Samsung L700 review: Cool as Metal

07 October 2008
Samsung L700 is a lower midrange fella and its main selling points are solid construction, metal body and fast 3G speeds. Before you frown at the shortish specs list do remember that it's not aiming high. It's set instead to address...

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  • Anonymous

i want purchse l700 pl late known

  • igobymanynames

Does anybody know how to delete playlist on this phone?

  • shib acharya, kolkat

Bought exactly 1 year bk with lot of expectations & xitement.
I hav bsnl 3G connctn & I wanted a mid range phone with std 3G features.L700 suited my requirements. I had then read abt few -ve fdbks like poor battery, netwrk prblm, etc in this blog. Still the features @ that price(Rs6200/-) attracted me the most.
My fdbk is very -ve. Why?
1)Batry is really poor.( I am a mktng person-so naturally usage is heavy, added to it are urges of surfing & listening to misic.)At times I even had to charge twice a day.
2)Even when calls were disconnected, actual disconnection would take even >1min.
3)Frequently it wd get hang.
4)Browser is v very slow(at times xtrmly irritating) possibly due to the processor.
5)Contacts wd automatically get deleted though enough memory remaining. Eerie!
6)With bsnl connection(2G or 3G)-huge netwrk problm.most of the time I wd be unreachable sitting in my office or home while a simple nokia phone wd be absolutely OK with similar bsnl connection. Strange!
Leave other smaller problems like nt able to set ur own sms tune, camera problm,or others reported in blog.

Lastly, I ultimately gave it for servicing at the biggest samsung mobile serv centre in Kolkata. Believe me, it has taken them 21 days to repair the problms & that too looping in samsung br mgrs-both sales & serv. Some parts(camera) were nt available?!
Just imagine being w/out ur mobile for almost 1 mnth.
I am now thinking to xchange this.
So friends, the good old proverb still holds good-look before u leap.

  • Ayan

Very goooooo.....d phone. I like it.

  • aman

shreyans, 14 Dec 2009bada set yaar eh phone najara ii a gaya hooooooooooooor

  • shreyans

bada set yaar eh phone
najara ii a gaya

  • ssivan

I am using this phone for the past one year.

Its a nice phone.


Sturdy and stylish design ( It fell many times - no probs)

Audio quality is good

Battery life is good even for great talkers it can last for two fulldays

Camera quality is very good in day light.

Phone book capacity, user interface, Bluetooth, 3G, are felt by me as great.


No download of game is possible.

Flash strength is weak

Conversation recoring facility should be there.

FM without headphone is not possible.

Audio to have higher volume




  • Vishal

Can anyone tell me how's the battery life, i have been using this phone from few days and i feel the battery life is too poor. Just wanted to check if this the problem with my handset.

  • Madan

yesterday, i bought this phone. This is cool handset, with ever lasting battery (At the time i bought this handset the charge in the phone is just 2 point. After listening music, viewing videos etc., the phone battery till shows 2 point.) . So its nice na. Love you samsung L700

  • djp

Had this phone for a month now and have had problems with signal strength. The Sony Ericsson I had previously had a weak signal when I was at home (i live in the middle of nowhere) but this phone has no signal at all rendering it useless in the evenings.

  • Anonymous

i got this set few days back, had some reservation for battery life. but its amazing. unlike nokia, the last tower will be the strogest, i recommend this phone very much

  • suresh tp

its sound clarity is not good when compared to another brand of same to load and view the office document?

  • SeaC

Can we download Mxit to the Samsung L700.
I live in South Africa

  • Dont buy it lol

1) Camera quality is too bad when u compare it with others phone having 2 mega pic.

2) You cant install any game or software

3) Only few default themes is there. you can't install any theme.

4) You can't record any call

5) You can't even change sms tone. Lol

6) There is no obtion to go to the phone menu when you are in call.

7) U can't switched on the led as torch. It's led only works as flash during picture taking

8) No equalizer is there when u play mp3.

9) Very low soung when u play a music video.

10) Pooooooor headsets in quality, even headsets are not comfortable, starts pain after 5 minutes

11) While typing an sms, you've to put some symbols manually. dictionary is too bad.

When i purchased this phone, next day i run to shop to sale it. & he offer 3k less then it's orignal value & there i decided to use it for atleast 6 months to get some value out of it. But this mode is too disgusting

  • vijay tipnis

i bought this handset for myself a week ago & i found it very strong, nice phone. performs very well under any conditions. 8/10 for this set. i recommend this stuff to the people who demands more for less money.overall a winner. viva samsung.

  • edwina

im completely inlove with my phone. i like the design,the metal bar cover so sofisticated. i just luv it.


it not user friendly.. like sony or nokia.
we cannot download games.. even it has voice recorder..but cannot record call conversations !!!

good in design .. but poor in oprations...

  • mobin

hey is the speakers loudness is good in l700
can we put themes in it,
thanks in advance

  • lance

Stefano el Greco, 20 Nov 2008Hi i just bought it and i like it so much but does anybody knows... moretry the volume keys..but once the key tone becomes mute there will be no sounds when the phone is whitch on/off

  • jack

hey iwant know l700 sound quality, pic clarity
anybody tell about it?