Nokia E71 review: Messenger of steel

24 July 2008
Following some time off since the E51, the Nokia E-series is back to the shop with a new pet for business-minded users. Nokia E71 seems to have it all to take over and build on the E61 QWERTY messengers' expertise. The suave upgrade is...

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  • Anonymous

i really had higher hopes for e71. but, however, it is a business phone, and I have need for a multimidia/entertainment phone. screw that, I`m gonna buy my n95 8gb tomorrow xD

  • Shah

Just got mine today morning. Amazing phone. Blows my iPhone away.
Nothing against the iPhone, mind you - but iPhone feels to consumerish while e71 is definitely for the power user.
I get bored with phones so I will probably keep switching b/w the two.
Amazing phone - little steep on the price though.

  • rehamer

"securing the E71 stand as the single ruler of the QWERTY messenger realm"

Maybe they should also consider the existence of imate 8502. I have seen the dummy fones. the qwerty keypad is great too.

  • Zobi

Is very good. Maybe I buy one.

  • TrueDis

How can you leave the e-mail client out of this review?!?

  • Anonymous

This phone has balls of steel!Great phone!

  • kitch

This phone seems promising.