Apple iPhone 15 Pro long-term review

19 April 2024

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  • 23 May 2024

Been running a base iphone 12 64gb since 2021. Replaced the battery once with chinesium-ion last summer. Photo dump once a year to avoid bogging down. That's the only time the phone slows down.

Give me some reasons to upgrade, because I can't think of any. My phone before this was an S7 edge that had major overheating issues, 0 interest in going back to android.

    Azirius, 02 May 2024Harmony OS on Xiaomi? Don't you mean Hyper OS. Harmony... moreYes i meant hyper os but auto correct took its place lol

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      • 02 May 2024

      UltraHD, 20 Apr 2024Had them, was very disappointed by how quick the value of p... moreHarmony OS on Xiaomi? Don't you mean Hyper OS. Harmony is Huawei's OS.

        SERIOUSBLACK47, 28 Apr 2024What cheap iphone are you recommending that can last till 2027iphone 13 would last long

          Jagganatha, 26 Apr 2024All phones NEED flat edges , preferably knurled ones so you... moreWhat cheap iphone are you recommending that can last till 2027

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            • 26 Apr 2024

            I've had the Pro Max for 6 months, and it's a nice phone to have, but would I go back to Android? Likely. I miss the vanilla Android experience that the Pixel series provides and agree about iOS's UI going stale, also there are other androids that offer an experience just as good. I would have gone for the smaller Pro but the battery life made my decision.

            As for the iOS vs Android debate? I don't care, there are only two operating systems to choose from, and both do the job very well.

              All phones NEED flat edges , preferably knurled ones so you can hold them to take photos and do videos. These edges are OK but with a grippy knurled texture would work better. The camera island should be centred not on a corner where your fingers can block a lens!! (Apples have no brain as far as we know…) The camera island centred needs to have its lenses flush with the island, with each lens recessed into the island surface for safety to protect against damage and each lens needs the same sensor as the big main 48MP/24MP one, not some titchy inferior chip. There is STILL no 8K possible for videographers…nor a headphone jack for them or to listen to music reliably wherever you are…there is STILL no FM radio as many Androids have. With no radio I do not purchase a phone. And the headphone jack is needed as the USB-C connection will be occupied by on the go SSD storage as Apple STILL refuse to fit an SD card slot…there is STILL no lanyard attachment hole , which means you are always likely to drop the iPhone, again and again, risking camera and lens damage as these precise delicate systems are very easily wrecked by Apple failing to do their best for you. I hope iOS 17 gets better soon, as on my iPad it was refusing completely to recognize external storage… And every phone should come with a nice soft grippy case in the box, and the phonebox NEEDS to be designed such that the phone is packed in its centre surrounded by protective padding (preferably foam cutouts) and not perched on top next to the outside cardboard casing..

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                • 26 Apr 2024

                Anonymous, 25 Apr 2024It's a decent phone. Just like any other phone. It... moreIt's the best phone in this size. The regular iphones are decent.

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                  • 26 Apr 2024

                  The only thing i HATE about iphone is apps auto-arrange from top to bottom. In android i just place an app wherever i want, or keep screen empty. In iphone is so cluttered.

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                    • S37
                    • 26 Apr 2024

                    after a week of use you wonder why you bought a new phone

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                      • 25 Apr 2024

                      I use a lot of google maps navigation everyday to/from work and I cannot find any battery test using intense maps usage. 3 hours of navigation almost consumes 5 hours of social media scrolling. it uses 4G data, switches base stations every minute, uses screen constantly at 60Hz and using GPS.

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                        • 25 Apr 2024

                        fxarmy, 24 Apr 2024After using the iPhone 15 Pro for several months, I can con... moreIt's a decent phone. Just like any other phone. It's not like you will become more smart by buying this phone over the others.

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                          • 25 Apr 2024

                          Kirit, 25 Apr 2024I'm agree with you all statements but we are facing he... moreBro, either you haven't updated your software since launch, live in the Sahara desert or don't use an iPhone, the issue has been fixed a long while ago

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                            • 25 Apr 2024

                            I'm agree with you all statements but we are facing heating problem

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                              • 25 Apr 2024

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                                People vote with their hard earned cash, not with their comments on the Internet. Apple has been proven over and over again to be the best.

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                                  • 24 Apr 2024

                                  After using the iPhone 15 Pro for several months, I can confidently say that it's one of the most impressive smartphones I've ever owned. The combination of its stunning design, powerful performance, and exceptional camera capabilities truly sets it apart in the market.

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                                    • 23 Apr 2024

                                    Aerni68, 22 Apr 2024@ GSMARENA team A very good and neat "long-term"... moreHello,

                                    I agree with some of your statements. Some clarifications.
                                    Whilst there's no split screen function (that somehow is available on ipads) drag n drop works simply by holding an item with one finger and navigating as normal to an other app. Quite intuitively actually.
                                    External displays do work and do work well when using airplay which will fill the screen, hdr, and even pass controls to tv or screen remote. It only works for pictures and video apps (youtube and netflix do work). If showing anything else it uses screen mirroring which kinda has to a mirror of the phone screen.
                                    Landscape orientation for the whole UI was there in previous iOS releases for the "Plus" iPhones. I guess it wasn't a popular feature and hence removed. I can't think of a real reason why that should be a feature tbh.
                                    As for desktop mode well it does integrate brilliantly with macbooks. But even if u don't have a macbook u can use a screen and then connect keyboard and mouse to iphone and use native apps.

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                                      • 23 Apr 2024

                                      Nick, 23 Apr 2024I found my 15 Pro to get extremely hot when pushed... It j... moreEvery flagship gets hot when pushed. Every manufacturer pushes the SOCs to the limit of what a passive cooling solution can take. There's no free lunch.

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                                        • 23 Apr 2024

                                        I found my 15 Pro to get extremely hot when pushed...
                                        It just didn't give me the same comfortable feeling the 12 Pro did.