HTC Touch Pro review: Heavyweight pro

04 September 2008
Windows Mobile wars are at their fiercest and a truce is nowhere in sight with new recruits marching to battle as we speak. HTC Touch Pro is adding some heavy firepower to the Touch Diamond campaign for domination of the WinMo...

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  • Scorpio

clean b, 09 Apr 2013pls can i update my touch pro windows phone 6.1 to windows 7.5?No

  • clean b

pls can i update my touch pro windows phone 6.1 to windows 7.5?

  • sanjeev

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2009Can you post detailed directions for how to make these "tweaks"?Ihad touch pro from last eight months&my expereions is not good .its not a good mobile

  • Anonymous

andy, 20 May 2009I've had the HTC Touch Pro for about a month and a half, an... moreCan you post detailed directions for how to make these "tweaks"?

  • BoneThug

wouldnt the app that made it vibrate when touched just drain the battery and be annoying?

  • andy

I've had the HTC Touch Pro for about a month and a half, and I must say that it's awesome, but "stock" it's a bit slow, you can easily flash it though. Search xda on google and you'll find everything you need. With the right ROM, this phone is super fast and functional.

By far the coolest phone I've ever had.

  • andy

Yager - yes you can sync
Anonymous asking about haptic feedback - if you're reffering to vibration when touching the screen, you can find apps that do this
Nightwish - i think it does
Lace - yes, you can also turn off the screen completely in standby

  • Yager

I heard that you can't sync with your pc on the Touch Pro. Any comments or insight.

  • Jep

can i now, how much the price is? i survey the market and found it for RM2,800(brand new) and RM1,800(used/second hand), where can i got any cheaper?

  • Anonymous

Does the Touch Pro have haptic feedback?

  • DeViL13

Thanks a lot Wonderful review, Great Job :)

  • Bart

Kallie - South Afric, 04 Nov 2008Can anybody help plse ...? GPS I installed TomTom & SA Map... moreHi Kallie - there is also Garmin GPS software available from HTC SA stores (add cost)which works including voice guided directions.

  • Anonymous

Excellent review! Very good job done. Thanks.

P.S. Hope to see more of this kind reviews.

  • Kallie - South Afric

Can anybody help plse ...? GPS
I installed TomTom & SA Maps , but now PRO cant find builtin GPS ...
When I try to configure in TTom , no builtin GPS ...
I previously used Tytn II , no problem , the builtin GPS showed in TTom...

  • Nightwish

Does this phone has Push mail? Any idea Guyz?

  • Lace

Does it have a "touch screen/keypad LOCK" during stand-by mode?

  • Anonymous

the HTC touch is so cool, the GPS with Tomtom maps are so cool, it is very quick, connection to GPS takes only 5 secs for me, the only problem is the size of the sreen too small, battery is running so low only last me day or too, not good i have constantly charge it up every day... everything else is great

  • Guy

Fantastic review, thank you!
Eagerly awaiting for the X1 review :)

  • Pro

disappointed, 25 Sep 2008Been a big HTC fan for a long time. However I was sorely d... moreI have it for almost 20 days, and it is really good. Thanks to God I do not have these problems. Wifi you can access by going to setting tab, not a big deal. You navigate backward to program and then to setting. From the keyboard there is a short cut by FN and the right cursor.

Performance is fine and no lag at all, may be in some rare cases and this happens in every mobile.

I think you were not patient enough.

  • disappointed

Been a big HTC fan for a long time. However I was sorely disappointed with the PRO. Got one two days ago. Used it for a day and returned it. Very disappointing performance. Not user friendly at all. The keyboard keeps moving constantly and the joints looks very flimsy. Calls were dropping all the time beacsue by the time you pullit out of the case the touch flo would hang up the call and set the phone to vibrate. very very annoying. Menus are also difficult to use. keep opening up the wrong application all the time. Communication manager is hard to reach. Turning the wifi on or off requires a lot of navigation. All in all difficult to use with one hand. I think I will go for a TyTN II instead. Seems like a better device over all. The fancy touch flo screen cannot be configured. you cannot add more items to it nor remove.

The looks however are very nice. The browser is good. The display crisp and sharp. The functionlity and the programs are all very good. Radio reception is also good. Keyboard feels great and easy to use.