Samsung S7220 Ultra b preview: First look

17 February 2009
With superscript being all the rage for Sammy these days, here comes another preview of an Ultra nice handset. What makes the Samsung S7220 Ultra b special is not only the clean but inspired Bar styling...

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  • Nonnyy

Where is the speaker place?? Is it one with earpiece?

  • Anonymous

I personally don't like this. Doesn't seem to have any character, missing important features, built on outdated Samsung interface

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2009QVGA video? No Wifi? Forget it.Agreed, it looks nice, but QVGA is unacceptable in 2009 for a high end phone.

  • andy

in the My Themes menu if you press the Options button you can create you own theme either in the Easy or Expert mode.

  • Anonymous

QVGA video? No Wifi? Forget it.

  • M27

Nice handy :-)
I have Soul B, next.. B is very nice

  • Christov


Looks nice.
WOW 5Mpix is the norm these days!