iPhone 3G review: Twice the hype, half the novelty

11 August 2008
It's finally here - the iPhone 3G. No, we mean that literally. It's finally at our office and boy, are we excited! GPS, HSDPA purring under the new iPhone hood with a hefty number of software enhancements. But all them software goodies...

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  • Vaan

Michael Alexander, 12 Aug 2008In a few words, if you already have an iPhone 1G it's difficult ... moreWhy can't they just add MMS in the 2.0 firmware?

  • Dilmeet

As a Symbian User I would say that the review has helped me a lot in deciding to buy this must-have gadget when it gets released in India on 22nd August. I can just say for now it has some pretty good features but for me it still needs a lot of firmware for me to upgrade to it from my Nokia 5700 XM. Just supreme audio quality won't do. But I hope another upgrade (software or hardware) would help. Till then Its S60 for me.

  • Anonymous

"dramatically improved audio" my A*ss

  • Anonymous

"a bit of a downer that you still can't turn predictive typing off"

you can turn predictive text off: smash the piece if crap iphone onto the floor and burn it...predictive text is turned off in the process, earler tests of blending the iphone have resulted in predictive text being turned off but we can't confirm this

  • Anonymous

iPhone 3G.., why pay less when you can pay more and get double the crap

  • Leo

You canīt do more things that you are able to do.

Whatīs the joke?

  • Anonymous

im not sure if a lot of people know that this new 3g iphone back cover is made out of cheap material, because there are a lot of complains from many iphone 3g owners (especially the white one) there are many hair-line cracks forming all over the back and many users claim that they have never dropped their phone or put any pressure on it

heres some proof...


  • Anonymous

wooheee i'm gonna get fat sitting at Mcdonalds using the new iphones super duper internet wifi technology!!

  • Michael Alexander

In a few words, if you already have an iPhone 1G it's difficult to decide whether to buy the new iPhone 3G or not. If you have a lot of money to throw, or you are a mobile internet addicted or you like to travel a lot in foreign places, here we go. But if it's not your case, better keep your first generation iPhone because the free firmware update gives you all the other features of the new iPhone.

If you don't have any iPhone and you are a real fan of mobile devices, this one it's a must-have-stuff. I've had plenty of phones, mostly smartphones, but this is completely different, it's standing alone above all the rest. It's not only about user interface and touchscreen; the best thing about iPhone is the possibility to fix almost all of the so-much-debated missing features by firmware updates. And it's the simple design, the solid sensation that it gives you when you keep it in your hand.

Future firmware updates can solve all the following problems: the Java and Flash support; the copy-paste thing; the MMS thing; the bluetooth file sharing and A2DP thing; the voice command thing; the FM radio support; and more. Only the camera cannot be upgraded that way (and the missing of the memory card slot), but who cares about that? A Nokia Nseries-like camera would make this device look weird, and would increase it's thickness and weight. And what for? Standalone cameras will always be better than phone cameras.

It has A-GPS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, TV-Out, accelerometer and countless applications that can increase the number of things it can do. For 3 to 5 US dollars you can borrow the latest movies, DvD-like quality or even High Definition, and watch them on your device or connect it to your LCD tv or plasma TV. For 10 US Dollars you can buy a movie.

Conclusion: iPhone 3G is among the best smarty and it can still be easily improved by firmware and software. It may cannot do what most cheap phones can do, but it also can do what no other phone can do. I strongly recommend it for mobile freaks! :)

  • csingh


  • CSingh

9th, still no vdeio recording??? wow i wanna like this phone but things like this are unacceptable

  • G

I think its a great phone with a few bug issues, Sometimes slow to respond ect.
I have it fully updated.
But as I have a (non o2) staff discount I get 600 mins 500 texts and here's the one I like Unlimited web for Ģ24.50 a month. :-)
I'am Loving it.

  • karan

so basically which one shuld i buy 1g or 3g ...the review is misguiding and confusin me ..if anyone who can understand this better plz help.

  • Martin G

I think the first version of the iPhone should be referred to as iPhone 1.0 instead of 1G which implies a 1G connection.

  • midtoad

Bluetooth stack doesn't support the use of Apple's own bluetooth keyboard.

  • Kaiser

Every one has it's own preferences - Stero Bluetooth? Yeah nice, never used it though. Used to love SE before, but find the UI really boring. Upgraded to P990, then HTC and found their tochscreens far too slow to work with.
The App store is awesome. I am ditching my Notebook when travelling, as almost anything can be done now on a small form factor device.

  • totti

the only point to buy this phone is the touch screen because in funtions it suK$.

  • SE + Nokia Fan

Still no Stereo Bluetooth...?!?! Geez!! A HUGE minus point for a portable MP3/Music Player. Still cannot replace my Sony Ericsson then...

  • hhh

a very good review.
balanced nd nice.

i m the 1st one,hurrey!!!!!!!!!!