Sony Ericsson W995 review: Ready, set, play

06 March 2009
Convergence is the buzzword and the Cyber-shot Walkman affair-turned-marriage is busy producing offspring. And hey, the young Sony Ericsson W995 sure makes the first-born W902 look like a...

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  • SAM

dpegus, 08 Sep 2009wats betta w995, x1, or n900w995
iz best.

  • faried

trying to reset handset as it does not want to read my sim. any advice?

  • akshit

i've used 3 se phones k800, k810,w980 had no complaints 980 had wonderful music experience now i wanna buy other se but not sure
aino or w995 plz help

  • Surajit Chauhan

hi, 27 Jan 2010may i know what is voice changer option in w995 and does t... morevoice changer is when you record some voice and it will play that sound in various tone.though it is of no use but still it is funny.
yes,it has 3.5mm jack which you can plug & play into any compatible speaker with.
instant messaging is you can send or receive msg on the go.

  • W995rocks!~

its just an amazing phone...very simple...and practical for music lovers...but just be careful in handling it because is has no lens cover...overall, i think this phone is very good! 8.5

  • rodney

i got the phone just for less than 2 months and i always carrying it very carefully , ensure that it is clean and put the w995 in a pocket without even together with a syilings or paper. but the wordings of 8.1 megapixel and the SE logo in front was both came out. that was a very bad printing. but overall i like the phone, bcos it responds faster far faster than my Aino (my second phone). but in comparing the headphone (aino and w995) ....Aino is better.

  • Anonymous



Just because some org. voted on it doesn't mean the public loves it or that the phone does NOT have ANY problems!

  • hi

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2009the camera is avg. close up pics with good lighting is good... moremay i know what is voice changer option in w995
and does this phone support 3.5 mm jack for ear plugs also or is it onl of blue tooth

what is instant messaging option in it cause i am having w595 and want to change to w995 please help me

  • Anonymous

Sorry to correct the review, but i have W995, and it has the smile-shutter capability, and facebook app. If yours didn't, try to update your software via update service.

  • sew995

The best.. the devil.. the greatest phone make by sony ericsson..

  • Anonymous

can any one plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me. Why the hell ... we cant download flash menus is this cell... i mean even if u download it from any site possible. [], the dam thing doesnt work in the cell phone. ???? can any one help .. plzz

  • Manikandan

Really a great phone from sony ericsson

  • sufi

hi guys.........i wanna buy it a good choise????????

  • chen

i'm planning to buy a phone but couldn't decide if i should buy aino or w995 any ideas?
i'm also wondering if aino have instant message too..or at least could be downloaded..

  • Anonymous

i think the satio is the best but if it had a qwerty that'd been way better too..
i wana see a the x3 running on android os
that wuld be swwett

  • johnny brovo

i think the best is the AINO!!!!!
wat wood any1 else say????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2009i've had a W995 for 2 months and the sony ericsson logo has... moresounds fishy. u seem to b having problems which re trivial...Or did u really hav these??
I used 2 SE phones so far, and none of them had their logos or whatsoever worn off. ya there r scraches. But performance wise, i hav never had complaints.
So please, stop writing imaginary problems here. Or if u still cant help it, b more creative!!!

  • Anonymous

Im having trouble using the Facebook for Sony Ericsson application in the messages file. Is there known problems with this or is there something that can be done about it??
Other than that I love the phone

  • Anonymous

i've had a W995 for 2 months and the sony ericsson logo has worn off (even tho i keep it in a pocket seperate from anything else) and the walkman (W) has fell off from just below the screen because it was only stuck on, that seems cheapish to me for a phone that retails for so much money, and the trademark names are wearing off the battery cover as well, like the 8.1megapixel has almost worn off, i'm not impressed with that side of it, but as a whole the phone is good......oh i forgot, the chrome stand on the back has broken, and i've only used it once!

  • Anonymous

the camera is avg. close up pics with good lighting is good but it isnt that good for big pics or at night. other wise a pretty general phone with good features. the voice changer is hilarious.