Sony Ericsson C905 review: Cyber shot, cyber hot

29 October 2008
High megapixel count is the rage these days and Sony Ericsson C905 is adding fuel to the fire. The first 8 megapixel GSM cameraphone to make headlines is shipping as we speak. On top of geotagging...

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  • Anonymous

Those silly tacky names employed by the Korean makers are darn annoying. INNOV8, Renoir, Pixon? Whoever came up with those should be shot. How about Pixel8 then? They must think they're so clever and classy.

  • Nick_GMI

I have a comment on the fact that you are dissappointed in the fact that you can't use xenon flash in fastpic mode,
because, how long does it take a medium end digital camera to reload its flash??
usually 5 seconds or more, does it not ?
how can you expect a phone which has more things to do than just taking photo's to recharge the flash within 0,8 or 1,7 seconds??
it would take quite a camera to be able to deal with that kind of power usage... i think the function on C905 is great as it is!!
cheers for the great review btw :)

  • Erick

George, 30 Oct 2008T700 is already out right? I agree with you, just hoping that th... moreHello, in answer to your question, I believe the T700's launch is imminent. I would imagine Sony Ericsson want this device in stores before end of the year along with the G705, so they can focus on what they want to announce at the Barcelona 3GSM trade show in 2009. We all wait with great interest!

  • George

Erick, 30 Oct 2008Let us hope that this device, along with the forthcoming G705 an... moreT700 is already out right? I agree with you, just hoping that the new crossbreed phone won't be named Cyber-man or Walkshot. Lol.

  • Anonymous

great review. i dot need a digital camera anymore. SE RULE

  • Erick

Let us hope that this device, along with the forthcoming G705 and T700 will ensure that SE remains successful over the medium to long term in this marketplace. Going forward it must begin to review what OS it will use in its future feature devices (ie further enhancements to the A200 Java platform) and whether it may make better sense given the increasing conveegence of digital technologies to actually abandon having separate mobile device product lines such as one for photography (CyberShot) and one for music (Walkman). True all-rounders, such as the excellent K800i from over a year ago, prove that people will go for a device which offers a valuable and comprehensive feature set instead of one which offers good features in one area but not another.

This device, when the price declines in 2009, should sell well.

  • sniper_supra

David, 30 Oct 2008Does anybody know if there is alot of audio quality difference b... morewalkman 3 has better acoustics than media player 3 - in other words, clearer and crispier sound.

  • David

Does anybody know if there is alot of audio quality difference between a music player 3.0 and a walkman player 3.0? Or is it the basically the same audio software but with different player options?

  • plwh888

One of the best undocumented function is the Exchange ActiveSync, I'm surprised that it is part of the firmware without additional download unlike Nokia Mail For Exchange.

see :

  • Anonymous

bad video recording. juz qvga. cant record vga and slow motion. Samsung better

  • Anonymous

still using the old style UI. so disappointing. it cant view basic microsoft office documents. cheap.

  • Naveen

Hi guys .. at this point i want to ask the reviewers few questions ...

1.) How fast is the new UI of C905 compared to k850 ?? coz all know that K850 UI is sluggish and can get really slow when used with Media Player ....

2.) And I wish reviewers also add something mode specification like CPU used , RAM , and other stuff.. so that it will make technical person or one who are interested in multi tasking , a bit easier to select the phones... any what CPU is used and how much is the working RAM compared to K850 ?

3.) How fast does the phone takes the picture ( 8MP , storage : memory card ) ?

thanks for the great review guys .. keep up the good work.... !!!

and one small request to gsmarena ... i wish u guy do a review or article on the firmware / post release problems faced by users ... ( coz i have K850 and it can even take a photo in night without over exposing the photo and still it hasn't been addressed till date even in their latest firmware.. and it seems we early shifters to SE flagship are suffering with firmwares not getting released to address basic problems... and if that's the case in this phone too then it will bring in great hatred towards SE ... that's why gsmarena should conduct a review/article regarding this ...

Thnks guys ///

  • Jonas

The Sony Ericsson C905 also has Panorama Shot.
I just wanted to add that :o)
(Under "compare with LG and Samsung" )

  • G

SE have used the same old FM radio interface ever since the W800i. It's about time they updated it so it is more like the one used on, say, the W960i. Yes it was UIQ but SE could use similar technology in its regular handsets, with fullscreen graphics and advanced RDS information.

  • Anonymous

the video recorder quality so cheap :(

  • dXm

Best feature phone maker is back :)

  • Arunava

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2008I agree with you, looking at the foilage in some of the photos t... moreThe C905 has a focal length of 5.91 and not 5.2

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Oct 2008I agree with you, looking at the foilage in some of the photos t... moreQuite well said!

I wish to add that a tag soft image is a way better than an oversharped image, as you can always sharpen it later in a software as photoshop. Things get even better if you are familiar with the different ammounts and values that the sharpening tool of the Photoshop gives - from a rough sharpening of an image to a fine sharpening that only brings deails in front.

As one said it in the previous posts, "Down sized images look amazing though". For internet sharing or online viewing, images should only be considered when downsized. Being an advanced prosumer photographer, I almost never crop/use/view images at 100%. Full crops are only applicable when I select from a series of images which one is the sharpest so as to add it to my photo DB.

  • Anonymous

How is GSMArena biased for reviewing one phone before another? Do you know the system which GSMArena reviews handsets? If you dont, I suggest you dont come to conclusions before you come with evidence that they are biased.

A biased report would be something like this:,­239036203,339292055,00.htm#user_comments

read the "downside" section.

Think again when u decide to call GSMArena biased, because this guy probably was more biased.

  • Anonymous

sniper_supra, 30 Oct 2008was it just me or I think that photos are a bit blurry for an 8 ... moreI agree with you, looking at the foilage in some of the photos take from the C905, there seems to be alot of blur but this can be explained by the wider andgle it can capture.

The focal length of the C905 is only 5.2mm which means that it is a wider angle but this means that less pixels will be used for, lets use for example, a leaf or a car license plate.

With a larger focal length, there will be a smaller area of space that will be captured and this means more pixels will be packed into this smaller area thus usually creating a more detailed picture.

Nonetheless the C905 seems like a very capable shooter, and like GSMArena said, will be tough contender with the rest.