Samsung B2700 review: Tough and geared

11 September 2008
Samsung may be flying high on INNOV8 but they sure have at least a toe on the ground. Just recently they spilled the low-to-mid-end bag, so we don’t forget a flagship is only as good as the fleet behind it. No handset in the handful they just...

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  • El Tusan

This Samsung phone is only an updated version of the old Nokia 5140 and 5140i. Just take a look at this link:

  • Christian

Does anyone know if you can plug in a usual headphone. No idea what the name in English is - the stuff you would plug in an Ipod or similar.

Besides that seems a great phone. Finally a substitue for my Siemens ME45.

I can not understand that bla, bla concerning Nokia-Samsung. If you are a fundementalist Nokia lover you can make an altar at home and pray to your Nokia. At the moment I can not see any competitor produced by Nokia to this mobile.

  • potentialuser

Does anyone know if it's possible to sync it with MS Outlook on the PC?

  • sumar

this is adventure HP. i like this..

  • Arronemnamy

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  • XRumerTest

Hello. And Bye.

  • Wretamori

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2008He said "one of the pioneers" not "the pioneer"errnkkkkkk!!! wrong! :P

Based on Merriam-Webster online:

pioneer: a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development

basically, the first. so, dont put Nokia with it. As its line of rugged phones came in yearrrrssss after Siemens released its first rugged mobile!

Rugged phones aint new to Siemens when Nokia released its remote-control-like 6250. ahahaha

Siemens is the best! The others need to rest! wahahahhaah!!!

peace! =D

  • lacruise


it will be a cheap phone!
is nokia offering the same for 150 eur?
no! so nokia funboys, please keep you mouth shut!

since my nokia 5210 died, I cant find a phone which can be used as a 3rd phone to use it when we go off road of just to the beach!
it would be nice to have wifi and what ever, but for 150 eur it is more than great!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2008actually, the title "pioneer" should go to the 10 years ol... moreHe said "one of the pioneers" not "the pioneer"

  • Anonymous

rigelstuff, 12 Sep 2008I'm considering getting a second phone for personal use (cu... moreactually,
the title "pioneer" should go to the 10 years old Siemens S10 Active.
as far as i know, its the first rugged cellphone available.

  • andry

it's about time they released rugged phone with 3G network support.
now, for 150 euro, i bet this phone will sell well.
i wish their next model will feature GPS and WiFi...

  • kumag

Wish that Samsung could make an upgrade model of this phone with GPS later.

  • G

rigelstuff, 12 Sep 2008I'm considering getting a second phone for personal use (cu... moreYeah, I agree with you completely. Though I wish it had GPS, to make it the complete outdoor enthusiast's phone, but it's very nice all the same.

  • Phoenix

Up until this moment, I was considering a Nokia E51 as an addition to my current ROKR E6. But reading the review of this phone, I am absolutely sold on it. Will get one as soon as I can lay hands on it. Rugged, durable, good display, voice clarity, loud ringing and speakerphone, EDGE and 3G, torchlight, good battery, good keypad... absolutely meets my requirements. I can live without Wi-fi, and HSDPA is still a long way off when I still don't have simple 3G here in India although it will be launched by about the end of this year. Just hope the price bracket quoted in the review is approximately correct. It would be a sweet spot indeed for this beauty...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2008all samsung do is copy, before they would only make flip ph... moreU poor non-smart Nokia boy.

  • rigelstuff

I'm considering getting a second phone for personal use (currently have a Tytn II for work) and was considering the Nokia E71.

But now, strangely, I am drawn to this phone, despite its simplicity (vs smartphones in general). I guess it brings me back to the good old days when I was lusting after the Nokia 5210, one of the pioneers in the "rugged" phone business (together with the 6250 and the 5210's replacements, the 5410 and 5410i).

The B2700's straighforward nature, coupled with modern-day features (how far mobile phones have come!) is quite appealing. I just might get it once it hits our shores.

  • Anonymous

wow!... that's one really strong phone!!

  • Anonymous

stop b!tching about samsung copying nokia phones... have you seen a nokia phone that looks like this phone.. you just cant accept the fact that this one is a great tough phone... dont be such a biased loser just because your a nokia fanboy.... comment on it for what it offers...

  • nat

a dual-sim version with confidential notes and hi-capacity battery would maker this a very good phone.

  • Jaim

Nice, but it would b better if samsung, se and nokia also produce mid to high sportphone like this or they already prepare it?