nubia Z60 Ultra review

02 April 2024

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  • 10 Jun 2024

japanese, 04 Jun 2024Do you guys feel that the fingerprint recognition error is ... moreYeah me too feeling the same

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    • 04 Jun 2024

    Do you guys feel that the fingerprint recognition error is more likely to occur after the latest update?I have felt it so much that I have reset my fingerprint registration many times. I am wondering if this is a glitch caused by the update.

      Mrwas, 16 May 2024I have not yet purchased the phone but have been reading re... moreDefinitely worth the price! It's got its own pros and cons but if you don't mind a bad selfie camera it's a very good choice.

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        • 16 May 2024

        I have not yet purchased the phone but have been reading reviews and watching many too.

        The main selling point to me is that gorgeous screen but I wish they could of implemented those pop up selfie cameras that one plus I think used to use. Would solve the biggest weakness behind this phone which is the selfie camera.

        Apart from that for the money the performance the design and the specs it's hard to pass up on if you don't use your selfie camera already!

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          • 11 May 2024

          Rob K, 05 May 2024 Would this Nubia 60 Ultra make for a good daily driver? I... moreDon't believe all the reviews. It's a mediocre mid grade phone. The selfie camera is shit and the main cameras aren't great. Especially in the dark. They're pathetic. They literally fit in with cameras of about 5 years ago. Battery life is decent and charging is extremely fast. No wireless charging. Updates are every other month but I don't really see any difference in what's actually updated. Changed logs are generic and don't have any information. And don't let it sit out in the sun. Get overheats almost immediately and is unusable. Also does have a flat glass screen rather than the stupid curved massacres that everyone loathes and these manufacturers will just not stop using.

            Rob K, 05 May 2024 Would this Nubia 60 Ultra make for a good daily driver? I... moreI've been using for 4 months now, it's definitely a solid phone that's amazing value for the price. The main issue is the weak selfie camera, which isn't an issue if you don't use it much. Other than that, the 35mm lens has really strong natural bokeh which is really good for portraits, but terrible for scanning documents up close. This isn't an issue as you can use the wide cam, but when you're using another app that only allows the 35mm main lens, this might be a problem

            I've gotten 4 updates since buying it and the software has been amazing so far. No bugs, great gaming features and also the usb c to hdmi screen casting has a great feature where you can have a separate window casted to the monitor while using your phone for other stuff. So basically you get two windows when casting.

            Oh also, like they said in the review, the phone overheats a lot at peak performance, in order to squeeze out those extra frames. This is actually kinda good if you live in a cold country like the UK, but don't worry, if you're using the phone for normal tasks and basic gaming you won't experience it.

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              • 05 May 2024

              Would this Nubia 60 Ultra make for a good daily driver? I don't really game but want a solid phone to use that will last and get regular updates.

              If someone could help me out with an answer to this question and also make suggestions for better options out there if so.

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                • 04 May 2024

                Youtube device Nubia Z60 Ultra Support quality
                1440p-2160p Is it supported?

                  kazefukenanashi, 14 Apr 2024I received information that the Global version (NOT Global ... moreHow can we tell if it is global ROM and global version when purchasing? What exactly and which menu should we look at?

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                    • 25 Apr 2024

                    Kaka, 02 Apr 2024Better buy s24 ultra or mi14u . Otherwise buy magic 6p.This... moreNo stand out? What about the price? Half the price with flagship chip and huge battery is a letdown to you? What standout with s24 ultra and xiaomi? Its camera can make my dslr a paperweight? Lol

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                      • 25 Apr 2024

                      justasmile, 03 Apr 2024And what about the update schedule?Update is going strong, since 4 month its release there are already at least 4 updates and 3 of them is major one. Whats the problem? Lol, you didnt even own one but complain much.

                      Btw, what is the battery using issues? Not a single one battery related issues i found between the owner of Z60 ultra except it is being too good, lol. Even gsmarena approve the battery is top of the class. U a haterbot or troll? Lmao

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                        • 25 Apr 2024

                        For all users that not so tech-savvy or troll that simply shown themselves they have 0 knowledge, the cpu temp that get up to 94C in that software isnt actual reading from the cpu temp sensor. It is not even a temp reading (probably current or voltage value for other chip), but interpreted wrongly by the app as cpu temp. Thats why in the app settings, you can change the sensor specified by default because its not always the right one, especially when the app isnt updated for latest cpu. You have to choose the correct sensor by yourself, and Qcom doesnt really have the documentation for average users. Ask the app developer to update the default sensor for 8 gen 3. Or simply use built in Qcom performance profiler in developer option for accurate reading. 94C is absurd on a phone without active cooling, and no way i can run 10 session of antutu consequently at 94C without blowing my battery. I even check with temp gun as well without the back cover, directly on the mainboard, and its gone only up to 66C after 5th consequent antutu sessions. Dont be fooled.

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                          • 25 Apr 2024

                          assam, 07 Apr 2024i got the global 16/512 silver model for £680 from aliexpre... moreMost of your point is muted by your flawed opinions.

                          1) the size is subjective. I have avergae hand size and i find it have even better grip than most other phone. I said again, its subjectiv.
                          2) there is Google gallery built-in, unless you bought China version phone with flashed global rom from shady seller, which is your own fault.
                          3) many software bug? Failing update? App freeze? Missing notifications? I havent encounter even once of these issues since the first day. Only bugs ive seen very rarely is missing notification by some after market apps. China version will most definitely have this issues more frequently, and mine is official Global phone with global rom, ordered before the launch.
                          4) camera artifact with Ai. Elaborate more on these "artifact" you're saying. I seldom use Ai for photography even on any other phone as I consider it is junk anyway, even more so on Nubia's baby-algorithm, but artifact? Explain?
                          5) no battery management? Seriously, do you even once owned and used this phone like, ever? I doubt it very much because "battery seperation" is there built-in. You can even specify at what percentage you want it to stop from 20% all the way to 90%. Granted you have to turn it on everytime you put on a charger, but whats even better it also serve as bypass power when gaming so the battery wont be degraded at all with frequent small charge cycles.
                          6) just as a heads up, authentic global version with factory global rom have certified DRM for Widevine L1 (for HD netflix) since last 2 updates. China phone, not available even when flashed with global rom. Its hardware have OTP serial number, it cant be reflashed and exposes to the system, only in the kernel.

                          My conclusion about you and your complains is either you bought the phone from shady supplier that do change Rom from CN and sell to you as Global, or you actually havent owned this phone at all and only read all the haters and bot comment from social media because this is all spot on. Prove me wrong.

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                            • 25 Apr 2024

                            NeonHD, 11 Apr 2024I see what they mean by the haziness. I would call that sme... moreColor fringing are only observable on tele camera, which is absolutely not in a "horrible" range as you have said. Nubia doesnt fitted the best lenses? Compare the main and ultrawide lenses with other "camera phone" that are double the price, you'll be surprised it is even better optics. Price to price with other smartphone with this hardware, you really think Nubia can offer half the price with best hw and best optic? Sacrifice had to be made, and its not a bad one.

                              Z60 Ultra, 04 Apr 2024What version you are using?I use Bananana XML for AGC 8.8. Also 9.1 works well

                                Boolbara, 04 Apr 2024Please tell me, does the front camera also work in gcam? Ju... moreSorry for the late reply. Yes, front camera works with gcam, quite a bit better than the stock camera. But don't expect miracles there! Gcam works great for point and shoot on N60U. The results are amazing! I use stock camera for pro mode and gcam for p&s.
                                I don't have big hands but the phone fits well in my hand (with a rubber case). The protruding camera module helps a lot!

                                  BREAKING NEWS!
                                  The bootloader has been unlocked! So welcome developers! It is a great platform to customize at will. More info on XDA forums and Telegram group...

                                    High Camera - Nice? This is the most awesome and unique smartphone design ever. but High Price in Pakistan, therefor we cant purchase it. features are good

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                                      • 16 Apr 2024

                                      in, 15 Apr 2024Looks awful who design this?Ugly? This is the most awesome and unique smartphone design ever. Flat all over from front to back, symmetry as its finest. Not your typical punch hole display front, and one big circle cam island in the middle type of design.

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                                        • S37
                                        • 15 Apr 2024

                                        Looks awful who design this?