download gps maps in it?? only fr few places maps arae coming ermaining it showing blank, can someone help me?

  • Beauty

Nokia 5630 best or Nokia E72 or E71

  • Jack

In response to the battery only lasting 2 days instead of 3-5,are any of you using your brains? Unless you are on a camping trip or stranded in the wilderness,RECHARGE YOUR PHONE WHEN AT HOME OR NEXT TO AN OUTLET!!Who with a phone like this does NOT also have a desktop or laptop also?Whether at work or at home,charge the dumb thing while using a real computer!Use your brains!You can fly around the world with this thing & it won't die before you arrive!Quit complaining about stupid stuff & use your head.
I didn't notice much difference with those camera resolution charts,have not had a chance to test it out myself yet,but it seems an external minicam will function if needed via USB.Again how many of us do not already have a separate camera which will out perform any cell/smartphone anyway?Take the pic with your real camera upload it to the e71,& send it wherever you want.
It just seems to me anymore,everybody turns into a brat if what they desire isn't handed to them on a silver spoon with zero effort required. Just shutup & act like a human who can actually function!Enough of the crybaby crap.Don't run out & buy a $500 phone then run to a forum & complain about it.If none of us tolerated any shortcomings, Nokia would be forced to appease us or go out of buisness.Again,when do we all start using our brains?
The e71 seems like a steal for me,I got it used w/16gb card,charger etc, for $111USD. I unlike many, am happy with the e71.

  • Anonymous

does it have built in games? or u need to download..

  • Arun

Hey guys, I have recently bought this phone from Dubai, seems to be gud, battery lasts for 2 complete days, also it take almost 4 hours!!! to get recharged, is this a normal phenomena?? can anybody put forth your opinion. Many Thanks

  • Chris678

Could anyone help me decide between Nokia E71 or Nokia E52? Thanx.

  • usersssss

BAD CAMERA!!! with violet effect!!!! i hv Update the firmware to v400 but its still BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • born_to_fight

Can anybody help me choose between Nokia E71 and HTC Magic?

any LOGICAL answer will be greatly appreciated.

thanks! =)

  • r1Gel

Please help me pick between this and the E72!
The E72 looks better on paper in every respect, but I can't help but wonder if the "upgrades" are indeed worth the extra ~USD100 it costs over the E71.

  • nathan f

mne, 27 Sep 2009Hey guys! Can you please help me choose between e71 and e5... moreive got a nokia E71 the review from this site is correct it is a brillant bussines phone when it comes to things like ,gps navigation,wifi,internet browsing( it had some problems in downloading sites,need to upgrade firmware), remote presentation and printing(hp printer only),wirerless keyboard(when u are doing a big write up) calendars ,pdf...and so on.
but when it comes to such media content like the camera and video capture and music playing its average.the case does scratch the camera though
the keys on the E71 are small.and it has the annoying 2.5mm jack
dont let that put u down overall it a great all round user friendly phone in features and price and quite supprising durability that u can have fit into your pocket without that brick mobile look(use to have 6120c chunky as they come).i give it a 8/10 losses two because of media capture and playback it is abit low and needs improving.

  • Chris_lb

Great phone E71 but i wish it had an FM transmitter. Otherwise its perfect in every way specially speed of downloading !!!!
Thank u all ! Choose wisely !!! Its ur money !!!!

  • peter mathebula

this e71 is a damn powerful qwerty key pad phone a business fast sms,web,wifi and slim pocketable nokia.thanks nokia for coming with a economic phone(e-series).

  • Anonymous

mne, 27 Sep 2009Hey guys! Can you please help me choose between e71 and e5... moreI'd suggest you go for the E71. After all, what good is a "business" phone without a QWERTY? I've been using it for six months, and it hasn't given me any sort of problems. The phone looks stunning (pictures don't do it justice; you'd have to see for real), it's solidly built, it comes packed with virtually every connectivity option, the QWERTY is really good, the battery life is great, in-call sound quality is excellent, and it works great as an e-mail device. The downside is the absolutely crappy camera and, for some, the size of the screen (it's okay for me, though), but if you can live with that, I'm sure you wouldn't regret buying it.