Samsung B2700 review: Tough and geared

11 September 2008
Samsung may be flying high on INNOV8 but they sure have at least a toe on the ground. Just recently they spilled the low-to-mid-end bag, so we don’t forget a flagship is only as good as the fleet behind it. No handset in the handful they just...

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  • Jaim

Nice, but it would b better if samsung, se and nokia also produce mid to high sportphone like this or they already prepare it?

  • moe.

+GPS could 've been absolute .

  • Zobi

Not bad for a rugged phone. Is good for taking on a hike. If you attacked by bear you can even throw the phone at the bear!

  • Andy Burgin

Samsung nowdays are realising the best way to sell there phones is copy every nokia phone as there do not seem to sell as good as Nokia

  • Anonymous

all samsung do is copy, before they would only make flip phones, and now its all what others are doing, Nokia made the market, anyone can come and make a symbian and winmo highend phone, even BMW could, samsung are cheap now lost all respect