Sony Ericsson W995 review: Ready, set, play

06 March 2009
Convergence is the buzzword and the Cyber-shot Walkman affair-turned-marriage is busy producing offspring. And hey, the young Sony Ericsson W995 sure makes the first-born W902 look like a...

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  • aiko

wanna ask G705 can't watch youtube movie through wifi, so how about w995?? still got same problem can't watch youtube movie through wifi ??

  • Anonymous

Is it just me, or does the central play/select button (in the middle of the D-pad that has a play/pause symbol on it) light up only when the walkman function is being used??
The Call and End call symbols also seem to not light up.

  • Anonymous

Which is louder?W980 or w995

  • James

Worth noting the latest firmware update adds smile detection to the camera as well as a snazzy built-in "Facebook for Sony Ericsson" app under the Messages section. =)

  • Anonymous

A pity that GSM Arena did not add the "unboxing" section - I would've been interseted in the memory card that comes with the phone and the headphones given.

  • Anonymous

Hey guys.I'm a really fan of music oriented phone.I just want to know which phone is louder and better audio quality through speakers and headset. W995 or 5800XM

  • Anonymous

using it for a month, the photo quality isn't good - they have noise; also, without lens protection, its likely to get worse :(

  • Anonymous

Honda Tora, 16 Apr 2009To whomever confused which phone to choose, just say: "Hikaru... moreyes well done, thanks for explaining your incredibly genious pun...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2009w995i n W995 what the diffrent? please tell me thank u..Designation "i" is for international version. Most versions are usually the same except for the bandwidth circuitry which is modified for certain countries.

Surprised to see that since some news reports state the SE is phasing out certain phone designations such as the "i".

  • max

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  • jase

highest model number?

fascinating fact.

  • t.e.a

"The Sony Ericsson W995 has the highest model number of any Sony Ericsson phone (beating the P990 by a whisker)."
No, Z1010 is higher :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2009w995i n W995 what the diffrent? please tell me thank u..the 'i' just means international version, supports other languages ie chinese

  • metaphysical

DrSilverworm, 11 May 2009Why are we still comparing phones with an iPod 2G? Have you guys... morethey only have the ipod in there as a benchmark, to give you an understanding of quality between a phone and then a dedicated audio device

  • Davide

I like the 3.5mm jack and the 8mp camera, superb. I went to the store to maybe get it but changed my mind when i saw it. It looks like a freakin christmas tree or a tranformer on crack, to many wanna be bling bling silver details and buttons which ara astethicly badly placed and ruins the basic colour of the phone. I'll be getting the E72 or Aino.

  • Aswin

I just want to know how the keypad fairs, most of the SE slide phones are notorious for having very poor quality keypads that start cracking real soon. What about this one?

  • Anonymous

No lens protection

  • Irwan

This phone is just available in Malaysia today and the price is RM1999. Thanks for the review!

  • micky jukes

Kv, 16 Mar 2009U wish man.if nokia wil win its in d case of smartfone featurs a... moreim just waiting 4 my w995 2 come but the nokia n96 put me off nokias 4 life ive got the c905 at the sec was gud fone but now speaker as stopped working but dose not put me off se

  • Anonymous

w995i n W995 what the diffrent? please tell me thank u..