iPhone 3G review: Twice the hype, half the novelty

11 August 2008
It's finally here - the iPhone 3G. No, we mean that literally. It's finally at our office and boy, are we excited! GPS, HSDPA purring under the new iPhone hood with a hefty number of software enhancements. But all them software goodies...

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  • Understanding my IPh

iphone001, 14 Oct 2008guys just please jailbreak the iphone 3G that u guys have - t... moreI have been reading about "jailbreak" the iphone.. Someone please explain to me how that is done???

  • Abilash

See this Iphone is good to fellow who is limited to his knowledge, where he or she don't need to edit or customise his or her Iphone.
But the basic features to an ordinary person is done well, such as web surfing, music videos, & basic call features.

But for a user who knows and wants customisaton or techno, then this phones is crap.

After a month or so, you will see and realise the iphone's
disadvantage. Interface is more user friendly but it is due to that modifications are not possible.

To all Iphone users, can you tell me how to transfer files to a non iphone. please

  • xman

Rick, 10 Nov 2008iPhone 3G - best phone I've ever used. terrific useability fan... morein reply to

"iPhone 3G - best phone I've ever used.
terrific useability
fantastic set of apps available
makes using data and mobile web a real option rather than a novelty.
ground breaking phone AND web device"

iPHONE is the worst phone I've ever owned. it fails the compulsory exercises.

1) voice volume so low phone is non-functional in social enviroments. it doesn't work in a train, bus, car, nightclub, ... as a PHONE.

2) Lack of one handed operability. touch screen interface requires one hand to hold phone and other hand to push buttons. If one hand is occupied, the only function available answering incoming calls. one handed reading and sending text messages, receiving and making phone calls is REQUIRED in a mobile phone.

3) Lack of customization : no ability to create shortcuts to the things I want to do the most with my phone. no ability to change font-sizes to per my personal tastes. decent shortcuts would sove the one handed issues listed in 2)

4) text messaging works poorly : thread layout is highly limmiting : I have an option to turn this off on most devices : why is it shoved down my throat with the iPHONE. keyboard has too small of buttons, font-sizes can not be adjusted.

5) doesn't support international travel as it is locked. I own two SIM cards and like phones that allow SIM card transfer. I have two phones; one primary, one backup, & transfer SIM cards between the two in airports.

the iPHONE is a a very good personal entertainment device. it has a browser that makes the best of a 3.5 inch screen ( my PC's 20 inch screen is WAY better).

I sold my iPHONE after suffering with it for 3 months... replacement arrived this christmas, first smasung for me. It does much better on the categories shown above.

  • Anonymous

Just as u jailbreaking, you can also mod moto phones. though i dont have $$$ for an iphone but cheap moto phones suffice :D

  • ricky putingtae

i was wondrin, could the iphone3g play VGA (640x480) with 100+mb size with no delays in sound??

  • Deepz

For all those peoples who are bragging here about their SE and samsung phones or some other touch phones.

Why all those phones didn't come before iPhone?

You know There is a good name given to such companies = COPYCATS.

  • Anonymous

to: death to apple, u goth! stop trying to be so different, theres a reason the phone is so popular, and that reason is...better screen then almost all phones out, better sound, more memory, and better browsing, the only thing it lacks is a 8 megapixel camera like the sony erricson which doesnt even have a good enough screen to view your professional pictures on.

  • Rick

iPhone 3G - best phone I've ever used.
terrific useability
fantastic set of apps available
makes using data and mobile web a real option rather than a novelty.
ground breaking phone AND web device.

no copy paste, minor annoyance.
mo MMS, use email

my biggest gripe, the hardware switch for silent mode, why?

  • death 2 apple

Iphone Lover, 07 Oct 2008I have had no problems with my iphone i love it so all u iphon... moreactualy i was offered an iphone 4 free on upgrade so i dont really need to afford it. i would rather eat my fist then ever buy a iphone. its the most overhyped piece of crap and all the isheep who follow it r pretty retarded as to the other options available to them if they wanted to buy a decent PHONE!!! iphone is only good if you want to use it as an ipod touch but surely its better to just buy a touch

  • Anonymous

still reading through this (old) review once again, and having heard first hand what the iphone isn't capable of- it is not the phone for me.

as for the videocalling- that is just a novelty, i never use it, but appreciate when it is there.

the mms- i send 1-2 mms a day, so yeah instantly on this fact- i won't buy/sell this phone.

as for email capabilities- that takes up extra allowance on my phone plan, which i am capping 100MB easily a month,so email is a no- go.

the apparent lack of a copy/paste feature is what makes the iphone a below par multi media device. sorry- but i kinda expect this feature in a phone that boasts similar capabilities of a very basic pc.

as for the lack of a file transfer bluetooth- again i use this frequently on my w880i and it is a feature i would sourly miss- since i am no longer able to distribute pictures and videos to friends for free.

oh and i am frequently doing more than one task at once on my SE w880i. again another feature i would be missing out on. i don't want none of the generic crap that aplle is making to sate the disappointed. i am all for doing mms while surfing in opera mini browser.

so i think in my case- you apple fanboys would agree that the iphone is far from the phone for me.

as for the ipod service- i am always uninstalling itunes after i update quicktime, cos DRM on music has failed me 3/3 times. 3 strikes is enough. no more money on digitally obtained media for me either.

and i have a zen x-fi 16GB which has an SD expandable slot, which i am happily using to store my favorite videos.

at least the creative play centre is generous and doesn't make a hostile takeover and conflict with my current pc settings.

  • Erick

The mobile telecommunications industry will not be transformed simply due to the arrival of a new UI on a mobile device or a restricted business model for delivery of products and services which the Apply offering appears to provide. Additionally it is unlikely that the current price for this device is sustainable.

  • Mr. Blake.

This phone (Which i had... and returned..) distinctly reminds me of a Child's toy laptop. It screams metrOsexual. Like i would subtley lOok forward to using it after my tRi-weekly manicure. I think ill go buy a Real phone now. With Actual Business and Overall functionality. Goodbye. ;/

  • iphone001

guys just please jailbreak the iphone 3G that u guys have

- turn of the predictive text -> jailbreak -> yes you can turn it off forever that predictive text

- no video on the iphone?? -> who said that? -> jailbreak -> you have the camcorder/video recorder

- cant change the themes of your iphone?? -> jailbreak -> instal winterboard -> done^^

jailbreak is the only one way to make ur iphone more cool then the unjailbreak iphone 3G

use iphone 3G -> jailbreak -> u smart man

  • iphone001

i got the prepaid black 8GB iphone 3G and i fell just like normal phone untill i jailbreak my iphone 3G now i love it so much, i fell like no other phone can replace my 3G iphone

happy, happy and happy thats all i can say. and i just need a few days till my iphone 3G unlocked

iphone is the best^^

  • Iphone Lover

I have had no problems with my iphone
i love it
so all u iphone haters
ur just jeoulus u cant efford one!

  • Katie

Got the iPhone a week ago tomorrow, already been into Optus twice to ask about problems I am having with it, was told to download the new Firmware 2.1 and iTunes 8, only problem is I don't have Broadband at home (I know I must be the only one in the world) but phone companies should actually ask you what sort of connection you have before selling you a phone these days, because if I had of known I would have to spend time trying to download things on my computer to make my NEW phone work properly then I wouldn't have bothered. Because really? Problems already so much so you have to put new software on it to make it work better, to make the battery life longer? That's just sad, I wish my trusty Nokia hadn't of died so I could have waited for the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic, it'll probably be better, being a Nokia. I really feel I made a mistake, I have what I call my "Black Jack" feeling (nothing to do with the card game), and it never lets me down. You can't even put a song as a ringtone!! Definately twice the hype, half the novelty!!

  • mark p

wow a great phone. but if you going to put a 2 meg camera on board you may well as not bother. if this was 3.2 or higher. it would be the greatest phone in the world.

so as it is, LG and Samsung rule the world.

sorry mr jobs your still a genius.

  • Vasia

This is so funny when grown men showing of their iPhones somewhere near the office building in NY :). Hilarious. No wonder NWO creates all these "economical problems" :) Buy more phones and think about phones rather then about life that you live buying these phones. LOL

  • Anonymous

Open your Eyes, 10 Sep 2008Today We Expect Technology even though we dont use it but today ... moreI don't think you know what you're talking about. You have no idea how many good features and qualities the iphone has that is worth more than MMS and BT file transfer. MMS and BT file transfer are the only things you probably do, LOL.

  • Open your Eyes

Today We Expect Technology even though we dont use it but today u have to have the best and the Iphone is none of that 4.9.6/10
thats The score i have a samsung i900 and it is good