Sony Ericsson W995 review: Ready, set, play

06 March 2009
Convergence is the buzzword and the Cyber-shot Walkman affair-turned-marriage is busy producing offspring. And hey, the young Sony Ericsson W995 sure makes the first-born W902 look like a...

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  • Terdex

Legend.. ilike it

  • Ch.samson

I want sonyErecsan w995 8mp cemera phone

  • Akur

int2k, 24 Sep 2019What kind of 3.5mm earphones should I use for this phone? N... moreYou need converter omtp to ctia

  • int2k

What kind of 3.5mm earphones should I use for this phone? Normal 3.5mm earphones with 3 stripes doesn't work, I tried 3 of them!

now I'm looking for the sony MH755, but don't know if it's compatible with sony w995 or not?

anyone? help me please!!

  • Livi

How could I get this phone am missing the item a lot

  • Najahosein6

Download whatsapp

  • Mithun are great

  • Anonymous

hi am using sony ericsson w595.i was using o2 applican on the phone but now i cannot use it on the phone anymore i don't know why. Please help me

  • Steve

I have had lots of phones,but this and the se c905 are the best. Both have great cameras and good battery and wifi. Also you can pick up one on auction sites fairly cheap.

  • se_w995_owner

i first saw the w995 at a store and fell in love w/ it.
The problem was it was way too expensive its price before was crazy as its price before was comparable to a new GS3 couldn't afford it, but still looking at it on a store, until the price mark down. Still way expensive. Until finally i saw a 2nd hand of it at a pawnshop man,talk about dreams do come true and i have my w995 still working like a charm its almost 1 year w/ me now.The time i bought it it was in good mint condition, too bad i was a bit rough on handling it, it got a nasty scratch when i fell off and its cover hit the rough cement, i had it fell off a lot of times, the W sign fell off. but still it did'nt let me down. Although is it me or there are times that the WALKMAN feature just pop out of nowhere when you ht a certain button or position just asking if some you do have too?

  • Sheri65

I am using Sony ericson P990i phone since 2006. I really like it's call divert feature by which I can get the option of getting calls of my contact index only. My phone divert the call from a number which is not present in my index. I want to change my phone now but I want my new phone with the above mentioned feature.Does this model of Sony ericson comes with such option?

  • AnonD-38970

what a brillant review!!!! well done

  • Lena

Super ifnromative writing; keep it up.

  • van

Hi, i REALLY want to know how to get inst.messaging, i click on it and ofter sum tym its sess erroe etc,

  • Anonymous

Pros: decent camera + flash, nice feel and look, study build (dropped it a couple times with no dents or scratches at all) bright screen, walkman player, kickstand, and most important for someone who listens to music all the time: the additional 3.5 headphone jack at the top of the phone (Sony Ericsson has been known to be lacking in this feature in the past)

Cons: battery life, battery cover falls off all the time (perhaps it has to do with the fact that it gets messed around in my pocket, however the cover lock could be better so that it doesn't come off as easily)

  • n900 user

i want a 2nd hand back-up phone, a really good music and messaging phone.. what should i choose? Nokia 5730XM or SonyEricsson W995? i thought the 5730xm is a little bit cheaper, it has qwerty keyboard but very plasticky.. this one is metal, very good music player but no qwerty.. please help me!

  • Ben

Aino & W995, what should i choose? ^^

  • MK

Plus is
8Gb memory card
ok pictures
I droped it about 10 times on floor and nothing happened to it
Minus is
1st on every card sim it says inactive sim
2nd very very slowly works

  • Raju


W995 is an excellent Walkman phone but I am not satisfied with camera quality.
Even though 8.1 MP, 3264x2448 pixels is there I am not getting good quality image. If I zoom the image a little the quality goes bad. Any suggestion to improve image quality ?,Plz help me

  • Ange

akshit, 19 Apr 2010i've used 3 se phones k800, k810,w980 had no complaints 98... moreDon't Buy The Aino I Was Going Too But I Went To About 6 Different Shopss Dont Sell It Anymore.. Soo Many Problems With It Too