nubia Z60 Ultra review

02 April 2024

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Z60 Ultra, 04 Apr 2024What version you are using?I use Bananana XML for AGC 8.8. Also 9.1 works well

    Boolbara, 04 Apr 2024Please tell me, does the front camera also work in gcam? Ju... moreSorry for the late reply. Yes, front camera works with gcam, quite a bit better than the stock camera. But don't expect miracles there! Gcam works great for point and shoot on N60U. The results are amazing! I use stock camera for pro mode and gcam for p&s.
    I don't have big hands but the phone fits well in my hand (with a rubber case). The protruding camera module helps a lot!

      The bootloader has been unlocked! So welcome developers! It is a great platform to customize at will. More info on XDA forums and Telegram group...

        High Camera - Nice? This is the most awesome and unique smartphone design ever. but High Price in Pakistan, therefor we cant purchase it. features are good

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          • nubia is awesome
          • eCg
          • 16 Apr 2024

          in, 15 Apr 2024Looks awful who design this?Ugly? This is the most awesome and unique smartphone design ever. Flat all over from front to back, symmetry as its finest. Not your typical punch hole display front, and one big circle cam island in the middle type of design.

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            • S37
            • 15 Apr 2024

            Looks awful who design this?

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              • 14 Apr 2024

              I received information that the Global version (NOT Global rom) Photographer and Starry Night editions are available.
              The software is definitely the official Global version as well.

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                • 13 Apr 2024

                nubiarizard, 08 Apr 2024Your unit seems defective to me. If ever, hope you'll ... morei think this could be likely although it wasn't worth the hassle at the time so i switched to a base iphone 15 which has been pretty nice so far.

                I'll definitely give nubia another try sometime when more patches release, i submitted all of the faults/quirks i encountered so there should be some good results to make it even better.

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                  • Rajan
                  • 3@5
                  • 13 Apr 2024

                  What time coming market new phone 📱💸💸💸

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                    • 12 Apr 2024

                    Kula, 07 Apr 2024I've got the z50ultra, so design is similar. Ergonomi... more'Screen: Who doesn't love full uninterrupted displays with no horrendous notch, landingstrips, or "island" notch, disgusting stuff.'

                    Fools who allowed companies to serve them gadgets with damaged screens.

                      I see what they mean by the haziness. I would call that smearing, and I think that's an optical artifact, so not correctable via software. Also it's the first time I've seen a smartphone camera that has horrible color fringing; usually that's a problem with cheap lenses. I guess they didn't use the highest quality glass or optical elements? The bokeh also looks quite... interesting.

                      But aside from that, the cameras look very attractive. They don't seem to inherit the overprocessed, oversharpened look that plagues many smartphone cameras today.

                        This phone has 8/256GB which is only 570USD, I bought one last January and it's so far the best phone for the price. The Ultrawide is really good, especially because I use my phone as dashcam when I drive.

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                          • Aqi
                          • UUK
                          • 08 Apr 2024

                          Is this available in pakistan?

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                            • 08 Apr 2024

                            Jon8652, 05 Apr 2024It's crazy and hilarious how this phone has the highes... moreAgree on this, same with my Z50S Pro and my now Z60U as well. Nubia's passive cooling is excellent, around RedMagic level I guess.

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                              • 08 Apr 2024

                              assam, 07 Apr 2024i got the global 16/512 silver model for £680 from aliexpre... moreYour unit seems defective to me. If ever, hope you'll give nubia another try. I've been using there nubia and RedMagic devices since 2020 and I encountered no bugs and issues.

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                                • 07 Apr 2024

                                It's like a Xenon Flash. 📸

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                                  • 07 Apr 2024

                                  I've got the z50ultra, so design is similar.
                                  Ergonomics, with a soft tpu cover, its not bad, it's still large, but just right for my hands( varies on individual hand size)
                                  Software, I've encountered no bugs.
                                  Battery life, whole day 5-6hours screen on time. (z60ultra is way better at 6000mAh)
                                  Camera, main:good, wide: good, telephoto: not bad (mfd is meh). The ultrawide serves as macro by the way.
                                  Screen: Who doesn't love full uninterrupted displays with no horrendous notch, landingstrips, or "island" notch, disgusting stuff.

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                                    • assam
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                                    • 07 Apr 2024

                                    i got the global 16/512 silver model for £680 from aliexpress but quickly returned it a few days later.

                                    - too big and heavy (i underestimated this so often got numbness and pain)
                                    - no included photo gallery and no option to set a third party gallery as default - this means you are unable to use the recent photo icon in camera app to quickly view or delete photos.
                                    - many software bugs (could not recieve sms messages, random app freezing, update failing etc.)
                                    - fast battery drain
                                    - weird artifacts in camera (disabling ai solved most but there were still some oddities)
                                    - no battery preservation settings (i,e limit battery capacity or learn from charging habits to delay fully charging).

                                    there are some strong positives about the phone and most drawbacks could be fixed but it's not for me so i'm going to hold out for xiaomi 14 lite instead (civi 4 pro) or switch to base iphone.

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                                      • 06 Apr 2024

                                      Triple OIS is nice, this is why UW best on Nubia, Vivo need OIS and others too.

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                                        • 06 Apr 2024

                                        Mind blowing mobile with 24 GB ram that one is enough for whole life