Nokia N85 review: Nseries revved up

07 November 2008
N85 is the latest Nseries signing and a bulletproof spec sheet sets it right in the thick of all-in-one action. Full-house connectivity and multimedia prowess topped with a massive OLED screen to die for, Nokia N85 gives the lineup a great edge...

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  • smiciodcals

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2008various people have various comment if you despise N85 ... more - - wiki

  • intekhab

i have also n85 but i like its music n thie phone is differ from regular nokia phones n have u try the n gage.n wat a design of this fon the dual slid is superb....

  • ashki

memo, 29 Jun 2009actually iam afraid of buying the N85. alot of people says... moreget it its good!!

  • Black OPS

What knd is this ''built in GPS reciever''????
It NEEDS a WLAN connection to work. I don't recommend this phone because it is laggy, auto restarts when listening to music or viewing large videos and it doesn't show at all large pdf files (low memory...).
From Greece,Athens

  • Jimpop

Worst phone I have ever had. So many glitches, I don't even know where to begin.

Camera is BAD, music just disappears off the music player, construction is plasticy and not solid at all, phone shuts down by itself, interface with the PC is terrible, the phone started to show that it has signal, but can't phone anymore... I will never buy a Nokia ever again.

  • Paul

Worst phone ever if you have to test different applications. Won't start some times(known issue bu Nokia), also changing the Internet profiles is a difficult and sometimes does not work(from 3g to wifi and vice versa). And lots of other bugs....

  • pink

Simon, 04 Apr 2009Hi .. guys colud tell me whether n85 supports the flash thm... morenope it doesnt...

  • kong

i love this phone.
but when my screen broke, NOKIA replaced it with LCD, not OLED. grrr.

  • M. S. Eman

Hi, i dunno wat's wrong with my n85. Gt trips off regularly

  • Anonymous

do the n85 have problems in watching videos over wifi from youtube ?

please answer me !!!!!!!

  • matrix

FlaminRage, 20 Dec 2008Hi guys.. I really liked the n95 8gb a lot.. but after I se... morebuy the nokia n85 it is more better then the n95 in design and it has the same features as the nokia n95 and the the same sound quality or even better

  • Leo

Don't get N85 north american version. It can't pick up a signal in the same areas as a Nokia 2610 can! It costs a lot more and can't manage to hold a signal in buildings like Walmart. Wish I had returned it for refund before it was too late :(

  • Anonymous

I've only been using nokia and samsung phones so far and have never been turned down by any nokia model. I feel in love with the design of N85 and it seems to have all the features i need. However there are so many different reviews... the screen is bad, the phone crashes, the slider looses contact... I really want to buy it but mabye its a decision based only on the design. Can anyone tell me if its safe to buy this phone? i
I dont really care if the features are the best in this class i just want it to be of a good quality and not break down

  • Wayne

memo, 29 Jun 2009actually iam afraid of buying the N85. alot of people says... moreOled screen seems ok to me, but not very good in daylight - BUT, I've still got the protective plastic on it..

Camera is pretty crap, my 2mp SE w810i is as good.

Build quality is poor, slider feels like it's gonna break in under a few mths, call / hang-up buttons squeek when pressed and it generally feels cheap.

firmware is out of date by a lot and won't update, been told I can change my product code to get it to update but this could / would affect warranty, with above issues I daren't.

The firmware is poor tbh, performance is bad, portrait / landscape function is bad, navi-wheel is useless - I've disabled mine.

  • memo

actually iam afraid of buying the N85.
alot of people says that its very good.
but some people says that its oled sceen will not live,its camera performance is not so good.
iam confuseeeeeeeeeeeed.
please help me.

  • juan m

Anonymous, 06 May 2009gsmArena.. please renew your review.. the N85 with newer ... morePlease review it again, I'm in love of this phone, have all I need and more...
only 3 bad thing..
1.WIFI connection is not compatible with Thomson routes... so is bad for me that.
2. a Bit heavier, but is normal on the N Series device
3. exposed direct sunlight, get totally washed..

but have excellent camera, great display I love OLED displays from now... the best thing I ever test

  • Anonymous

gsmArena.. please renew your review..
the N85 with newer firmware[v11] is much better than[v10]
it has no lagging, navi wheel is working perfectly, and zooming the pictures is quickly fast.. the camera performance also good...

  • Nicola Burrow

The only thing that put me off the phone was the review mentioned it took ages to zoom in on the photos. I'm glad I ignored this as I went ahead and bought it and am really impressed with it. I can't help thinking the phone was not fully tested in the review, as there is an additional slider, which slides out to the left when viewing the screen. When this is activated a + sign is illuminated, which enables you zoom in on your pictures/photos and I thought it was quite fast myself. I wonder when they were reviewing the phone if they were trying to zoom in using the zoom option from the editing screen instead?

  • Simon

Hi .. guys colud tell me whether n85 supports the flash thmes (themes with moving wallpaper)..had looked around on the net but only found themes with stationary wallpaper themes..if yes plz tell the site where i colud download them..i am bit of a noob.. Thank you

  • James

I'm looking at this phone as an upgrade on my contract. Which phone do you think i should choose from

Nokia N85
Nokia 5800
Samsung ultra touch