iPhone 3G review: Twice the hype, half the novelty

11 August 2008
It's finally here - the iPhone 3G. No, we mean that literally. It's finally at our office and boy, are we excited! GPS, HSDPA purring under the new iPhone hood with a hefty number of software enhancements. But all them software goodies...

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  • Karo Kappen

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2013What can one do to upgrade 3G so it can accept What's App? Is th... moreI too got a iPhone 3G I can't also use whatsapp and I can't Also upgrade my version I got ios 4.1 what will I do i love this phone very much what will I do now I can't Use any application in my iPhone could some one solve my problem my gmail is karokappen@gmail.com

  • Anonymous

What can one do to upgrade 3G so it can accept What's App? Is there a download that one can download to upgrade? My e-mail is: archiemuza@gmail.com Please advise?

  • Anonymous

it is an ipod touch with gsm. mega music with very powerful output for big headphones. no smartphone today is equal in audio quality and power,except iphone range. is just an ipod indeed,remember

  • Anonymous

The iphone 3g sucks. I hate this phone with a passion.

  • Nsk

I wont to iphone technishiyon or contac no

  • PRB

Inka Technology, 19 Mar 2010I love the iphone - it was my first smart phone and I honestly c... moreDid u use Blackberry bold?
Use it and tell me which is better..

  • Inka Technology

I love the iphone - it was my first smart phone and I honestly can't imagine using another smart phone. From the design, to the software, it's truly a great phone. For Apple to get so many things right on their first phone development is amazing - but not unexpected - It's awesome to see Apple shake up the world of cell phones and make the other manufacturers wake up and design better.

  • Anonymous

I was able to borrow a cousin's IPhone for a couple of weeks (He's considering selling it to me). As a multimedia device, its an absolute joy to use. But as a phone, it's below average. No video calling, no copy-and-paste function, low call volume, fiddly virtual keypad (i've grown accustomed to pressing buttons) are just some of the downers i've encountered. I'm also irked by the fact that i cant transfer my notes and calendar lists to my PC (anybody know of an IPhone app that can do this?).

  • iceman

to all the iPhone users......i have been thinking about getting a new phone and i was thinking about iPhone 3GS.....my question is.....can i drag and drop files from my pc to the phone in any ways.....that is will my pc detect the phone as a flash drive.......i need to know cause i need to see my ms office files on the go and i need to load them on the phone from my pc......is it really possible......thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2008to: death to apple, u goth! stop trying to be so different, ther... moreMore memory? ANY phone today has more memory than the biggest Iphone, because of 32 GB microSD-support. PHAIL

  • G

death 2 apple, 24 Oct 2008actualy i was offered an iphone 4 free on upgrade so i dont real... moreI dont like the iphone either, but I would not rather eat my fist.

  • Phone Lover

Hey guys,

I have had my iPhone 3G for nearly a year now and can safely say its a truly unique phone. I love all phones, I think Samsung and Nokia make excellent phones, but I have to say the way the iPhone completes task is just fantastic... it looks classy and everything it does is without lag and always entertaining. If you want a purely business smartphone, this probably isnt the right choice for you.

If you want an allround, enjoyable smartphone then this is the phone for you. Now with 3.0 coming out, practically all the minor issues are fixed and before we know it the next generation iPhone will be out for sale with its better camera (reportedly) and style.

So before you knock the iPhone, give it a try. Im not a fanboy (I respect all phones of all brands) but this is one phone that I'll always love. I never thought I'd say it, but I would not consider upgrading this phone to anything BUT an Apple (alteast until the competition come up with a phone with a user interface to match)!

  • Dan

I kind of agree with one of the more recent comments that people are critisising the iphone without owning or even have used one. I have owned a number of mobile phones throughout the past few years and can honestly say that the iphone absolutely slaughters them all in terms of both technology and ease of use. Many of the features missing from the original iphone firmware that are mentioned in these comments have now been addressed. The iphone now features MMS, push email, superior bluetooth (OS 3.0), multiple apps and much more. It really is embarrasing for all other cellphone manafacturers such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and LG that they haven't come up with anything to compete with the iphone in two years. Come June/July 2009 Apple will have released the iPhone 3G's successor and considering they already have the best cellphone/smartphone available on the market today it seems they can only go from strength to strength.

  • Qasim

Only buy it if you want to show off.
Yes, the screen is gorgeous, it has decent memory, it looks good (but not as good as the original iPhone) and it is reasonably easy to use.
I loved the iPhone 1. But this new one, its too expensive and doesn't really improve on the features offered by the old one.

I'll take an Omnia or Omnia HD any day thank you very much.

  • olivera

i just got a iphone 3G on optus contract and i had great surprise the phone look nice and it easy to use but there is many problems that i cant resolve i was surprise that you cant use bluetooth to transfer files, also no mms ringtones you have to buy from i tunes with credit card i dont have one no video recording, ringtones are minimal a lot of other staff now im a bit dissapointed in iphone i like the interfrance of phone but missing a lot important staff regards oli

  • ERIK

i have my iphone 3g 2.2.1 for a seven days,its a great multimedia device but it is not a phone..It lacks a lot of ,,phone features,,it has very bad messages inbox, no mms, no bluetooth for sending files???? no mass storage??? and at last very high radiation level SAR 1.40...woow the people from apple should realy make a new model much better than this if they want to beat NOKIA wich is much friendly to the customers... i hope that the new 3.0 firmware will make some diference to the iphone otherwise i will sell it and buy NOKIA....

  • Bsanders

What about bluetooth file transfer and MMS would be great, even though i don't use those things alot on any phone, it would be nice just to have it there. Phone that are a hell of alot cheaper that can still do those functions.

  • serdmlen

actually iphone is like my mini mac.. but it has lots of disadvantanges such as - cant delete several msgs, poor camera resolution, no call forwarding... because of these im getting my N85 on friday... il probly use my iphone for internet access...

  • Anonymous

many people hate iphone because they can't afford it.they are just being bitter to someone who has iphone because they are jealous.and those who have it but still hates their iphone, i think you should just love it because you are lucky because you have one.not like me who don't have one and i want one but i can't afford it.

  • Anonymous

This cell phone sucked to death!!!