Sony Ericsson C902 review: Cyber-touch

14 October 2008
Full steam into the megapixel chase, Sony Ericsson C902 is trying to show off its best before the 8 megapixel monsters start stealing the show.The Cyber-shot pedigree, touch-controlled camera and metal outfit...

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  • saifullahi

my phone not allow me to download video from youtube or any other wev site,how i will do pls.

  • toseef

I have sony how tou volume buttuns are me how tou volume up with keypad butuns

  • vicky

Plz help me,my phone menu layout not available.

  • Anonymous

my phone does not accept to play any music or videos, i have tried downloading a mp3 player but the problem still there help me please

  • di@blo

it is an amazing device, i believe it is one of the best ever made, but i wish the case was replaceble, i have one model for 2years and it has some scratches on i hope i could solve this problem by changing the case for a new one with other colour. I love this mobile

  • Anonymous

Hi,can i updat my phon ?up and up ,in iran net services very bad.!!?are you show to me 1.2?3?way . anti virus mach by my device and powerfuly waves Anten?hey , 2 moons ago im started showing SE mobils in my face page.

  • Buffee

chinese language, 24 May 2010Can anyone help me? i need Chinese language with sony ericsson ... moreI'm not quite sure how to say this; you made it exetermly easy for me!

  • faysal

the phone is restart automatically & don't switch on
what i have to do?

  • jhala

raul, 09 Feb 2010dear samsam my c902 is in cel hospital because the mother board ... moresir problem in mother bord

  • Anesh Chand

this is 1 of best design 5mp fone.i have used it for a yr n half.the screen size is only disadvantage.

  • chinese language

Can anyone help me?
i need Chinese language with sony ericsson c902.
What can i do?

  • Hames

Such a GREAT phone i ever see before...SE 902 sliding camera cap is even AWESOMEEEE !!!!!!!!

  • raul

SAMSAM, 31 Jan 2010C902 is having issue which later C902 SE came in. The main probl... moredear samsam my c902 is in cel hospital because the mother board has a problem, where you found the mother board???? i need a replace for my c902.
i will apreciatte your prompt response


C902 is having issue which later C902 SE came in. The main problem for this phone is that it self power off when not in use. You will only realise it when you happened to touch on any key pad then it bootup again. I had the phone sent for service once I bought it within a month. The whole motherboard was replace and the same problem return after 8mths. So properly because of this reason that a Second edition was released soon after the initial release. When I return with 2nd service nothing was done except the software were further upgraded. However, it still hold on the problem and my warranty for the phone expired.Very sad and disappointed despite I like the phone.

  • Anonymous

The phone is lovely but it's quite hard to text from as the buttons are very stiff x

  • shourab

Which phone should i buy?? N82 or C902. Any Tell me

  • caesar

no hole to put sling.

  • Mo

Difficult to handle the battery closure, very bad design for the battery door. Dumb buttons, the shifting of options key to the left is a head ache...could have been better...

  • Anonymous

I beg to differ, i have had endless problems with my c902 over the 3 months i have it. it has gone in for repairs on two occasions and will have to go in once again as i am having problems once AGAIN!! i really like the phone and it has great features but i cannot deal with a phone that has to go in for repairs this much.

  • Jer

The interface, softrware and camera is cool. Been using like 6months and i havent had any hanging issue.
The only thing I hate abt is slanted button. Frequent smsing can really hurt your finger and joints. And for s a sleek and slim phone like this, it is way too heavy!